The 16 Best Small Wine Coolers of 2022

best small wine coolers

A wine fridge is certainly a luxury, but if you’re a budding collector or just take your after-work glass of wine seriously, a dedicated refrigerator will certainly make your life easier and alleviate overcrowding in your normal fridge.

Connoisseurs, sommeliers, and winemakers alike swear that their grapes taste better when chill to their respective ideal temperatures. But before you buy a special fridge, you’ll want to consider what you want out of it.

We present you with the top 16 wine coolers on the market today. Regardless of whether you’re looking for the budget option or for the best of the best, we’ve chosen one for each category and we’ll have one for you.

Wine Enthusiast 21 Bottles Dual Zone Wine RefrigeratorCHECK PRICE 
New Air Dual-Zone Thermoelectric Wine CoolerCHECK PRICE 
Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Countertop Wine CoolerCHECK PRICE 
Kalamara 24 Inch Dual Zone Wine RefrigeratorCHECK PRICE 
Cuisinart 16 Bottle Private Reserve Single Zone Wine CoolerCHECK PRICE 
Edgestar 332 Bottle Built-in Side-by-Side Wine CellarCHECK PRICE 
Homelabs 18 Bottle Wine CoolerCHECK PRICE 
Ivation 18 bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine CoolerCHECK PRICE 
Koldfront Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine CoolerCHECK PRICE 
Kuppet 18 bottle Wine CoolerCHECK PRICE 
Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Wine RefrigeratorCHECK PRICE 
Aobosi 28 Bottle Dual Zone Wine RefrigeratorCHECK PRICE 
Kalamera Wine Refrigerator Dual ZoneCHECK PRICE 
Antarctic Star 18 Bottle Wine CoolerCHECK PRICE 
Nutrichef 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine CoolerCHECK PRICE 
Whynter WC-16S Bottle Wine CoolerCHECK PRICE 
  1. Wine Enthusiast 21 Bottles Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator


If your collection includes both red and white wines, along with a few bottles of bubbly, you’ll want to invest in a dual zone wine cooler. This one from Wine Enthusiast ensures that your wines are kept at the ideal temperature by completely separating the two cooling zones.

The smaller top portion is ideal for keeping wines at serving temperature and can be set anywhere from 46 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The bottom portion, which includes both horizontal and vertical storage can be set to maintain a temperature of 52 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

The exterior temperature control on this Wine Enthusiast wine cooler features a digital panel. It’s meant to be used as a free-standing unit. Only this dual zone wine cooler has a reflective smoked glass door. The design easily blends in with any decor. It features a recessed handle, six pull-out Chrome shelves and interior led lighting, and the nearly silent operation makes it suitable for any room in the house.

To summarize, protect the taste of both your reds and whites with wine enthusiasts, Silent 21 bottle dual zone wine refrigerator. The seller is perfect for small spaces and offers silent cooling technology in two zones behind it stylish curved doors.


  • Dual zone.
  • Exterior temperature control.
  • Stylish design.
  • Silent operation.


  • None.


  1. New Air Dual-Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler


Enjoy your favorite vintages at just the right temperature with the New Air AW 320 Wine Cooler. This handsome unit holds up to 32 standard wine bottles and is perfect for people who like to have wine on hand for parties, and also makes a great gift for any wine connoisseur.

Its compact size makes it ideal for homes and offices while the sleek black cabinet compliments any décor, sophisticated design complete with two side-by-side compartments and finally crafted glass doors.

An internal light ensures that you always grab the right bottle for any occasion while the digital temperature control panel with push button operation makes this wine cooler extremely simple to use. Stores reds and whites said once.

For the price, this sleek new air 32 bottle unit checks off most of the boxes, the ideal cooler should have. Dual zones that can be set anywhere from 46 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit, quiet, vibration- free chilling through thermoelectric electric technology, sliding chrome shelves for easy access to bottles and a reasonable price tag.

If you’re working with a small space, this unit is also fairly compact. So you can fit one into an Island or talk into a tight corner. Users recommend this fridge has a great starter model. if you’re just beginning to sell your own wine.

Installation is as simple as unboxing the cooler, plugging it in and screwing in the door handle. And if this model isn’t quite right for your collection, similar models are available in many different sizes.


  • Dual Zone.
  • 32 bottles.
  • Compact size.
  • Side by side doors.


  • None.


  1. Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Countertop Wine Cooler


If an eight-bottle model is just a little too small, this 12 bottle Avanti can bump up your capacity while taking up very little countertop space thanks to its narrow footprint. The tall design even allows for bottles to be stored vertically ideal for keeping labels, easy to read and perfectly fine for screw top varieties without corks that will dry out or already opened bottles.

This Avanti is a no vibration model, so wine lovers don’t need to worry about disturbing bottle settlement. There are easy to push button controls for the temperature and an included light. An LED display lets the owners double check that wine is being kept at the correct temperature.

The cooler has a sleek curved glass door and platinum accents that can fit in with any modern decor. Owners love how quiet and compact this little fridge is. However, some say the temperature is too dependent on room temperature, so it might not be a good pick for a room that runs warm.

The shelves are removable, so if you have some bottles that are taller than average, you can remove the second shelf from the top to make them fit. It’s pretty compact and save space.

Larger coolers can be a bit overwhelming, but this one is conveniently sized and it’s very affordable. Compared to other coolers on the market, this one offers excellent value. You can take comfort in knowing that this product is a good buy for the money.


  • Powerful and efficient.
  • No vibration.
  • LED display.
  • Sleek design.


  • None.


  1. Kalamara 24 Inch Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator


This cooler has been built specifically with the wine enthusiast in mind, if it’s large holding capacity, didn’t tell you that already you will surely be able to tell from its incredible quality and awesome features.

This feature packed 46 bottle of wine refrigerator from Kalamara is the perfect compromise for users who want to ensure that both their red and white wines are kept in an ideal temperature that’s because the upper zone can keep those white wines perfectly chilled from 40 to 50 degrees while the lower zone can keep reds a little warmer at 50 to 66 degrees.

And because this model is designed with low noise, anti-vibration it won’t disturb you or your wine. Other features on this Kalamara include side-out Beachwood shelving, a temperature memory function that remembers your settings in case of a power outage, digital LED controls, a blue LED interior light, a security lock and a reversible door.

The double pane glass door is UV resistant in case the refrigerator has to be placed in a spot where it will get direct sunlight. Owners appreciate this refrigerator’s sleek stainless steel look. And note it can be used freestanding or built in under a counter or area it’s backed by a one-year warranty.


  • Incredible quality.
  • Featured pack.
  • 46 bottles.
  • Sleek design.


  • Costly.


  1. Cuisinart 16 Bottle Private Reserve Single Zone Wine Cooler


Get the most bang for your buck and maintain the body and flavor of up to 16 of your favorite bottles with this counter size Thermo electric compact unit from Cuisinart. Use the touch pad to set your preferred temperature between 39 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit and let the machine work its wine chilling magic without any distracting noises or vibrations.

The Thermo electric cooling system holds the temp quietly and efficiently while the attractive stainless finish ensures wine collections are displayed in style. The Cuisinart private Reserve Wine cellar cooler also has a very attractive stainless finish. Aside from displaying your wine collection in style, this also ensures that the unit is corrosion and rust-free making it last a very long time.

This Cuisinart CWC 1600 is also compact and portable with its 15.7 inches by 17.7 inches by 20.9 inches measurement as well as nine pounds weight. Users can still visibly see the wine bottles inside through its double pane tinted viewing window.

The biggest drawback here is that you have to set all of your wines to one temperature. So some users prefer to purchase two, one for whites and another for reds and dessert wines.

And because the unit is on the smaller side, you may have to move the contents around a bit to get enough bottles for a big party in there, but for everyday personal use, this Cuisinart performs well.


  • Countertop sized.
  • 16 bottles.
  • Efficient.
  • No vibrations.


  • None.


  1. Edgestar 332 Bottle Built-in Side-by-Side Wine Cellar


When you’re ready to get serious about your wine collection, you’ll need a serious wine fridge. This side-by-side set from edge star is actually a two-pack of their 166 bottle fridges, but you can save a bit of money by buying two at the same time.

Not only will this enable you to increase the storage capacity for your collection, but you’ll also be able to keep each refrigerator at a set temperature in order to ensure proper storage for your different types of wine.

The sleek stainless steel trim and classic style wood trimmed wire wine racks create a contemporary look that is short to look great amongst any decor. You’ll never have to worry about hotspots or uneven cooling with these units due to their powerful circulation fans, which work with the compressor to evenly distribute cool air throughout.

The wood trimmed wire shelled slide for easy access to all your bottles and the temperature is controlled via a digital touch screen. You can also rest assured that your collection will be kept safe thanks to the built in security lock.

After all, a collection of this size is bound to have a few specs she’ll bottle is tucked inside. The two coolers set up separately or arranged together, and the doors can be installed to open in the French door fashion. These fridges also have a temperature range of 40 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Wine racks
  • Classic design and style.
  • Saves 166 bottles.
  • Easy to use.


  • Issues with quality control.


  1. Homelabs 18 Bottle Wine Cooler


The dimensions are approximately 20 by 14 by 25.5 inches with a weight of 45 pounds. This freestanding wine fridge is a versatile size for your kitchen, bar or entertainment space and has all the benefits of your own personal wine cellar.

The key to enjoying a glass of wine is to keep your bottle in a space that maintains a consistent temperature. With the Homelabs wine cooler, you can customize the temperature from 54 degrees Fahrenheit to 64 degrees Fahrenheit to create an ideal environment for your bottles of red, white, or rose.

This cooler can house up to 18 standard wine bottles that sit on five strong slide out shelves made of polished chrome, giving you easy access. It is built with a classy glass door to display the contents and has a magnetic door seal to maintain the ideal climate and humidity.

With an easy to read LCD temperature indicator to accurately program your preferred setting and an interior light, we think this stylish wine cooler is a great choice for wine lovers and collectors, and really deserves to be in our list.


  • Temperature range: 54F to 64F
  • 14 x 20.1 x 25.5 inches
  • Capacity: 18 bottles
  • Freestanding.


  • Not ideal for storing mixed wine.


  1. Ivation 18 bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler


The dimensions are approximately 13.5 by 20 by 25.4 inches, and it is 36.4 pounds in weight. The Ivation dual zone wine cooler is a freestanding cooler that has an energy efficient thermoelectric cooling system, which minimizes vibration and allows your wine to age and settle with no disturbance to its naturally occurring sediments.

With two adjustable temperature zones for red and white wines of 50 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit and 54 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit, the cooler has a moisture controlled climate and superior insulation enabling you to store your wines for the short and longterm at a consistent stable temperature.

You can easily monitor and set temperatures in both temperature zones of this cooler with its exterior digital touch controls. A great feature of this cooler that holds 18 standard wine bottles is its thermal pane doors that are smoked to ensure your wine is protected from exterior lights and harmful UV rays.

Ivation 18 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is a thermoelectric wine cooler that cools up to 18 bottles of wine at a time. It features an elegant glass door that opens from both sides, an adjustable temperature control knob, and four interior shelves with protective felt liners.

The best way to keep your wine at its best is by using a dual zone thermoelectric wine cooler like the Ivation 18 bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler. With two independent zones inside, this wine cooler keeps your reds at their ideal temperature while keeping whites delightfully chilled; no matter what time of day it is.


  • Space-saving model.
  • Interior lighting.
  • Quiet and efficient.
  • Easy to use.


  • A few complaints about build quality


  1. Koldfront Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler


The dimensions are approximately 19.2 by 13.6 by 26.2 inches with the weight of 35 pounds. The Koldfront dual zone is a freestanding cooler that uses thermoelectric cooling to store both red and white wine at optimum temperatures in two separate compartments.

It holds six standard sized bottles of white wine in the upper zone and 12 standard sized bottles of red wine in the lower zone with an adjustable thermostat for each zone. This stylish cooler includes four chrome racks and an internal fan that evenly distributes the air to keep all your wine chilled.

There is a clear digital temperature display in soft interior led lighting that helps aluminate your wine bottles, perfect for any wine enthusiast. This wine cooler is designed for use in a room temperature environment.

The Koldfront Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler has tons of features, including two separate cooling zones so you can set the temperature for red and white wines separately, as well as an LED display so you know what it’s currently set to. This wine cooler also comes with an auto-defrost function so you don’t have to worry about manually defrosting it like other models on the market.

It has a capacity of 20 bottles and is designed to keep both red and white wines at their optimal temperatures for hours. You can also adjust the settings so that it will turn off after a designated time period. This means you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off when you go to bed.


  • Removable chrome scalloped shelving
  • LED interior lighting.
  • Internal fan-forced circulation .
  •  independently-controlled dual zones.


  • None.


  1. Kuppet 18 bottle Wine Cooler


The dimensions are approximately 19.3 by 16.9 by 20.1 inches with a weight of 38.6 pounds. With its 18 bottle storage capacity, the Kuppet Wine Cooler is perfect for chilling and storing red wine, white wine or other wines in a consistent stable environment.

You can customize the temperature using the adjustable temperature control to create an ideal climate for your wines with a range from 54 degrees to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. And as the cooler has double layered glass, your wine, won’t be spoiled by light and heat.

This freestanding cooler is equipped with precision compressor cooling technology and has a built-in circulation fan and integrated led lights. A great feature with this cooler is that it can also be used to store other products besides wine, such as fruit and other drinks. Just change over one of the shelves.

With its energy efficient compressor system, this chiller will keep your wines tasting their best for hours. And it’s compact size means that it fits into any nook or cranny in your home. Now there’s no excuse not to enjoy a glass of wine!

The Kuppet 18 bottle wine cooler is a perfect gift for friends and family. The compact size makes it a great choice for small spaces. It also features two adjustable shelves, an easy-to-clean, durable interior finish, and a sleek, modern design.


  • Reinforced glass door
  • Has a good sealing.
  • Quiet and efficient.
  • Removable racks.


  • Does not hold as much.


  1. Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Wine Refrigerator


The dimensions are approximately 20.2 by 9.9 by 37.5 inches with the weight of 36 pounds. This freestanding refrigerator holds 18 bottles of wine and provides two temperature levels for perfect storing conditions.

Its top zone has an adjustable temperature range of 54 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit while the bottom zone adjusts from 46 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit. With a really easy to use exterior digital touchscreen, you can conveniently control the temperature, both silent and energy efficient.

This slim line cooler provides virtually silent cooling technology to perfectly protect the taste of your wines. Shelving than the wine enthusiast refrigerator is built to hold standard sized bottles, so if you decide to put in larger sized bottles, it may limit the capacity.

This stylish, stainless steel appliance provides the perfect ambiance for your wine room as it features a built-in light show and digital temperature display with touch controls. In addition to its elegant design, this unit is whisper quiet with no vibration or noise from the compressor.

With eight shelves of space to store your wines, it can hold up to eighteen bottles at a time. The shelves are adjustable so that you can accommodate different bottle sizes and shapes for optimal organization. The Silent 18 Bottle Wine Refrigerator also features an LED light on the front door, which illuminates when it’s open.


  • Two temperature levels
  • Adjustable temperature range
  • Energy-efficient and CFC-free.
  • Shelves increase space flexibility.


  • Noisy.


  1. Aobosi 28 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator


The dimensions are approximately 15 by 22.7 by 34.2 inches with the weight of 70 pounds. The Aobosi Dual Zone Wine refrigerator has a sleek fashionable design with a stainless steel frame and double tempered glass door.

With its unique ventilation design that allows the wine cooler to be built in under counter or freestanding, this versatile cooler can match any home decor. This dual zone wine cooler can store up to 28 standard sized bottles and you can customize the temperature by touching the control panel.

A lock screen function protects the set program from being disrupted due to accidental operation. And the door opened alarm is a helpful signal if the door’s left open. The upper zone has a range of 41 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit and the lower zone, 54 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

The two zones feature different temperatures so that your wine is perfectly chilled at their optimal temperatures. The beach wood shelves are easy to slide out individually and strong enough to hold all your bottles.

The top zone is a bit warmer, which is good for red wines. And the bottom zone is a little cooler, so white wines stay at the right temperature. It also has an adjustable glass rack and LED lights on the inside of the door so you can see what’s in there without opening it.


  • Quiet operation
  • Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator.
  • 28 Bottles Capacity.
  • Upgraded model.


  • None.


  1. Kalamera Wine Refrigerator Dual Zone


The dimensions are approximately 22.4 by 23.4 by 33 inches with the weight of 100, 4.5 pounds. This Kalamera Wine Cooler Delivers even cooling adjust the right temperature. With a dual zone structure from between 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit for upper zone and 50 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit for lower zone, it cools each area to the appropriate chilling temperature.

The Kalamera Wine Refrigerator Dual Zone includes two temperature zones for storing your favorite wines at their ideal temperature. The top zone is kept at 55 degrees Fahrenheit for white wines, while the bottom zone is set up to maintain reds at 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

This dual-zone design helps you keep reds at their ideal temperature, which is typically warmer than that of whites, helping to keep your reds tasting great. It has a large 46 bottle capacity and five Beechwood shelves to hold each bottle securely.

The compressor is silent, so it won’t disturb your family or guests and it has low vibration, so it won’t disturb the wine either. In stainless steel and black, this wine refrigerator has a stylish design and is a great addition to any kitchen home bar or entertainment area.


  • Stainless steel frame
  • 5 high quality wooden shelves.
  • LED control display.
  • Dual thermostat.


  • None.


  1. Antarctic Star 18 Bottle Wine Cooler


The dimensions are approximately 17.4 by 17.7 by 19 inches with the weight of 35.8 pounds. The Antarctic Star is a freestanding compact and modern wine cooler that has a capacity of 18 standard red or white wine bottles.

It’s also perfect for canned beer and beverage storage and has a horizontal racking system that is very space efficient. It has a working temperature range of 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 61 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows you to customize the temperature as needed.

The cabinet has an advanced cooling system that will keep your beverages at the right temperature without making a noise. With its reinforced glass door and airtight seal that helps to maintain an ideal humidity level, this freestanding wine cooler will protect your red or white wine preserving its quality and rich flavors so you can enjoy it’s real taste to the fullest.

You can also choose from 13 different color options, so you’ll have no problem finding one that suits your style. It comes with a variety of features as well as an “Intelli-Touch” display that keeps you updated on the temperature and time via LED lights.

This design has two storage racks that hold up to 18 bottles of wine in the 48-inch wide cabinet. It also features a modern design that looks great in any setting and offers fast cooling with its Turbo Cooling System. So, if you’re looking for an upgrade on your current unit or just starting out, this is the perfect choice for you!


  • Adjustable temperature.
  • No noise.
  • Sturdy, Removable, adjustable racks.
  • Efficient cooling system.


  • Manual is a little bit confusing.


  1. Nutrichef 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler


The dimensions are approximately 19.7 by 9.9 by 25 inches with the weight of 28.2 pounds. The Nutrichef Thermoelectric Wine Cooler has a stylish modern design perfect for your living room, home office or kitchen as a free-standing compact cooler. It’s ideal for floor table or countertop placement.

It has a 12 bottle storage capacity and precision temperature control with superior ventilation. This wine cooler unit is perfect for chilling and storing. The door is made with reinforced glass and has an airtight seal to keep reds and whites at the perfect temperature.

Complete with integrated led lights built-in circulation, fan and ventilation grill and even space for open bottles, it offers everything you need in a compact free-standing design.

The Nutrichef 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler has plenty of room to fit all your favorite wines, and it also makes them easy to access. This unit will hold up to 12 bottles, which can be racked vertically or horizontally, depending on what you prefer. It operates quietly at only 33 dB, so it won’t disturb your guests when they’re over.

The unit can be set to temperature and has adjustable shelves, as well as an interior light and digital temperature display for easy use. This wine cooler will ensure your wines are at the perfect temperature and humidity level at all times. Plus, this unit has a contemporary design that will fit into any decor.


  • Polished chrome wine racks
  • Integrated LED light.
  • Reinforced glass door.
  • Adjustable temperature control.


  • Noisy.


  1. Whynter WC-16S Bottle Wine Cooler


The dimensions are approximately 19 by 17 by 20 inches with the weight of 34 pounds. The stylish WC 16 S features a sleek platinum finished cabinet with an ergonomic bar handle and glass door with double pane glass and a cylinder lock as an added feature.

The removable scallops chrome racks in the unit allow you to display and store your wine collection as desired. The Whynter thermoelectric wine cooler offers 16 bottles of wine storage capacity with vibration free thermoelectric cooling.

It has an adjustable thermostat for storing different wine varieties from 52 degrees Fahrenheit to 64 degrees, Fahrenheit and features Celsius and Fahrenheit, LCD temperature display. This is a premium quality cooler that can be a centerpiece of any living space.

The Whynter WC-16S Bottle Wine Cooler is a great choice for any beginner or intermediate collector. Not only does it come with a slick black exterior, but it also has a sleek modern design that will look great in any kitchen or living room.


  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Enhanced Blue Light LCD.
  • Vibration-free thermoelectric cooling
  • Freestanding installation


  • Complaints of delivery.

Things You Should Consider

Buying a wine cooler can be overwhelming. There are many brands, styles, and sizes to choose from. The good news is that you don’t need to know everything about them to find the perfect one for your home. First things first, there are two basic types of wine coolers–refrigerated and non-refrigerated. There’s also the option of getting one with or without an icemaker. Now that you know what you want, here are some features to look for when shopping for a small wine cooler.


It’s easy to get caught up in all of the features, size, and features. But you should start with the size of your room. Smaller wine coolers have different design features such as wheels and wheels without wheels. So you need to know what you want before you shop for a small wine cooler.

When shopping for a small wine cooler, you want to make sure you have the features that you need. Here are some helpful features to look for. Windshield is the easiest way to get the most out of your small wine cooler. It makes it easy to see what’s inside and puts an air of airtightness. If you want to keep it simple, a window won’t work. But if you want more power than a window, a frosted glass is a good option. The less frosted glass the better.

Ease of Use

Because of the increased size of small wine coolers, the amount of room they take up can be overwhelming. There’s really no way to look at a bottle of wine and know how much of the bottle is left. Often, wine coolers can be quite small, but there are some common items that many models will have.

You can look for features such as simple touch controls, automatic shutter release, and sealed (with a twist of the cap) lids. Also, a lot of small wine coolers will have separate racks for all different kinds of bottles. These will help you keep the right wine at the right temperature and prevent corking or other spoilage.

The average bottle size for wine is around four ounces. Therefore, some smaller, less-expensive wine coolers will hold up to two bottles.


Not all wine coolers are of equal quality, especially if they are not specifically designed for wine storage. It’s nice to see some style in a wine cooler. Look for one with one or two shelves that are suitable for storing large bottles. Alternatively, look for a wine cooler with wheels that’s easily transportable. Some small wine coolers have room for six bottles of wine.

Others have room for six. But the key to making the most of the room is to find one that has plenty of storage capacity. These wine coolers usually have the same amount of shelves as bigger ones. Proper insulation The best wine coolers are insulated enough to keep the temperature in the fridge down while allowing the wine to still stay cool in the freezer.


If you’re just starting out, you might think that the price tag is the most important feature. There are still plenty of small wine coolers under $150. But if you want a small, compact unit that doubles as a cabinet, you need to make sure that it’s not too expensive.

You can get an excellent unit for just $100, but if you want something that will stand the test of time, you’re probably better off spending slightly more. While it’s no fun to spend a lot of money, it’s especially important to buy a unit that will still look as good in 10 years as it does today.

Apps and Remote Control

Many of these coolers have apps that control the temperature, fan speed, and ice dispenser. You can program in your specific settings. Look for an app that is easy to use, has plenty of features, and offers the ability to program your own custom presets. The cooler should be well-lit and durable for years of consistent use. When it comes to durability, it’s best to go with a small, compact model.

A larger cooler may be heavy to carry around all day, or will be prone to cracking and breaking under pressure. Installing the unit To keep things simple, you may want to avoid installing a large, heavy-duty bracket to hold the unit in place. The cooler should fit flush against your countertop, without any visible obstructions.

Noise Level

First, you need to think about what type of use case you have in mind for a wine cooler. If you don’t intend to keep the coolers in a particularly noisy area like the kitchen, you might want to go with a quieter option. Otherwise, you could get a fairly loud cooler to fill your home with a constant noise. A small wine cooler will probably not have an impact on the loudness of your home.


Make sure you’re comfortable with the reliability of the cooler before you buy it. That’s because not only will its overall performance affect its longevity, but its performance might also affect how long you’ll be able to use it. Don’t buy a wine cooler that doesn’t work well or last long, because you might be stuck with an expensive piece of equipment that’s just taking up space.

Small wine cooler size

The size of a wine cooler also matters. Some come in small 4.5-quart (2.1-liter) boxes, while others are larger at 10-liter boxes. And as you can imagine, the larger ones tend to cost more than the smaller ones. For the sake of comparison, this makes sense since you’re going to be filling your wine cooler much more often. If your refrigerator is larger than the small model you’re looking at, you might not need to invest in a wine cooler at all.

Cooler temperature

Now for the cooler temperature. A wine cooler with a lower temperature can stay cooler longer than a cooler with a higher temperature. For example, if you bought a wine cooler with a temperature of 47 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celsius), it’ll keep your wine cooler for only one week.


Wine coolers are the perfect way to enjoy a bottle of wine outdoors or at a party. You can buy them at most stores and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But what exactly is a wine cooler? And, more importantly…which one should you buy? This article will answer these questions and more about wine coolers.

What is a wine cooler?

A wine cooler is a portable cooler that uses gravity and ice to chill wine bottles. It can even cool down and remove the sediment that has built up on the glass of the bottle. This is important because it makes it easy to identify and smell the flavors of the wine inside.

They’re also a great way to enjoy a meal outdoors. Hang a wine cooler above a table or inside an outdoor space to keep it out of direct sunlight. A few of these coolers even incorporate elements of a wine cellar in the design, such as wine storage shelves and dispensers. History of wine coolers The history of wine coolers dates back to ancient Egyptian times.

How do wine coolers work?

The main reason for buying a wine cooler is to allow you to enjoy a glass of wine while still enjoying the weather. Many people opt for a cooler specifically designed for wine and most come with a wine glass holder. The trick to enjoy a glass of wine from a cooler is the temperature of the wine.

Keeping the temperature right is very important. If you don’t use the right wine cooler for the type of wine you want, you may experience burning or tasting of the wine in your mouth. Therefore, you should always purchase a wine cooler with a certified temperature control device.

These coolers help keep the temperature of the bottle within the “perfect” range. Types of wine coolers There are many types of wine coolers. Of course, there are those built for red wine and those built for white.

What are the different kinds of wine coolers?

There are three main types of wine cooler: Pico Bottle Unlike a standard bottle, a pico bottle is quite narrow at only 3 inches tall. You can easily store a bunch of wine bottles in one pico bottle. They are not the prettiest of wine coolers, though, and you probably won’t be able to serve many people at once in this type.

Pico bottles also have the tendency to drip. Pico Bottle is not recommended for large groups, since the narrow shape of the bottle can limit the amount of wine you can store. The problem with pico bottles, as the name suggests, is the bottle itself has a small amount of space, so it will not work for cases of 4 or more. Bottle-Neck This type of wine cooler comes in multiple shapes and sizes and comes in a variety of materials.

What size should I purchase for a party?

A small wine cooler is generally made of either aluminum or plastic and is usually 6 to 9 inches tall. A medium sized wine cooler is 10 to 15 inches tall and can hold about three bottles. Is wine cooler required for a party? A small is not required for a party as long as you are responsible.

However, if you are planning a big party or just want to show up to a restaurant with wine in hand, a large wine cooler is a must. And if you are planning a big party, you should get a stainless steel or porcelain cooler. It holds a lot of wine and is a lot cheaper than glass.

Small is the better option in terms of energy consumption. Glass coolers can make your house too warm and cause condensation.

How do you use a wine cooler?

Wine coolers are basically compact refrigerators with either a side door or a door that can be slid open, like the ones you find in a mini-fridge. What’s the difference between wine coolers and normal fridges? In the majority of cases, the only difference between a wine cooler and a regular refrigerator is that the cooler has the word “wine” in its name.

But there are other terms you should know if you want to make the most of a wine cooler: Flavors: A glass wine cooler has built-in temperature controls. They range from 65-85°F (18-25°C). Corks: There are different types of wine coolers and some can store wine while others don’t. The bottles should be immersed in a bowl of ice water to cool them down before use.

Which colors are available to choose from?

There are several designs, colors and even some wine types that you can use with wine coolers. There are two main materials that you can use to make your cooler: metal or plastic. There are also metal models that have an attached cooler glass. The material that is attached to the cooler will have a chemical makeup that is compatible with wine.

What are the different kinds of wine coolers?

In addition to the familiar clear or half-glazed screw top, there are also frosted or opaque models, models with colored fronts and other models that are special purpose. With the frosted models, the inside of the bottle is coated in the clear material and the light is reflected back to your eyes. Frosted models work best for white wines, whereas opaque models are better for red wines.


It is easy to order wine coolers online these days. However, you will not necessarily know which wine cooler will serve your needs. Therefore, it is best to find out from someone who knows his stuff. To help you do that, we’ve asked our wine expert Dan Campion what to look for when buying a wine cooler.


The 15 Best Dual-Zone Wine Coolers


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