How To Make Wine Glass Charms

How To Make Wine Glass Charms

Wine charms are little trinkets on the stem of wine glasses that help distinguish which glass is yours when you’re having a party with friends.

They can be simple or extravagant, and are often decorated with themes like footballs or graduation caps if you’re throwing a themed party or want to honor something special about your friend or loved one.

Making your own wine glass charms isn’t as hard as it might seem, and can even be an enjoyable activity to do with friends and family! Here’s how to make your own wine glass charms in 9 easy steps!

Step 1: Gather materials

The materials you need for these wine glass charms are pretty basic. You will need: clear (or colored) silicone, a straw, and some beads. Clear beads work well for wine charms as they have less chance of slipping off into your drink.

You’ll also want to get a hold of some paint pens in whatever color(s) you want your charms to be! This way, after they’re done curing, you can write on them with them without risk of ruining their finish or color.

That said, these things are food safe so if it were me I would just use Sharpies right off the bat and be done with it!

Step 2: Trace circle on parchment paper

Trace a 3.5 inch diameter circle on parchment paper (this will make 4 charms). Draw it lightly and use a pencil so you can erase any mistakes easily later. If you want, practice drawing it on scrap paper first.

To see how much space each charm takes up in case you want to print out multiple copies at once (which is recommended!)… 2 rows of 3 in Word takes up around 1 page, while 2 pages of 4 per row will give you 8 charms total.

Practice drawing your circles and check to see that they’re all roughly equal sizes before tracing one onto parchment paper for real!

Step 3: Prepare straw

Measure 6 of 16-gauge craft wire, and bend it so it resembles a U. Twist ends together. With jewelry pliers, make two small loops in each end of wire; wrap ends with matching color 26-gauge craft wire. Cut a 2 piece of 22-gauge craft wire; make small loop at one end.

Wrap other end around straw where it will rest on glass. Hold while heating until straw is firmly attached. Remove from heat and set aside; repeat with remaining straws so you have 4 in total.

Step 4: Bake, cool and peel charms

Depending on your oven, you may or may not need to grease and flour your pan. You can purchase non-stick spray at most stores. I suggest greasing and flouring anyway. The charms will usually come out of a cake pan fairly easily but you never know if some got stuck somewhere under the rest of them.

Grab a butter knife and start removing charms from the cake pan by prying them up around their edges until they loosen up enough for you to pop them out of their slot in layers by hand.

Don’t remove all of them at once, place them onto a cooling rack individually so they stay separated while they cool down completely.

Step 5: Prep the glass rim

Take a baking sheet or large plate and carefully place each wine glass upside down on it. Paint on some Mod Podge, just covering half of each rim. This is where you’ll put your charms when they’re finished drying! Let dry completely before moving on to step 6.

I found that 8 hours was more than enough time for my glasses (and charms) to be completely dry. If in doubt, err on longer than less; these things don’t take long!

Step 6: Apply glue to the back of your charm

The edges of your wine glass charms may be a little rough from sanding. That’s okay; you don’t need to do anything about it at all. Most of us, however, are perfectionists and we want things smooth. If that is you, take some fine-grit sandpaper (220 or higher) and give those edges a once over with it.

You’ll notice that they become smoother than before—less rough than they were even when you only brushed them with steel wool! You may have to give them a second treatment or two, but keep going until you are satisfied with how they look—it won’t take long at all!

Step 7: Attach using E6000 glue

You’ll want a small bowl of water nearby because you’ll need it in a minute. Squeeze out two small drops of E6000 glue on your charm. Take your toothpick, touch it in the glue and apply one drop to each side of your charm.

Press it down firmly and hold for 30 seconds. Wait 24 hours before using! To use, just wet and stick onto glass stemware!

Step 8. Use sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges

If you want your wine charms to be less likely to snag on your clothing or get stuck in your mouth, spend a few minutes smoothing them out with sandpaper. You can even use an emery board if you want; it’s just slightly less tactile.

Sand each charm until all of its edges are nice and smooth, especially where it will come into contact with glassware. If you have one, use a Dremel tool with a fine-grained grinding attachment for even smoother results. Just make sure you don’t hurt yourself by holding onto it while grinding; gloves help.

Final Word

The easiest wine glass charms are plain old pipe cleaners. To make these, simply cut pipe cleaners in half (or just fold them in half, that works as well). Curl one end around a pencil, making sure not to have it too tight or too loose.

Then slide it onto your stemless wine glass, and tie a knot in between two petals of your flower so that when you look at it from above it looks like a cupcake!

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