How To Change Temperature On Hoover Wine Cooler

How To Change Temperature On Hoover Wine Cooler

Your Hoover wine cooler keeps your bottle at the perfect temperature to enjoy that Merlot or Cabernet, but what do you do when you want to adjust the temperature?

Well, there are two ways to adjust the temperature on your wine cooler; you can change the temperature manually using the buttons on the side of your wine cooler, or you can change it using the digital touch screen panel.

This article will walk you through both methods so that you can change the temperature on your wine cooler in no time!

1) Select Compressor Model

There are many models of HOOVER wine coolers and each model has a different compressor. The first step is to determine what compressor you have in your unit. To do so, you will need to take off the top panel on your wine cooler (where all of your bottles are).

There should be a small piece of paper or plastic right above where all of your bottles rest. This piece of paper will tell you what exact model you have and it should show both words as well as numbers that correspond with letters/numbers (ex: WMS-CRT11W).

Below are two separate charts which list every possible Compressor Model # for a HOOVER wine cooler along with instructions for changing that particular temperature setting.

2) Unplug Power Cord

The first step when dealing with any problem is to unplug your power cord. This is a safety precaution. If you have a coolant leak, for example, it will be almost impossible to locate if your power is still active.

When unplugged, you’ll also want to take note of which way your wine cooler sits so that you don’t end up plugging it in upside down—this can short out certain areas of your machine and cause other problems down the line.

3) Twist Off Old Electronic Board Assembly (EBA)

Locate your electronic board assembly (EBA) and remove it by turning it counterclockwise. It is a circular plate with a hole in its center. When you twist it off, you’ll likely be surprised at how easily it comes off.

That’s because your EBA is so old that its springs are no longer springy and much of its solder has probably begun to break down. Inside will be three screws with little circles beneath them, so make sure to mark their position before removing them from the underside of your wine cooler.

Once they’re out, pull out your entire electronic board assembly by tugging gently on any visible wires until everything is free and clear of your wine cooler’s body. Set aside somewhere safe for later use during replacement.

4) Remove Filter Panel from Door Assembly

First, you’ll need to open your wine cooler. You can do so by pressing down on each top corner of your refrigerator and sliding it out. Once you’ve removed it, there should be a small plastic panel on one side; place your hand underneath and push up while pulling back slightly.

This will remove the filter door assembly, revealing a digital display screen. Press Up and hold until temperature reads 80 degrees Fahrenheit:

Using two fingers, press in at two different spots around the edges of where you believe each button is located until Off appears in green font below temperature. Simply press Up again until temperature reads 80 degrees Fahrenheit and then select Hold. That’s all there is to it!

5) Slide Off Old EBA by Gripping Handles

Before removing old EBA, grip each handle firmly and slide it off. Be sure not to spill or lose any of your wine cooler’s contents when doing so. Replace Top With New EBA: The new EBA will come in a kit with a top shelf, retaining brackets and screws.

The top shelf should be placed where you removed your old one, then held in place with retaining brackets (that are already attached). Simply align these holes with those in your wine cooler and tighten all screws with wrench or screwdriver. Test that unit is fitted properly before moving onto next step!

6) Install New Electronic Board Assembly (EBA) in Housing

Change your electronic board assembly, or EBA, if you want a different temperature than what you already have. To change it, turn off your wine cooler and unplug it from its power source. Remove any other parts that need taking off by disconnecting them and unscrewing them.

Take a flat-head screwdriver and pry out any bulbs that need removing. Also remove any decorative parts that need taking off from your housing case with a flat-head screwdriver.

Once all of these are removed, you can take apart the old EBA by taking out screws with a Phillips head screwdriver until there is no longer anything holding it together and then remove it completely from your case.

7) Install New EBA Back into Housing and Tighten Screws; Attach Filters/Fan Panel, Etc.

The first step in changing temperature on your wine cooler is replacing the EBA with a new one. To do so, you’ll need to remove all filters and panels from inside your unit, plus disconnect any power source before beginning.

Use caution when dealing with electricity. While you don’t need any tools for these steps, it will certainly make them easier if you have pliers handy (to remove fan panel).

After that, unscrew four screws and place old EBA aside. (Important: Do not throw away.) Place new EBA into housing and tighten screws; attach filters/fan panel. Now that everything is attached securely, turn your wine cooler back on.

8) Plug in Power Cord and Push Power Button

The first step in changing your Hoover’s temperature is plugging in its power cord and pressing down on its power button. After you do so, wait for at least five minutes before trying anything else. Allowing time for it to warm up can help keep your wine cooler from breaking down prematurely.

Also, make sure it’s turned off before adjusting any temperature controls or washing out your tray—your owner’s manual should have complete instructions for doing so safely.

9) Wait For Refrigerant to Heat Up

The first thing you need to do is wait. Depending on your machine, it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour for refrigerant to heat up and begin cooling. If you have a really large unit, you may have some initial issues with temperature equalization and having enough time will help fix that.

In general, patience is a virtue when it comes to wine coolers. Everything has its place in time, so be patient while waiting for your refrigerant heat up!

Final Word

The best advice for taking care of your wine cooler is: don’t. If you’re looking for a highly-effective, low-maintenance solution, consider purchasing an under counter wine fridge instead. As long as you have a dedicated electrical outlet in your home and can install it yourself, these products will ensure that your wine stays cold without needing any intervention or maintenance.

At around $400 (and sometimes much less), they’re well worth saving yourself potential headaches and hundreds of dollars. If you plan on doing some traveling with your wine cooler, consider bringing along one of our portable mini refrigerators instead—they won’t hold an entire case but they do fit neatly into a suitcase or backpack.

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