Should You Put Red Wine In A Wine Cooler? Here’s What Experts Say

Do you drink wine? If so, then you may have heard about the debate on whether or not to put red wine in a cooler. Wine coolers are typically used for white wines, but some people argue that the cooler will make reds taste better. However, others argue that the cooler is intended for white wines and putting red wine in it will ruin its flavor.

Whether you drink wine or not, this article will help you decide if red wines should be stored in a cooler. Read on to find out more!

What Is A Wine Cooler?

An actual wine cooler is not a glass bottle. They are usually made of metal and look like black, solid blocks of ice. They may or may not come in different sizes. There are also wine coolers made of plastic. These can be stacked up vertically. Since wine coolers are usually very cold, they are usually kept in a refrigerator.

They may cost a bit more than the average refrigerator, but if you do not want your white wine to taste like port, you should spend the extra money. Cooler Vs. Refrigerator Because of this heated debate, you may have seen some confusing Facebook posts.

They say that red wine should never be kept in a cooler, while others say you should always put red wine in a cooler.

Should Red Wine Be Put In A Wine Cooler?

While red wine has a very earthy flavor, some claim that putting it in a cooler will mask the earthiness. This is called over-fermentation, and it can be caused by improper storage conditions. According to the Illinois State University Extension, the cooler also may freeze the wine, producing a harsher taste.

The best time to put red wine in a cooler is after a day of drinking it, and to keep it in the fridge overnight. The following are the six conditions in which you should not put red wine in a cooler:

1. After you finish a glass of wine in an un-air-conditioned room, so that the wine has some time to settle

2. Before having a glass of red wine

3. In the refrigerator

4. Before drinking a glass of white wine

5. Before drinking a glass of white wine, after drinking red wine.

How To Store Red Wine

Although a red wine cooler may seem like an idea that is a good way to store your wine, it is not actually. The cooler will only change the taste of the wine by about half. The cooler’s cooling technology actually cools the wine by slowing down the evaporation of the wine from its cork and skin.

With cooling technology, the cork and skin will dry out, which in turn will make the wine taste the same, but not as good. Wine experts agree that red wines should be stored at room temperature and not in a cooler. Although it might seem like the cooler will give the red wine more taste, the cool temperature will actually affect the taste.

An article written by Fintan Magee from Why Wine? described it as: “Everything about red wines that is good for you is bad for the process of aging.


If you’re storing red wine in a cooler, you’re best off leaving it out on the counter. As long as it is not too cold, it will get the same reaction as it would in a plastic baggie, which is the same reaction as the wine will get in a glass bottle. However, if it’s getting too cold, it is best to store red wine in a carafe instead. Not only does the carafe keep your wine at a cooler temperature, but it also allows you to decant it easily. Not only that, but it will also save space on your refrigerator.


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