How Does a Cigar Humidor Work? The Ultimate Guide

How Does a Cigar Humidor Work?

When it comes to storing cigars, there is one thing that most cigar smokers agree on: the best way to store cigars is in a humidor. A cigar humidor is a climate-controlled storage cabinet that keeps your cigars fresh and flavorful for extended periods of time.

What is a humidor?

Most people who smoke cigars don’t realize that you don’t need to manually humidify your cigars. As long as your cigars are stored somewhere with an ideal temperature, humidity levels will do it for you. What you do need to do is keep your cigars away from light.

One reason is that the light from the sun destroys the tobacco, but another reason is that the light damages the wrapper. When cigars are exposed to light, the tobacco walls become soft and crumbly. Smoking cigars directly over the damaged tobacco will cause the wrapper to curl and eventually tear. A cigar humidor is like a humidor except that it has a built-in humidification system.

What does a humidor do?

A humidor keeps the air circulating so that your cigars stay at an optimal level of humidity, protecting your cigars from air drying and losing flavor. This humidity level is typically 30% to 50% to accommodate your cigar’s flavor profile. This is important because it affects both how the cigar burns and how it ages.

Cigars that are stored at a higher humidity content will have a longer burning time and less flavor degradation, while cigars stored at a lower humidity content will have a shorter burning time and a better flavor profile. Of course, a humidor is not enough to maintain the optimal cigar climate. There are other ways to maintain a humidor, including an open-top humidor or a temperature-controlled humidor.

Why do you need to use a humidor?

The most obvious reason to use a humidor is to avoid having your cigars going stale or becoming sticky. But a humidor is a lot more than just a mechanism to prevent a cigar from going stale or becoming sticky.

A humidor can also keep your cigars on the same temperature and humidity as they are when they are sold. If you can’t remember the last time your cigars were stored correctly, then you definitely don’t have a humidor.

How Does a Humidor Work?

To start, you’ll need a humidor that is heat-treated so that your cigars don’t lose their flavor. The heat treatment means that your cigars will stay fresher for longer periods of time. Next, you’ll need to store your cigars inside of the humidor.

How to store your cigars properly

Buying a humidor can be very expensive and can set you back several hundred dollars. To keep your budget in check and ensure that you’re spending your money on the best humidor, it’s a good idea to invest in the cheapest Humidor Ever from eBay. This is an extremely affordable Humidor. All you have to do is register with eBay and you can find the item for the lowest price. There are no images of this seller, and the item is currently unavailable.

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Why not just keep cigars in the box?

Cigars should be kept in the box for the simple reason that cigar boxes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes, and your cigars are unlikely to end up looking and smelling like a cigar store puff of smoke. Wrapped in a handmade cigar box, the cigar itself becomes the face of your brand. How to Pick a Quality Cigar Box, Of course, you don’t want a cigar box that looks like the one from a Wal-Mart on Saturday afternoons.

In order to pick the best cigar box, it’s important to get advice from your friends and family, or from a professional cigar maker. The first step is to measure your cigar’s boxes by seeing if there are any gaps between the cigars and the top or sides of the box. If there is a lot of space, then it is time to upgrade to a more solid box.


If you are unsure of the best way to store cigars, you may want to see a doctor, as you might have some terminal disease. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with a humidor. The same can be said for all cigars, from any brand, as long as you keep them stored properly and in an air-conditioned environment. There is no sure-fire cure for cigar addiction, but there are a few ways to reduce your cravings.

You should see a doctor, and if you cannot give up smoking completely, you can limit yourself to one to two cigars per day. If you have already smoked your way through the stash in your humidor, you are faced with one of the worst challenges you can encounter: what to do with all of the leftover cigars?

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