How Long Do Cigars Last in a Humidor?

How Long Do Cigars Last in a Humidor?

Cigars are well known for being fragile and sensitive to changes in environment. This is because cigars are primarily made from tobacco, which is a natural product with a lot of oils that will evaporate. Humidors are the best way to store cigars.

They keep them at the correct humidity and temperature levels, which helps prolong their lifespan. Although humidors come in different types, they all have the same goal of keeping your cigars fresh and ready to smoke. The average cigar lasts about 2-4 months in a humidor, but some premium cigars can last up to 15 years! Learn more about how long diff

What is a humidor?

A cigar humidor is a very classy and high-end way to store and preserve your cigars. The humidor will allow your cigars to remain at the correct temperature and humidity levels, which helps your cigars last much longer!

There are many types of humidors out there. You can find units that have dual-compression that allow air to be pumped into the cigar, keeping it humidified in a safe, protected environment. A “raft” is similar to the old-fashioned drawer humidor but instead of a single drawer, you have a sealed, rotating tubular box that holds one cigar at a time.

What Do Cigars Look Like in a Humidor? Cigars will look almost exactly the same way in a humidor as they would in a box. What is a Pipe Case?

How does humidity affect the lifespan of cigars?

There are many factors that contribute to the length of the lifespan of a cigar. It all depends on a few basic parameters, including: Humidity The level of humidity in the humidor is also important. Generally, you want the cigars to be kept at 70 to 80% humidity to preserve the delicate tobacco. When the humidity drops below 70%, cigars will degrade very quickly and smell horrible.

Humidity Can Also Affect Filling Your Humidor. The best cigars are mostly filled with local tobacco in the cigar, and when the humidor has humidity drops the risk of oxidation and losing flavor also goes up. This is because the cigars are now not surrounded by as much tobacco as they were when the humidor is filled. This is why it’s important to use only the best quality local tobacco.

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What is the average cigar lifespan in a humidor?

The average cigar lifespan depends on many factors, including the weather, the type of cigars, and where you are storing the cigar. It also depends on where the cigar was shipped from. You should be able to find a reasonable average life expectancy for cigars by the brand, and it can vary from brand to brand.

Here’s a guideline to help you figure out how long your cigar should last based on the tobacco type. Remember, this guideline is for average-weight cigars, as thicker cigars will have shorter lifespans, as will cigars in the thinner rounds.

If your cigar is oversized or has a bad wrapper, it could lose its flavor and taste, even if it does fit in your humidor. You should use your best judgement when determining how long to keep your cigar, so don’t let it expire prematurely.

How long will it take for my cigars to arrive at their ideal humidity level?

If you’re ordering large quantities, it can take weeks to receive your cigars at the ideal humidity level. Once they’re shipped from your business address, the cigars will be stored in your humidor, where they are kept at the correct humidity and temperature levels. Humidors are air-conditioned so there’s no need for a fan or air circulation.


It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the many different cigar options, so let’s just talk about some key considerations. If you like cigars, you should like buying cigars, because it is a great way to have fun and meet new people.

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