Is it Safe to Put a Wine Fridge on Carpet?

Is it Safe to Put a Wine Fridge on Carpet?

You should never put a wine fridge on carpet. The problem is the bottom of the wine fridge has two coils that pull in heat from the floor and make it hotter than the room temperature. This will cause your wine to overheat, which will lead to an unpleasant taste, and even spoil your precious drinks. One solution for this problem is to put a fan on the floor or lay down a rug, but if you don’t want to do this, read on for some other solutions.

The Problem of Putting a Wine Fridge on Carpet

In some ways, putting a wine fridge on carpet makes sense. You could move it to a room with a wooden floor where you can run a wire from the ceiling to the fridge, and the icebox will stay clean when it rains. However, it is still a problem.

The problem is that you can’t completely stop the airflow from going through the floor or into the fridge. This can lead to an unpleasant taste in the wine, and eventually to the plastic leaking and eventually breaking. One way around this problem is to put two opposite coils at the bottom of the wine fridge on carpet, so you can have your coils above the carpet.

This will create a seal, making it too hot to let air through. Another option is to cover the floor with a heavy rug.

Possible Solutions

Your first solution to the problem of the two-coil fan is to get rid of the two-coil fan. If you don’t need the extra cooling effect from the fan, you can remove it. You should also have the carpet removed if possible, because the heat will be escaping the area, and the carpet will absorb some of the heat.

For those of you who are afraid of heights, there is another solution that is a bit more expensive. There is a commercial product that will blow up a little balloon that covers the two coils, and this will reduce the temperature in the area and cool the wine. This machine is meant to only blow up the balloons at a company, not at home. There are only three reviews on Amazon, but all of them seem to be positive.

Put a Fan on the Floor or Lay Down a Rug

A fan can help a little, as the cool air from the fan will make the wine cooler than it would be on the floor. If you put your wine in the fridge when it’s still too cold, this fan trick may not work very well. But it’s better than nothing. Put a Wine Rack on the Countertop.

You can put a wine rack on your countertop, which will allow the temperature to be kept a little cooler. Then if you want to put your wine away, you can just put it in a glass, and then lock it into the rack. The rack will keep the wine a little cooler than in the refrigerator. Lay Down a Rug If you don’t want to put your rug on the floor, you can lay it on the ground and then stick your wine bottle in it.

Place Your Wine Fridge on a Solid Surface

You should keep your wine fridge in an area that isn’t used by your family, such as a side room. This will allow the fridge to cool down and stay cooler than the rest of the room. Also, placing it on the other side of a room from the door will keep the smell from leaking through to the main part of the house, where you might be eating dinner.

Wine is the same as other liquids, such as soda or juice. The juice needs to be kept clean so it doesn’t become sour. It also needs to be stored in the fridge to prevent fermentation. If you don’t take care of your wine, it won’t taste as good. Don’t store wine in plastic bags as this can lead to mold and smell. Get a wine bottle brush to make sure all the wine stays clean.

Turn Off the Coils When You Aren’t Using It

Put the unit on its lowest possible setting and unplug it from the wall when you aren’t using it. As soon as the unit is no longer plugged in, then you can turn it back on and put it back on the floor. As long as the heat coils aren’t pulled in, you shouldn’t have to worry about your wine going bad.

The temperatures will be kept between 40°F to 55°F. Don’t Put the Wine Fridge on a Hard Surface Floor Carpet may feel warm to the touch, but it is actually cold. If you don’t believe this, it is easy to get it tested. Put your hand down to the carpet and if you don’t feel it, you aren’t imagining it. The carpet will keep the cool temperature even when the temperature is very hot outside.


The wine fridge is an excellent way to store your drink, but don’t expect it to last a long time. If you try to store your wine in it for too long, you will be prone to the same problems listed above. Try to put your wine in as little of a space as possible so you don’t overheat it and put it at risk of spoiling.

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