The 14 Best Built-in Wine Coolers of 2022

best Built-in Wine Coolers

One of the most difficult parts of owning an expensive wine collection is finding a way to keep it cool. Wine coolers are designed to keep your wines at a safe and optimal temperature for drinking. This makes them perfect for those in search of a more permanent solution to their problem.

A good wine cooler can keep your wine at the perfect temperature, which will enhance the flavors and maintain its freshness.  The best built-in wine coolers on the market are made with high-quality materials, so consumers can expect them to last for many years.

But not all wine coolers are created equal. Some might be too large or too small for your needs, and some might not even work well in different climates. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. We’ve compiled a list of the 14 best built-in wine coolers.

Whynter BWR-18SD 18 Bottle Built-In Wine RefrigeratorCHECK PRICE
FOOING Wine Cooler Dual Zone, 24 inch 46 Bottle Wine refrigerator Built-inCHECK PRICE
Lanbo 30 Inch Built-in Dual Zone Wine and Beverage CoolerCHECK PRICE
Whynter BWR-1642DZ 164 Built-in or FreestandingCHECK PRICE
Whynter BWR-462DZ 46-Bottle Dual Temperature Zone Built Wine RefrigeratorCHECK PRICE
Phiestina 24 Inch Under Counter Wine Cooler - 46 Bottle Built-In Dual ZoneCHECK PRICE
Colzer Elegant 12 Inch Wine CoolerCHECK PRICE
BODEGA Wine and Beverage Refrigerator,24 Inch Dual Zone Wine CoolerCHECK PRICE
Sinoartizan Built in Wine Fridge CoolerCHECK PRICE
Schmecke 34 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler RefrigeratorCHECK PRICE
Koolatron Urban Series 8-Bottle Thermoelectric 0.8cu.ft Beverage RefrigeratorCHECK PRICE
Antarctic Star 15" Wine Cooler Beverage Refrigerator Beer Mini FridgeCHECK PRICE
nutrichef 15 Bottle Refrigerator-White Red Chiller Countertop CoolerCHECK PRICE
Wine Enthusiast VinoView 28-Bottle Wine Fridge – Freestanding RefrigeratorCHECK PRICE
  1. Whynter BWR-18SD 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Refrigerator


No more shuffling around in the kitchen to find the perfect bottle of wine. This built-in 18 bottle wine refrigerator is compact and efficient, with a stylish design that’s sure to impress even your most snobby in-laws. With a low-profile, tempered glass door, this unit is easy to install and maintain.

This 18-bottle wine refrigerator is perfect for those who are looking to store a variety of reds and whites in one convenient location. It has a capacity for 19 standard 750ml wine bottles, measures 34.5″ in height x 24.5″ in depth and 12″ in width, features tempered double-pane gray-smoked glass for enhanced UV protection with security lock and key, and includes digital LED temperature control with temperature range from 40°F – 65°F.

The powerful fan-circulated compressor cooling ensures even temperature distribution throughout the fridge’s interior, so your precious wines will always have the ideal storage conditions. The bottom shelf can hold 4 bottles of your favorite vino.

The durable, all-inclusive design features a powerful fan-circulated compressor cooling system that ensures even temperature distribution for easy wine storage and serving. This unit features tempered double pane gray-smoked glass for enhanced UV protection with security lock and key.


  • Wooden shelving
  • Chill reds and whites
  • Runs very quietly
  • Efficient.


  • Poor control.


  1. FOOING Wine Cooler Dual Zone, 24 inch 46 Bottle Wine refrigerator Built-in


This dual zone wine fridge with a quiet compressor-based fan cooling system circulates air evenly and includes a carbon filter to keep the air around your wine fresh. Plastic racks allow you to neatly organize and store your wines, while the double-tempered glass doors provide outstanding insulation to keep cold air inside.

The glass has been treated with an anti-UV layer to protect wines from oxidation due to sunlight exposure. Doors can also be locked for peace of mind. This state-of-the-art beverage fridge allows this fridge to fit snugly under standard kitchen counters, and it’s perfect for small spaces like condos or apartments.

With the FOOING wine cooler, you will never have to worry about opening your fridge and finding that one bottle of red wine has turned to vinegar. With a dual-zone design for whites and reds and built-in digital controls, this state-of-the-art refrigerator will keep your wines at optimal serving temps year round. Add adjustable shelves, a stainless steel finish, and UV glass windows and this appliance will be the envy of all

The FOOING Wine Cooler Dual Zone, 24 inch 46 Bottle Wine refrigerator Built-in is a state-of-the-art beverage fridge that features high performance cooling, air circulation, and wine storage to allow you to keep your wine collection in pristine condition. The quiet compressor system makes this unit perfect for any kitchen.

Available in black or white, the dispense drawer is designed to keep wine chilled at just the right temperature and features a removable divider to allow you to store up to 18 standard size bottles of wines! Standard temperature zones are designed to keep whites chilled at 40 degrees and 50 degrees respectively while reds stay comfortably at 50 degrees


  • Built in or freestanding
  • Super-efficient cooling
  • Temperature memory
  • 46 bottles.


  • None.


  1. Lanbo 30 Inch Built-in Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler


Lanbo is a Beverage Cooler Company that offers many varieties of wine and beverage coolers, including this dual zone beverage cooler. The Lanbo 30 inch built-in dual zone wine and beverage cooler is perfect for storing up to 33 bottles of standard Bordeaux or 70 cans of beverages.

With two zones and double doors, it is designed to keep your wines and beverages at their optimal temperature. Sleek handles make it easy to grab what you need without having to open the door every time. The large front vents are engineered to dissipate heat more efficiently. And don’t worry about safety! This product comes with two locks so that only you can access it.

If you’re looking for a reliable wine and beverage cooler to keep all of your bottles at the perfect temperature, look no further. This dual-zone cooler features two glass doors, so that you can keep both wines and beverages on display in style.

The stainless steel door frames are designed to be elegant and stylish, while the see-through glass doors allow light to beautifully illuminate your home. It’s also equipped with an easy pull-out drawer and sleek handles, so that you can grab what you wanted more conveniently. For those who want a reliable wine cooler but don’t want to sacrifice beauty, this is the product for you!

Keep your wine and beverages frost-free and within reach. This dual zone, 34 inch built-in wine and beverage cooler features a stainless steel frame with see-through glass doors. The top zone is perfect for storing wine while the bottom is great for storing beer, sodas, and more. It’s designed to hold 33 bottles of standard Bordeaux or 70 cans of beverages.

The sleek handles make it easy to grab what you want from the fridge and its large vents ensure that the temperature stays cool so that your wines and beverages will stay frost free. It includes two separate zones, making it ideal for different beverages. The large front vents allow for better heat dissipation; the sleek design and handle make it easy to access your desired items more conveniently.


  • Separate Temperature and Storage Zones
  • Powerful Compressor Cooling
  • Front Vent with Dark Color Toe Kick Design
  • Luxurious Curved Handlebars


  • Loud.


  1. Whynter BWR-1642DZ 164 Built-in or Freestanding


For serious wine collectors, the Whynter BWR-1642DZ 164 Built-in Wine Cooler is a must. This freestanding unit has a top zone capable of holding up to 72 bottles and bottom zone that can store up to 78 bottles, with either one or two adjustable shelves.

The reversible door swing offers versatility for your space and there’s even an interior lighting strip with 9 energy-efficient LED soft white light bulbs for enhanced visibility. With a powerful compressor cooling system and activated carbon filter, this wine cooler ensures optimum air quality. Weighing only 205 pounds, this size is easily movable if needed.

There are also two bottle displays in the top zone that can hold up to 6 bottles. With an environmentally friendly refrigerant, 15 removable wire wooden faced flat slide out shelves, and activated carbon filter for air quality – this wine cooler is designed for your convenience.

The interior is constructed from high grade wood with tinted tempered glass to help protect your wine collection. Lastly, this unit comes with an activated carbon filter that removes musty odors and ensures optimum air quality in your home.

This refrigerator also features a reversible door swing that allows you to open the door from right to left or vice versa depending on where it is installed, dual zone adjustable thermostats (40°F – 65°F / 5°C – 18°C), an environmentally friendly refrigerant, activated carbon filter for optimum air quality, and gray

The sleek, stylish design features two zones to accommodate both reds and whites, as well as a reversible door swing for right or left installation. You’ll also enjoy our powerful compressor cooling system, an interior fan for even temperature distribution throughout the cabinet, and an activated carbon filter to ensure optimum air quality.


  • Built-In / Freestanding Installation
  • Dual zones for storing different wine varietals
  • Stainless steel glass door with sleek black cabinet
  •  Luxurious curved handlebar


  • Weak thermostat.


  1. Whynter BWR-462DZ 46-Bottle Dual Temperature Zone Built Wine Refrigerator


A temperature regulated wine fridge is the perfect appliance for any wine enthusiast. This Whynter BWR-1642DZ 164 Built-in or Freestanding Wine Refrigerator will not only store up to 86 standard 750ml wine bottles, but it’ll also help you conserve energy with its powerful compressor cooling and environmentally friendly refrigerant.

This unit features a reversible door swing, adjustable dual zone thermostat, and interior lighting strip with 9 energy-efficient LED soft white light bulbs. You’ll be able to keep track of the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius on this unit’s digital display and it comes equipped with 15 removable wire wooden faced flat slide out shelves for storing your favorite wines at their recommended temperature.

Whether you’re installing this in your kitchen or den, this cabinet features a reversible door swing and adjustable thermostat so you can ensure you keep your wine at the optimal temperature. The interior lighting strip provides soft white light, while the activated carbon filter ensures optimum air quality.

With its double-pane tempered glass and hidden hinges, every inch of this cabinet proves that it’s built to last. This Reversible Door Wine Cabinet includes 15 removable wire wooden faced flat slide out shelves, 6 of which can be used as an inclined shelf to showcase or open bottles. With its powerful compressor cooling and internal fan-forced circulation, this appliance will keep your product fresh for years to come.


  • Stainless steel trimmed glass door
  • Five removable slide out wood-faced shelves
  • Soft interior LED lights with on/off switches.
  • Security keys.


  • None.


  1. Phiestina 24 Inch Under Counter Wine Cooler – 46 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone


Phiestina’s high-end under counter wine cooler is a must have for any wine lover. This beautiful, dual zone, 46 bottle capacity wine cooler has luxurious design and features. It can store your favorite reds or whites at the perfect temperature with digital memory controls and LED lights to display your collection.

The UV-filtered tempered glass door preserves the flavor of your wine while also blocking harmful UV rays. The reversible door is designed for seamless integration into any kitchen and comes with wire shelving that slides and stores bottles without scratching the labels.

This innovative design features premium metal wire shelving that is slidable and removable for easy access to all of your favorite wines, as well as Luxury-Design Blue LED Lighting and UV-Filtered Tempered Glass Door to protect your vintages.

With digital memory temperature controls you can store your whites or reds at their ideal serving temperature, or cellar them at the perfect 40-66 degrees. Our durable and elegant construction will complement any kitchen design, and our reversible door with recessed hinge makes it easy to seamlessly integrate the cooler

The unit features reversible doors which can be installed on either the left or right side of your kitchen and premium metal wire shelving for storing all bottle shapes and sizes – including your favorite champagne. With a variety of features that will keep your wine collection clean, fresh, and organized for years to come, the Phiestina 24 Inch Under Counter Wine Cooler is a must-have for any wine lover.


  • Easy to grip handles
  • ergonomic design
  • Quiet performance
  • Large space


  • None.


  1. Colzer Elegant 12 Inch Wine Cooler


The Colzer Elegant 12 Inch Wine Cooler is not just another wine fridge. With its upgraded space design, it’s great for storing your wine collection and freeing up cabinet space in your home. The quiet operation, super accurate temperature control system, and professional mini wine cellar make the Colzer Elegant 12 Inch Wine Cooler perfect for any wine lover.

A wine cooler is a must-have to keep your wine at the perfect temperature for tasting, and our Elegant 12 Inch Wine Cooler is a beautiful addition to any home. This sleek, slim design can hold up to 36 bottles of your favorite reds or whites.

The upgraded space design ensures that your wine will never be in need of an upgrade again. You’ll love the easy-to-read control screen that displays accurate temperatures within 17.2°F of the actual temperature, and the super high quality materials and design ensure that this cooler will stand the test of time.

This wine cooler features a super accurate temperature control system, ultra-silent low vibration, upgraded space design, and 3 layers of light blocking grey glass that keeps your wine tasting fresh and delicious for years to come.


  • Super accurate temperature control system
  • Ultra silent low vibration
  • Upgraded space design
  • Environmental protection and energy saving


  • None.


  1. BODEGA Wine and Beverage Refrigerator,24 Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler


The BODEGA wine and beverage cooler has a sleek design that will fit into any space. With an advanced cooling system, this unit can hold 19 bottles of standard size Bordeaux wine. The dual zone system ensures quick cooling as well as quiet performance without sacrificing taste.

With built-in installation or freestanding options to choose from, the BODEGA drink fridge will be perfect for your home or office. It is large enough to hold 19 bottles of standard 750ml Bordeaux wine and 57 cans with a 2.75in height and 11.8in width.

The interior comes equipped with soft LED lights and wire shelves for beverages and wooden shelves for wine. There are two independent temperature zones with a range of 41-68°F for wines on the left side and 38-50°F for beverages on the right side. The LED digital display allows you to easily adjust the temperature (℃/℉)to your desired level, all while ensuring a quiet operation from its low vibration compressor system.

With an advanced cooling system, you can adjust the temperature to preserve your favorite drinks to their fullest potential. It also offers a 1 year warranty service and long-life after-sales service for any problems that may arise during use.


  • Built-in or freestanding installation
  • Quiet compressor operation
  • Independent temperature zones for wine and beverage
  • Advanced cooling and air circulation system


  • None.


  1. Sinoartizan Built in Wine Fridge Cooler


Transform your kitchen into a wine bar with our Sinoartizan Built-in Wine Fridge Cooler! This dual-zone cooler stores beverages and wines separately, freeing up space in your main fridge. This Wine Fridge Cooler is a reliable and convenient appliance perfect for any home that enjoys the occasional glass of wine or beer. With two separate zones, you’ll never have to compromise on your beverage of choice.

Temperature-controlled wine and beverage cooler with two independent zones to store beer, wine, sodas, and other beverages below 36 degrees Fahrenheit. This wine and beverage cooler provides the perfect storage solution for your drinks. With its two independent zones, you can store a variety of beverages in one convenient location.

Keep your favorite beverages and wines at their perfect temperature with the Sinoartizan Built-in Wine Fridge Cooler. With this sleek and efficient appliance, you’ll be able to store beer and wine in separate, refrigerated zones without sacrificing any of the space in your main fridge.

The internal device is designed for optimum cooling and humidity control, ensuring that your wines maintain their quality and taste. The Sinoartizan Wine Fridge does not require any maintenance and is easy to clean. It also keeps your wine at the perfect temperature of 50°F (10°C) or 59°F (15°C).


  • Separates zones
  • Convenient installation
  • Powerful and efficient.
  • Digital control panel and LED display


  • Quite noisy.


  1. Schmecke 34 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator


It’s always a good feeling to know you’re storing your wine in the perfect environment. The Schmecke 34 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator does just that, with features like UV-resistant double-paned thermopane glass, temperature stability, and soft interior lighting. With this sleek machine on your countertop, you’ll never have to worry about your wine’s quality again!

This cooler has a digital display and touch buttons that make controlling the temperature easy, as well as racks that can be rearranged to hold a variety of bottle sizes.  This cools to a 41°F – 64°F range and has UV-resistant double-pane thermopane glass to protect your collection from harmful UV rays. The soft interior lighting lets you see your collection while it rests in this perfect environment for long-term wine storage.

Schmecke wine coolers are designed to maintain the temperature of your collection for years, so you’ll always have the perfect serving temperature. Available in different colors and sizes, our wine coolers will fit any space and your budget. The shelves are removable and adjustable to fit any bottle size, and the LCD display has an easy-to-use touch interface with lock settings.

Whether you’re looking for a place to store your wine collection or pick up a bottle for tonight’s dinner party, Schmecke has what you need. Perfect for both long-term and short-term storage, our wine coolers are designed with the wine connoisseur in mind.


  • Vibration-free operation will not disturb sediment.
  • The perfect wine chiller with adjustable temperature range of 41º – 64ºF
  • Selectable Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature settings
  • Holds 28 standard 750ml bottles.


  • Poor quality service.


  1. Koolatron Urban Series 8-Bottle Thermoelectric 0.8cu.ft Beverage Refrigerator


The Koolatron Urban Series 8 Bottle Thermoelectric Beverage Refrigerator helps you get the most out of your favourite vintages. Touch Screen Controls allow for easy temperature adjustment and the interior LED light helps to highlight your wine collection.

With the touch of a button, you can adjust the temperature or turn on the interior LED lights to find your favourite wines with ease.  The sleek mirrored glass door keeps your wine collection safe from damaging UV rays while a soft interior light subtly highlights your wine.

Place this freestanding beverage fridge anywhere with power access to keep your vintages right where you need them! With its attractive mirrored glass door and soft interior lighting, this is one appliance that will make a stylish statement in any kitchen or bar area

This Beverage Refrigerator is a compact luxury wine fridge with just enough room for eight bottles of your favourite wines, neatly displayed in an attractive mirrored glass door. With touch screen controls and a convenient freestanding design, this affordable high-end refrigerator is as practical as it is stylish.


  • Energy-efficient LED interior lighting
  • External touch screen controls
  • Compact.
  • Protects against UV.


  • Does not cool as specified.


  1. Antarctic Star 15″ Wine Cooler Beverage Refrigerator Beer Mini Fridge


This wine cooler could hold 28 bottles of your favorite wine in different size, there is bigger space so that no need to remove any shelf to put different types and sizes of wine. But it only takes W 14.96 x D 22.75 x H 34.25 inches of your space, it can help you save a lot of space.

Blue LED lights give you a clearer view of the interior wine isles SPECIFICATIONS: -28 bottle capacity -Beech wood shelves -Stainless steel door with double layered tempered glass window and sliding beech wooden racks -LED lighting -Adjustable temperature setting from 41℉ to 68ºF (5ºC to 20ºC)

The exterior features frost-free, stainless steel doors and handles with double-layered tempered glass windows. This unit has sliding beech wooden racks and adjustable temperature settings for maintaining the best possible temperature for wine preservation.

The double-layered glass door allows you to view your collection at any angle while keeping out harmful UV rays. Frost-free stainless steel door and handle with double layered tempered glass window and sliding beech wooden racks make for a stylish showcase that matches any of your furniture in any room.

This wine cooler is a beautiful way to display and store your favorite wines with excellent temperature control. With its sleek design, this wine fridge can be placed in the living room, office or kitchen. It has an energy-saving compressor that will keep your drinks fresh and cool at an optimal temperature.


  • Soft blue LED light
  • Electronic temperature control.
  • Dual zone with fan cooling.
  • Active charcoal filter.


  • None.


  1. nutrichef 15 Bottle Refrigerator-White Red Chiller Countertop Cooler


The Nutrichef countertop wine fridge is a perfect gift idea for the wine enthusiast in your life. The wine coolers freestanding countertop wine fridge includes contoured, polished chrome 4 wine racks & 1 bottom standing rack to safely hold 15 bottles of wine for secure chilling and storage.

There’s also an adjustable temperature setting of 41-64° degrees Fahrenheit (5 – 18°C) so you can precisely set the temp level to your liking. This small wine cooler is equipped w/ a control panel lock feature which will lock itself automatically 20 seconds after the last time a button is pressed to keep the little ones from changing the levels set therein. Plus, with our digital soft-touch button control panel, you’ll be able to

The wine fridge small wine cooler is equipped with a digital soft-touch control panel for easy operation (°C/°F), temperature, and LED light illumination. The wine refrigerator countertop table top wine cooler has an ultra-quiet operation and is made of high quality materials.

It features a wide variety of convenient features to store and chill your favorite wines without taking up too much space. Constructed of premium stainless steel, it’s the perfect size for any home needing an efficient space-saving wine storage solution.


  • Advanced cooling system
  • Internal forced air circulation
  • It has wine racks.
  • Super efficient.


  • None.


  1. Wine Enthusiast VinoView 28-Bottle Wine Fridge – Freestanding Refrigerator


This Wine Enthusiast VinoView 28-Bottle Wine Fridge is perfect for showcasing your wine collection with a sleek and modern design. The patented matrix shelf design offers a great way to display your favorite wines, while the 28-bottle capacity makes it perfect for any wine enthusiast.

From the sleek design to the state-of-the-art compressor cooling performance and patent pending matrix shelf design, our wine fridge is built with your best interests in mind. A compact and clever interlocking racking system will hold up to 28 standard Bordeaux-size bottles.

If your collection consists of non-standard Bordeaux sizes, then your maximum capacity is reduced slightly. Perfect for any décor, the cellar features double pane glass door with UV protection, black glass exterior door with black trim that will look great in any kitchen or living room setting. With a free standing design, our wine fridge is easy to place on any flat, solid surface that can support it when fully loaded.

This wine fridge features a patented matrix shelf design that shows off your wine collection. The patented cooling system will keep your wine at its ideal drinking temperature, and the tempered glass door is UV protected to preserve the quality of your wine. This model also features an adjustable thermostat and a black glass exterior door with black trim.


  • Stores up to 200 standard Bordeaux bottles
  • Silent cooling technology
  • wood trimmed wire shelves.
  • Blue LED lighting.


  • Costly.

Things You Should Consider

Wine is a wonderful addition to any meal, but it can also be served with dessert or enjoyed alone. Either way, the wine should be stored in good condition. The best way to do this is by using a built-in wine cooler. Built-in wine coolers are designed to keep your wine at the perfect temperature for drinking all year round. Here are some things you need to know before buying a built-in wine cooler for your home.

Space and Fit

For a wine cooler to be a good fit, it has to be almost completely enclosed. You want a wine cooler that can fit into the footprint of a small kitchen, or that will fit inside of a cabinet if you have a really small kitchen. There shouldn’t be any exposed gaps in the middle of the cabinet.


If the built-in wine cooler you choose uses products that are eco-friendly, such as eco-friendly wine glass holders or wine bottle openers, this should be a positive attribute. If the built-in wine cooler you choose uses products that are not eco-friendly, such as plastic corkscrews or metal cork pullers, then you shouldn’t buy it.

Efficiency and Design

There is a good chance you will not have access to your house during the colder months. For some people, this is not an issue. For others, it is not an option. A built-in wine cooler can give you the flexibility you need to store your wine while still having it available for drinking.

As you can imagine, these wine coolers will be designed for convenience. There are several features you should look for when buying a built-in wine cooler. Of course, you should choose a wine cooler that is large enough to fit your wine collection. Make sure it has a front and rear handle that will fit easily into your fridge. You will also want to make sure the refrigerator is well insulated to keep the wine cool.

Features and Setting Controls

Wine Coolers come in various sizes and designs, but they all have one thing in common: a built-in freezer. They can either be refrigerators with or without shelves or a separate freezer compartment. The best built-in wine coolers use this kind of space, with the proper insulation. Some may even have a separate water reservoir so that you can wash a few glasses and go back to enjoy your glass of wine.


Wine Coolers come in many different forms and with different storage options, but they all have a clear glass door, dual-door closure and soft-close hinges. For the most part, these units are also designed to blend into the room and look like a part of the décor. A few have a standard frost-free LCD display with easy-to-read information and a set of lights for easy reading at night.

Air Circulation

The first and most important thing to consider when choosing a built-in wine cooler is how it is going to keep the wine at the perfect temperature. The easiest way to ensure the wine stays at the perfect temperature is to make sure the air circulation is constant, and that the area is as draft-free as possible.

Possible Sinks

You may not think you need a sink when it comes to a built-in wine cooler, but you may want to invest in one anyway. The reason is that a built-in sink allows you to remove the top of the cooler and place the wine bottle directly into the sink. This makes for easy cleaning and eliminates any concerns that the bottle is going to be scratched or damaged if it is placed directly into the sink. Cheaper wine coolers are made from metal, plastic, or fiberglass.

Temperature Control

If you want the right temperature for your wine to last all year round, you need to use a built-in wine cooler. This allows the temperature to adjust according to the time of year, the food that is being served and the climate. A built-in wine cooler uses a remote control to adjust the temperature for the best results. If the temperature is too high, the wine can be served warm, but if the temperature is too low, the wine can be kept only for a short time.


A wine cooler that has a frosted door is much more attractive than one that has an opaque door. As a result, consumers who buy such a wine cooler are much more likely to keep it out in the open in their kitchen, rather than inside a cabinet. However, it is possible to do both.


A wine cooler is not just for keeping your wine at the perfect temperature, it is also a beautiful addition to any decor. Wine coolers can be made into built-in appliances that look like they were designed to be in your kitchen or dining room. Here are some frequently asked questions about built-in wine coolers.

What is the difference between built-in and outdoor wine coolers?

Built-in wine coolers are built into a kitchen or dining room unit, just like an actual refrigerator. An outdoor wine cooler is similar to an outdoor air conditioning unit, and is made to heat and cool the outdoors. Many people like both indoor and outdoor wine coolers, and one of the things that make them so different is that an outdoor cooler uses an air handler for heating and cooling, while a built-in wine cooler uses a typical wall heater for heating and cooling.

A built-in unit also does not need to be cold to prevent wine from spoiling, while an outdoor unit is built into a wall and needs to be attached to a separate cooling unit to prevent freezing.

Do I need a permit to install a wine cooler?

No. They are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. Will it cost more to install a built-in wine cooler than an appliance that sits on a top shelf? It is hard to say, as wine coolers are not expensive by any means. In fact, the average price of a home with a built-in wine cooler is only $1,135. There are several companies that offer budget wine cooler options, though.

Do I need to remove my existing refrigerator to install a built-in wine cooler?

You do not need to remove your refrigerator. You may wish to temporarily remove it during the installation process. Should I choose an electric or an internal unit? An electric wine cooler is quiet and requires only the power of a small appliance. An internal unit runs on batteries.

How much will my electric bill increase with the installation of my new appliance, and how will this affect me on my monthly bill?

The installation of a built-in wine cooler will add about 15% to your electrical usage. In comparison, most new appliances use 15%-20% more electricity than those built into the cabinetry or located nearby. The installers will add a 100-watt power strip to your cabinets to help compensate for the additional load from the wine cooler.

It is important to tell the installer to not add additional wires from the power strip to the cabinet. For example, an automatic ice maker will add an additional 200-watt outlet to your cabinet. The end result will be an overall reduction in your electrical bill.

How do I get the best use of my wine cooler?

Several different refrigerator models offer different levels of control. A wine cooler should be turned off when you are not using it, so leave it off when you’re not home. Some built-in wine coolers include a rack for storing bottles on the top shelf of the refrigerator.

If your wine cooler has a glass door, this rack will be visible from the outside. If you are not concerned about your wine cooling in the open, you can leave the rack off. However, when your wine cooler is not in use, the rack may be needed to store bottles.

You can store a refrigerator drawer, shelf, or cabinet inside a wine cooler to hold containers. The cabinet can also be mounted on the fridge unit and can be used to store wine bottles. Why do wine glasses go “poofy” if you fill them from the bottom?

How are built-in wine coolers installed?

To add built-in wine coolers to a kitchen or dining room, one of the most popular wine cooler solutions is using a HVAC venting kit with a plumbing supply kit. These kits have specially-made pipes and fittings to allow air to circulate in and around your built-in wine cooler.

Typically, a new HVAC system is installed with a built-in wine cooler, which is used to cool the water which circulates in and out of the wine cooler. A built-in wine cooler can also be installed with a separate recirculation system, which is what is usually used in your basement to cool your hot water.

Can I have a built-in wine cooler in my laundry room or pantry?

If you want to have a built-in wine cooler but don’t have a kitchen, laundry room or pantry, there are solutions that allow you to have the benefits of a built-in wine cooler without it having to take up your entire space. A wine cooler can be made into a built-in wine rack for a kitchen.

A built-in wine rack for a kitchen will make the area into a permanent wine cooler. If you don’t have the space for a built-in wine cooler, but you want the benefits of having a wine cooler without having to find a permanent home for it, wine coolers can also be placed in your closet or under your sink.

You can also place wine coolers in a bathroom or pantry. This will make your wine cooler look like part of the room. And you don’t have to find a place for it that’s not in use.


If you are willing to spend the extra money, it may be worth spending the extra time to customize your wine cooler or refrigeration unit so it fits your home and uses the specific space you have. The features of your wine cooler should be something that you like and something you will use every day.

A built-in wine cooler is a great place to showcase your wine collection, but even if you don’t have any wine, you can still use a built-in wine cooler as a decorative wine storage cabinet. It may even have drawers you can use to store your glasses!


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