The 12 Best Wine Racks of 2022

Best Wine Racks

Wine racks are always an excellent addition to any home. They help you store your wine collection, and they can also add a sense of style to your living space. Wine racks come in a wide variety of materials and types, all with different advantages and disadvantages.

For example, wine racks that are made from metal are typically very durable but might be too heavy for some people’s taste. Wooden wine racks can be made to look almost any way you want, but they may not be as sturdy as other kinds.

This list will cover 12 great options for wine rack styles, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

DECOMIL - 72 Bottle Stackable Modular Wine RackCHECK PRICE
Winebars Wine RackCHECK PRICE
X-cosrack Rustic 30 Bottles Floor Wine Rack ShelfCHECK PRICE
Sorbus Wine Rack Free Standing Floor StandCHECK PRICE
Kings Brand Furniture Brushed Copper Free Standing Storage Organizer Display Wine RackCHECK PRICE 
everous Wooden Wine RackCHECK PRICE 
Sorbus Marble Wine Rack Console TableCHECK PRICE 
Modular Wine Rack Pine WoodCHECK PRICE 
Wine Rack Solid Wood Stackable Storage Wooden Wine RackCHECK PRICE 
Lily's Home Countertop Wave Wine RackCHECK PRICE 
MORITIA Wine Storage Organizer Display RackCHECK PRICE 
Kings Brand Furniture Wine RackCHECK PRICE 
  1. DECOMIL – 72 Bottle Stackable Modular Wine Rack

                                                Buy now on Amazon

This modular wine rack is designed for stacking to create the perfect storage space for your collection. The tall, slim design is perfect for spaces that have height restrictions and the 3.5″ opening mouth holds standard size wine bottles (750ML). It’s easy to assemble and comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

The DECOMIL – 72 Bottle Stackable Modular Wine Rack is a perfect way to display and store your wine collection. The wine rack’s design allows for quick and easy assembly, making it a perfect option for anyone looking to organize their home.

The rack features an opening mouth that can hold standard size wine bottles, and the shelves are capable of holding up to 72 bottles. The sleek style is sure to accent any area of your home, while also providing a stylish way to store your wines.

Its 3.5-inch opening mouth holds standard-size 750 ml wine bottles for easy access to your favorite bottle of vino. This rack is made from durable bamboo wood which is knot-free, making it a sturdy construction with a compact capacity. The rack is unfinished so it can be stained.

Each piece of bamboo wood has notches and slots which are deep so they can fit together well, make the wine display shelf more stable on the wood floor or the carpet, just sort of press the pieces together, inseparable and free from vibrations.


  • Stylish design.
  • The rack is unfinished so it can be stained
  • Easy assembly.
  • Can store a lot of wine bottles.


  • None.


  1. Winebars Wine Rack

                                                Buy now on Amazon

Say hello to thisnew wine rack for the modern home. Winebars are a brand new category of wine storage and display that take up minimal space and look great in any setting. We make it easy to enjoy your favorite wine by bringing the wine rack directly to you! With a variety of designs, Winebars slip on shelves, fit in the fridge, and go anywhere.

Turn any pre-existing cabinet into a storage space for your favorite wines.  Our shelves are made of MDF or veneered plywood, which is durable and resistant to water damage. The shelves themselves come in 2 sizes: 24″ and 36″.

The Winebars Wine Rack is a brand new modern category of wine storage and display. A modern, simple designed wine holder that looks amazing with just one bottle, or a stack. The Winebars slip on to shelves and turn your pre-existing cabinets into a tasteful wine storage space. They fit in the fridge, too, so you can keep your bottles organized in the wine refrigerator with a tasteful modern design. And they go anywhere – from your kitchen counter to the side table near your bed.

Winebars are the perfect storage solution for your wine collection. With a modern, minimalistic design and a wide range of sizes and finishes, Winebars will complement any space in your home. Made to go anywhere, Winebars are designed to fit in the fridge or on other shelves and cabinets. Our unique design allows you to display one bottle or stack up many bottles to make a statement.

Winebars also look great displayed on their own without being attached to anything. So whether it’s time for dinner, hosting guests, or simply unwinding after a long day at work, grab a glass of wine and relax with our brand new storage solution.


  • Stylish minimalistic design.
  • Do not take up a lot of space.
  • Comes in four different designs.
  • Great quality material.


  • None.


  1. X-cosrack Rustic 30 Bottles Floor Wine Rack Shelf

                                               Buy now on Amazon

Enjoying wine is a lovely thing, and making sure it stays fresh is even lovelier. Our Rustic 30 Bottles Floor Wine Rack Shelf will keep your favorite wines safe from pesky bugs as well as unwanted heat or humidity. This wine rack can hold up to 30 bottles and also has space for 8-12 wine glasses.

This wine rack is a perfect addition to any wine lover’s home. The rustic design will bring elegance and charm to your kitchen, bar, or dining room. The top wood board is an excellent place to store your wine glasses or other decorations.

Keep your wine bottles organized in style with this rustic 30-bottle floor wine rack. This sturdy, reliable rack is made from wood and iron for stability and durability. With its attractive design, this wine storage unit can also be a beautiful addition to your home’s decor.

This wine rack is perfect for any home with a wine enthusiast. With a large capacity of 30 bottles, it will answer all your needs. The wobble-free design with the anti-tip device will keep the wine bottles stable and off of the ground.

Our Rustic 30 Bottles Floor Wine Rack is just what your wine cellar needed! With a large capacity of 30 bottles, you’ll always be prepared for those unexpected guests. The rack also comes with a wine glasses holder rack which can hold 8-12 wine glasses.


  • It has a large capacity.
  • Perfect for any space.
  • It has an anti-tip device for stability.
  • It has a rustic design.


  • Poor quality control.


  1. Sorbus Wine Rack Free Standing Floor Stand

                                                Buy now on Amazon

This elegant wine rack stand offers an attractive wine bottle display at home, in the restaurant, on your patio or deck, or even at your holiday party. The 10-tier rack is made of metal and features 40 holes for storing wine bottles.

With easy assembly and a lightweight design, this stylish wine rack is perfect for both new collectors and connoisseurs that want to maximize their space. The sturdy design allows you to place it on the floor or mount it on the wall for support – without wobbling, tilting, or falling over. And best of all, it holds most standard-sized wine bottles!

No matter if you are new to collecting wine or have been around the block a few times, this 10-tier wine rack is for you. With 40 total bottle capacity, it will help you maximize all of your storage space. The large-capacity design makes this wine rack perfect for entertaining large groups, holidays, and business events.

The Sorbus Free Standing Floor Stand has a sleek, modern design to complement any home bar or kitchen. With a large capacity and sturdy construction, this wine rack is perfect for both new wine collectors and expert connoisseurs who want to display their wine collection in style.

This wine rack stand is perfect for every wine lover! With a stylish and attractive design, this wine rack can fit any décor. This wine rack has pins to hold 4 bottles on each shelf tier, maximizing space for your favorite kind of wines.


  • Large capacity.
  • Stable and sturdy.
  • Easy mount.
  • Great price.


  • None.


  1. Kings Brand Furniture Brushed Copper Free Standing Storage Organizer Display Wine Rack

                                               Buy now on Amazon

We’ve all seen those beautiful wine racks in the store but there’s something that just doesn’t feel right about spending $300 on something you’re only going to put a few bottles of wine in. Kings Brand Furniture Brushed Copper Free Standing Storage Organizer Display Wine Rack is a great option for wine lovers looking to save some money.

The Kings Brand Furniture Brushed Copper Free Standing Storage Organizer Display Wine Rack is a compact, elegant way to store wine. Holding up to 21 bottles of wine horizontally, this beautiful wine rack has an air-tight design to keep your expensive wines fresh and ready for you to enjoy.

Kings Brand Furniture Brushed Copper Free Standing Storage Organizer Display Wine Rack. is the perfect way to store and display your favorite wine bottles. This free-standing metal rack holds up to 21 bottles of wine in an elegant design that looks great in any room of your home. Plus, it’s simple to assemble with no tools required.

Add a bit of regal sophistication to your home with this beautiful wine rack. The Kings Brand Furniture Brushed Copper Free Standing Storage Organizer Display Wine Rack will house up to 21 bottles of your favorite vintage in style. This elegant wine rack is constructed out of durable metal that holds each bottle horizontally and prevents the wine from spoiling prematurely.

Store your wine in style with the Kings Brand Furniture Brushed Copper Free Standing Storage Organizer Display Wine Rack. It’s a free-standing rack that displays up to 21 bottles of wine horizontally, keeping them fresh for longer. It is 17″ wide x 8″ deep x 37″ high and requires simple assembly.


  • Ten bottle capacity
  • Black tempered glass.
  • Wine glass hangers.
  • Affordable.


  • Not stable.


  1. everous Wooden Wine Rack

                                                 Buy now on Amazon

The everous Wooden Wine Rack is made of high-quality acacia material and Eco-friendly lacquer finish, good material and no smell. The surface of the wine rack is smooth durable and good look. With 7 shelves and 4 bottles each, it can hold 28 wine bottles totally.

This wine rack is designed for space-efficient storage, with special wave bars which hold the bottles at a slightly tilted angle to keep the corks moisturized all time. The simple and elegant design makes this wine rack the best choice for you to invite friends to taste wine. And our after-sell customer service team are always here for your any question about the product

In need of a space-saving wine rack that will not only hold your wine bottles but keep them fresh and protected from sunlight? This wooden wine rack has you covered! The hardwood construction is durable and resistant to changes in temperature or moisture making it the perfect place for your thoughtful gifts.

The everous Wooden Wine Rack is a space-efficient wine rack for storing your favorite wines. With 7 shelves and 4 bottles per shelf, this wine rack can hold up to 28 bottles of wine. The special design with wave bars will keep the corks moisturized at all times while keeping each bottle easily accessible. Plus, it has an elegant appearance and is easy to assemble.

Storing and displaying your wine collection has never been easier than with this wine rack. Durable and easy to assemble, it is the perfect space-saving solution for any home. The high-quality materials deliver a sleek look that is sure to please any guest.

Everous Wooden Wine Rack is a wine rack that stacks wine bottles on top of each other for space efficiency, keeping your wine fresh and tasty. It is made of high-quality acacia material, and the surface is smooth and durable with no smell.


  • Keeps wine fresh and tasty
  • Elegant appearance.
  • High-quality acacia material.
  • Comes with one year warranty period.


  • Not stable enough.


  1. Sorbus Marble Wine Rack Console Table

                                               Buy now on Amazon

Display your favorite wine bottles on this contemporary console table with wine rack. The best use of space and it fits in any small area like a kitchen, dining room, limited serving station, home bar, or studio apartment.

Our sleek marble wine rack console table is a charming addition to any room. With its glass top and metal frame, it’s perfect for both modern and rustic decor. Storage for up to 11 bottles of wine with easy access makes it the perfect accessory for everyday use or a glamorous occasion.

This elegant and practical table is the perfect place to store your wine bottles. Whether you’re a wine collector or an expert connoisseur, this table has everything you need to serve up drinks, open bottles, and entertain guests.

The wine bottle organizer rack keeps bottles stored horizontal to stay fresh longer. The design of this marble console table also includes an elegant statement piece for everyday use or special occasions like dinner parties, holidays, cocktail hour and more! This furniture piece comes with minimal assembly required and features hardware included as well as easy setup with minimal assembly required.

This elegant wine rack console table is the perfect addition to any home bar, dining room, or kitchen. The tabletop surface provides the perfect area to pour drinks, serve appetizers, open bottles of wine, and store your stemware glasses and wine accessories.

The space-saving floor design allows for easy storage in a corner or against a wall. We packaged this item with minimal assembly required. This table is lightweight and functional and can be placed anywhere on the floor with little effort. All hardware is included as well as detailed instructions on how to put this table together.


  • Minimal assembly required.
  • Holds most standard wine bottles.
  • Can fit any design.
  • Super affordable.


  • None.


  1. Modular Wine Rack Pine Wood

                                                Buy now on Amazon

This modular wine rack is the perfect size for someone who has limited space but still wants to store a few bottles of wine. This kit comes with everything you need, just like a puzzle, and doesn’t require any tools. We recommend assembling and then sanding the pieces down so they fit together more snugly.

Finding the perfect wine rack can be tough! We know, we’ve been there. That’s why we created this Modular Wine Rack to give you everything you need and more. With a sleek design that blends effortlessly into any space – this rack is the ultimate solution.

Our newest model is the one for you! Our wine rack is constructed from high-quality, pinewood and has a very sturdy construction. The wine rack is available in stacks of 6 bottle racks that are 10 shelves high, giving you a total storage of 60 bottles.

The new Modular Wine Rack is the best thing to happen to wine collectors since corks. This innovative design is wobble-free, made from high-quality materials, and will hold up to 60 bottles of wine. It’s also stackable- meaning it can be stored vertically or horizontally!


  • No tools are required for assembly.
  • Stackable.
  • High-quality, smooth solid wood.
  •  Sturdy construction


  • It has rough edges.


  1. Wine Rack Solid Wood Stackable Storage Wooden Wine Rack

                                               Buy now on Amazon

This wine rack is made of pine wood. The wood is thickened and widened to improve the quality. It does not require the use of nails or screws to be assembled together and is very sturdy. The size can hold 60 bottles at a time, and it measures 26.2″X 12″ X 28.3″. This product comes with a lifetime warranty and factory direct sales for an affordable price.

Drinking wine is great. Drinking wine in a decorative wooden rack, even better! Our solid wood stackable storage wine racks are hand-made from pine wood and designed for functionality. Just assemble it together by sliding the pieces of wood into each other, no tools necessary! The perfect gift for your favorite wine lover or yourself!

You’ll never have to worry about a cluttered wine cabinet again. With our Stackable Storage Wooden Wine Rack, you can store your wines on top of each other and still enjoy easy access with glass front panels. Perfect for a small or medium-sized space.

The frame is constructed of a sturdy metal with a pewter finish and cross-wiring to provide room for 13 wine bottles. On top is a tempered glass shelf for displaying the bottles, while on bottom felt foot pads protect your floor from scratching.


  • Easy to install.
  • Sturdy structure.
  • Factory-direct sales.
  •  Lifetime warranty.


  • None.


  1. Lily’s Home Countertop Wave Wine Rack

                                                Buy now on Amazon

You know those wine racks that are round or triangular and only allow for vertical placement? Yeah, we don’t have time for that! This Countertop Wave Wine Rack from Lily’s Home is a stylish way to store your favorite bottles of wine in your kitchen without sacrificing space.

At a size of 24″ x 3″, this rack can hold up to 14 bottles at a time. The design is minimal and contemporary, as well as being durable and sturdy. For the wine lover in your life, this gift is sure to be appreciated!

Lily’s Home Countertop Wave Wine Rack is the perfect gift for any wine lover. This unique display rack makes it easy to store your favorite wines in a horizontal position, while also saving you valuable counter space. With its chic design and attractive shape, this wooden wave wine rack is sure to be an elegant addition to any kitchen or countertop.

Our all-in-one kitchen gadget can make great saves for your wine collection. With its wavy, curved construction, this wooden wave rack is sure to fit in well with a wide variety of design themes. Dress up your decor with contemporary wine holder by Lily’s Home. This product is perfect for any wine lover in your life! It’s made of sturdy wood that is lightweight yet durable and will not topple or tip when you place it on the countertop.

The Lily’s Home Countertop Wave Wine Rack is a beautiful, modern wine rack that will attractively store up to 14 bottles of your favorite wine or alcoholic beverages. With its chic design and horizontal and vertical storage options, this wine holder is perfect for both storing your collection in an attractive way or as a great gift for any occasion.


  • Store up to 14 bottles at a time
  •  Keeps wine fresh and flavorful for a longer period of time.
  • Saves valuable countertop space.
  • Great design and durable.


  • Hard to assemble.


  1. MORITIA Wine Storage Organizer Display Rack

                                             Buy now on Amazon

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the wine-loving Francophile in your life, look no further than our MORITIA Wine Storage Organizer Display Rack! This stylish and practical rack has a number of features that will make the recipient smile from ear to ear. It also doubles as a side table or desk service station, with three rows of goblet racks on either side.

Invite your friends over for a drink with the handcrafted moritia wine storage organizer. The rustic metal frame is easy to assemble. You can also use the top space to place decorative items, small snacks, or food for entertaining guests.

Put your wine collection on display with the MORITIA Wine Storage Organizer Display Rack. The metal frame and wood shelves provide a rustic, industrial look to any room. The top shelf would be perfect for storing trays, barrels, and snacks while the lower shelves provide 24 wine bottle holders (3.7”D each). This is the perfect storage solution for smaller spaces since it can also be used as a side table or desk service station!

The top shelf can also be used to store trays, barrels and snacks, making it the most practical way to display wines whether you’re entertaining guests or displaying decorations in your home. Made of metal and wood with a good load capacity, this item is sturdy and durable while easy to assemble.


  • Rustic and industrial.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Easy to Assemble.
  • Versatile.


  • None.


  1. Kings Brand Furniture Wine Rack

                                                Buy now on Amazon

The Kings Brand Furniture Wine Rack is the perfect addition to any home. You’ll get a stylish and sturdy wine rack that measures 42 inches high, 10.375 inches wide and 10 inches deep. With a capacity of 13 wine bottles, you’ll be able to display your wines beautifully on top of the glass shelf.

Keep your wine on display for all to see with the Kings Brand Furniture Wine Rack. With a sturdy metal frame in a refined pewter finish and cross wiring giving space for 13 wine bottles, this piece of furniture will surely please any wine connoisseur. Tempered glass offers an elegant top while felt pads on the bottom protect your floor from scratches. Assembly is required and it measures 10 1/2″ W x 10″ D x 42″

This Kings Brand Furniture Wine Rack is the perfect way to store and display a bottle of your favorite. It has the ability to store up to 13 wine bottles in an elegant fashion that will make you feel like a king!The metal frame will keep your bottles safe from breakage, it comes with felt pads on the bottom to protect your floors and it can be assembled in less than ten minutes.

The Narenda Wine Rack will bring sophistication to your wine selection. With a sturdy metal frame in a refined pewter finish and cross wiring for stability, this piece provides space for 13 wine bottles with a tempered glass shelf for fancy display. Easy assembly is required.


  • Adjustable interior shelf.
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Sleek wood design in a clean black finish.
  • Great price.


  • Smaller than it appears.

Things You Should Consider.

Wine racks come in different shapes and sizes. The material, style, and design of your wine rack will depend on the space you have available and the type of wines you plan to store. Many wine racks can be customized to fit your needs and preferences. Read on to find out more about how to find a wine rack that will suit your needs.

Consider Space and Design

While the size of your wine rack will be influenced by the space you have available, how you’ll store your wines will have an influence on the overall design. For example, some wine racks are designed to be placed on an open wall or a shelf, giving you additional room to store your wine.

Others are designed to be located directly on a wall in a corner of your house, ensuring that your bottles are on full display. Think about your storage needs. You may choose a rack that sits directly on a wall, rather than a shelf. This will allow you to display all of your bottles in a more dynamic manner and will give your wine a more polished, upscale look.

Material and Style

Material wise, wood and metal are probably the most popular. However, steel, ceramic, and acrylic are available, as well. While glass is the more popular material for wine racks, some of them also come with rubber coated door handles or ornamental handles.

You can choose between different metals that come in bronze, stainless steel, or brushed nickel. The design of the wine rack, also, influences the aesthetic look. You can go with sleek ones or elegant ones. Metal racks with brushed nickel handles are classy and elegant.

A sleek rack with wood shelves is classic and sophisticated. To keep in line with your modern style, you can opt for a wooden wine rack. A more modern look is a chrome-lined wine rack.

Drawers or Shelves?

Some wine racks have built-in shelves, which can be handy when you want to keep your wines organized but don’t have the space to store a large number of bottles. Drawers are similar, but with the advantage of being able to double up as display shelves for bottles and stems.

Most wine racks feature built-in shelves, but some of the newer and larger models offer shelves and drawers for sale. Drawers are the ideal choice if you like to organize your wines by color or wine category, while shelves are ideal if you have a specific bottle of wine you want to display. Drawers have a better chance of holding the type of wine you want to display.

Add-Ons for Your Wine Rack

A wine rack is a sophisticated piece of furniture, and as such, you may want to enhance it with other accessories. Those of you who don’t want to take on the project of building a wine rack from scratch might want to check out some of the wine racks with built-in shelves. Read more: A versatile wine rack is a functional accessory that can double as an entertainment center or a music system in addition to storing wine.

Care and maintenance

Your wine rack should last a long time. Spend some time cleaning the walls and bottoms of the wine racks, and store wine carefully to prevent mold. Do not use salt to clean them, as it can damage the wine. Some wine racks come with a built-in sprinkler system, making it easy to maintain. However, make sure that you do not store the wine in the rack when the sprinkler is on.

Quantity and types

The type and quantity of the wine you store in your wine rack can have a huge effect on how well it will store your wines. The more wine you store, the less space there will be in your rack, which will make it harder for the wine to breathe. The rack should be able to hold four bottles of wine and can be adjusted in size from a couple of inches to 18 inches tall.


Are you looking for a wine rack for your home? Do you have a lot of questions about what to buy or where to buy it from? You’re not alone. Purchasing a wine rack is a big decision. It’s important to get the right one for your needs and lifestyle. In this article, we will answer the most commonly asked questions about wine racks so you can make an educated purchase.

What is a wine rack?

What is a wine rack? A wine rack is an armoire or cabinet for storing and displaying wine. A wine rack is a large piece of furniture. When you see a wine rack, you may not be thinking about the wine itself. You’re probably thinking about whether it’s the right size, has the right style, or how the inside looks.

If you have a wine collection and the right wine rack, it will save space in your home. This is a good thing, especially if you have a smaller place. Wine racks also offer an organized and aesthetic way to display your wine.

Your guests will be amazed. You can even keep it in the shape of a “v”. It doesn’t have to be black, silver, or white. Maybe you are not a wine fan. Maybe you are not a fan of reds. You can get a glass and a plastic wine rack.

How do I buy a wine rack?

The first step is to decide if you need a wine rack. Does your home have a minimum number of shelves? If your home has less than 6 shelves, you may not need a wine rack. If you do have the capacity for many shelves, or just need to upgrade your wine rack, it’s time to choose a style.

Wine racks come in two styles. The first is bucket style, in which a handle is used to hold the bottles in place. The second is bow-tie, in which the bottles rest on the ledge of the racking area. Different wine racks can hold different numbers of bottles

. Standard wine racks hold 15 bottles at a time, but a large number of people will find more bottles to fit into a single rack. A premium wine rack may hold 30 bottles at a time.

Where should I buy a wine rack from?

While there are many different brands that make wine racks, the best wine rack to buy is the one you like the most. It should fit your needs, height and weight requirements. How should I choose a wine rack? Go for the quality instead of the quantity.

You will be saving money if you get the best wine rack. However, do not cheap out on the design. It should look good and also be practical. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a wine rack that cannot handle the weight.

What is the difference between wire and wood racks?

The first consideration you should make is to understand the difference between a wire rack and a wooden rack. A wooden rack is a thicker material and it is good for storing most types of wines. A thinner wire rack is best for storing light wines.

What are the most common types of wine racks?

When you’re shopping for wine racks, the first thing you’ll notice is the vast selection. There are basically three types of wine racks: vertical racks, horizontal racks, and narrow racks. Let’s see the differences: Vertical Racks Vertical wine racks are best for people with tall wine bottles and narrow racks are best for people with short wine bottles.

If you have an uneven amount of space, a vertical wine rack will allow you to fit all of your bottles upright. However, vertical wine racks come at a premium. You’ll need to pay more for this type of wine rack. Horizontal Racks Horizontal wine racks are perfect for people with smaller wine bottles. A horizontal wine rack will allow you to properly store and display your small bottles.

Wall-mounted racks

It is common to see wine racks mounted on the wall of a wine cellar. There are benefits of wall-mounted racks that include less weight to a wine cellar and maximizing its aesthetic look. However, there are many disadvantages to wall-mounted racks as well.

First of all, the space is small and it will be difficult to organize several bottles. Also, you will be limited by the availability of wine racks. Portable racks If you love to travel, it is important to buy wine racks that will be able to accommodate a large number of bottles.

Traveling will be limited if the rack cannot carry a large number of bottles. There is also the option of having several wine racks at different locations and having a variety of them in each location.

Floor-standing racks

The first type of wine rack is the floor-standing wine rack. You might think that this is a type of wine rack because it looks like an upside down wine bottle. The reason for the name is that these racks are so top heavy.

If you place them on your kitchen counter, they will tip over because of the weight of the bottles resting on their bottoms. They have two advantages though. First, these racks are easy to install. They require only two screws to attach the bottom of the rack to the counter top.

Second, these racks are the cheapest type of wine rack. For less than $40, you can buy a full-size floor-standing rack that’s 8-inches tall and 5-inches deep. Double wall racks These wine racks are also called cleaver racks because of the cleaver on their handles.

Custom-built racks

Custom-made wine racks are costly because they are made specifically to order. Custom-built wine racks need to be made from solid wood that matches the exact style and needs of your furniture. It takes a lot of work and skill to make a custom-made wine rack.

If you do not have much time to spare, you can get some of the high-quality glass wine racks. They are an excellent investment. These types of wine racks are cheap compared to custom-built wine racks. Existing wine racks If you have an existing wine rack in your home or office, you can convert it to a wine rack.

Remove the labels from bottles and restring the necks on your existing rack. If you don’t have labels to remove, use wine bags instead. Then, install two wine racks on either side of your existing rack to mount your bottles.

How to take care of your wine rack?

To reduce the risk of your wine rack cracking, we recommend applying wood conditioner to wood trim, shelves and legs. This will help protect the wood from moisture and keep moisture out of the bottle glazing. Try to use high-quality wood conditioner, as this is the most effective.

As with anything, it’s important to be cautious when working with wood conditioner. It’s easy to get it on fingers and then immediately put your fingers in your mouth. Your best bet is to apply the wood conditioner in small, even amounts.

Wine racks and wine bottles should never come into direct contact with each other, but if you are using a magnetic bar, you don’t need to worry about it. The magnets will not affect the packaging of the bottles as long as the levels are kept low.


For those of you who are new to wine racks, it’s important to know that there is no correct wine rack for everyone. If you love the elegance and style of a classic wine rack, you should get one. The focus is to create your wine rack into a work of art.

If you’re a fan of industrial style wine racks, choose one with many spouts and horizontal bars. If you’re after something sleek and modern, you should opt for one with the simplest spouts. If you love a rustic look, go for the antique wooden rack.






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