How To Calibrate a Cigar Humidor Using Hygrometer: The Best Tips and Tricks

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Many cigar aficionados have one or more humidors in their homes. These are often the most expensive items in a cigar collector’s arsenal. Unfortunately, humidors require constant maintenance to keep them at the perfect humidity and temperature levels.

One of the most important components of humidor maintenance is calibrating the hygrometer. It is vital that you know how to do this if you want to maintain the quality of your cigars and keep your humidor performing optimally. Here, are some steps on how to calibrate a cigar humidor.

The Importance of Calibrating

The hygrometer can be as important as your humidor itself. Your humidor’s climate has a direct impact on the quality of your cigars. The only way to ensure a good humidor is to know how to calibrate its internal temperature and humidity levels.

Unfortunately, many people fail to do this, and thus their humidors quickly become congested with trapped air and condensation. Calibrating your hygrometer is the only way to make sure you are getting the perfect amount of humidification for your cigars. The harder it is for humidity to seep into the cigar’s leaves, the more dangerous it becomes. Cigars tend to lose most of their aroma if the humidity level is too low.

How to calibrate a cigar humidor hygrometer

Once you’ve acquired your humidor, the first step to calibrating the hygrometer is to hang it on a wall. The humidity of your home is the primary factor in making adjustments. To calculate humidity, you’ll need a hygrometer.

This instrument is a plastic or metal tube that has a small glass plate, which measures relative humidity (RH). You should keep the probe in the humidor’s opening to ensure that the probe is properly calibrated.

This step will allow you to accurately determine the humidity of your home. The procedure below is for determining the relative humidity of a specific room, but the instructions are the same for calibrating a humidor.

What you need for calibration

A properly calibrated hygrometer works by measuring the relative humidity of the air, the temperature of the humidified air and the relative humidity of the cigars stored in the humidor. The purpose of the calibrating process is to reduce variations between different settings.

How to calibrate the humidor hygrometer

To calibrate the hygrometer, you must first fill it with a suitable amount of water. A typical range of humidified air should range between 25 and 30 percent humidity for high-quality cigars. Most humidors have a temperature sensor that is linked to the hygrometer.

This sensor gives a temperature reading. Then you can calibrate the hygrometer by dropping a piece of charcoal into the air-tight chamber. The amount of carbon in the air depends on the humidity in the chamber.

How to calibrate the hygrometer

You cannot simply give the hygrometer a toss and expect it to function properly. The hygrometer must be kept in proper working condition in order to perform its function. To calibrate a humidor humidor, you need to know the humidity levels in your home.

The humidity level is measured in units known as percent humidity. The higher the number, the higher the humidity in the home. In most cases, it is necessary to have the humidity level somewhere in the range between 70 and 80 percent.

Once you have the right humidity level, it is time to take an indoor humidity test. Ideally, you should take the hygrometer out of the humidor and fill it with water. The measurement of humidity is represented as a number divided by the volume of water.

Clean the humidor and hygrometer

Before you calibrate the humidor, you need to clean it thoroughly. This will ensure that you have a safe working environment that is conducive to your calibration. You will want to remove all the items that can get trapped in the inside of the humidor and clean the humidor thoroughly.

You will also want to remove any broken pieces of glass and clean the interior with alcohol or similar cleaner. The major point here is to make sure that the humidor is as clean as possible. It is also very important that you use an alcohol-based cleaner that is dishwasher-safe.

You should also use an alcohol-based cleaner on the hygrometer as well. When it is time to calibrate, you will want to clean and dry the instrument thoroughly.

Liquid solution

How to calibrate a cigar humidor hygrometer: A liquid solution is commonly used in calibration and rechecking the range of conditions in a humidor. It can be used in combination with an electronic hygrometer, usually the kind which works with a vented bulb. S

o, if you have one of these, then use it as a control to use when you are calibrating the electronic hygrometer. To set up a humidor for humidification, you will need a humidifying solution and you will need to purchase the appropriate humidity sensor.

You need a device that can measure the humidity in a given range. The solution can either be a pure, clear solution (typically, distilled water). This is used to dilute the cigars before adding them to the humidor.

Gauge calibration

The hygrometer is the most important component of a humidor and the one that should always be calibrated. This is one of the most simple parts of maintaining a humidor. The more you use it, the more it can become damp and clog with humidity, which means you need to recalibrate the moisture sensor.

In order to calibrate it, you need to have a flashlight and be able to read the small readout that is on the front. The indicator light should be a pale yellow color when the humidity is set to the desired level. Start off by turning on the bulb at the bottom of the hygrometer. Move it slowly to find out if the bulb glows and if it does, the calibration is complete.

After you have calibrated your cigar humidor hygrometer

Here are some steps on how to calibrate a cigar humidor hygrometer. 1. Acquire a calibrated cigar humidor hygrometer. The first step is to purchase a calibrated cigar humidor hygrometer. This device will help you monitor the humidity and temperature of your humidor.

You can buy this device from online stores such as Amazon, Best Buy, Ebay, etc. Place your calibrated humidor hygrometer inside the humidor. You can place your humidor hygrometer inside the humidor to get an accurate reading.


You can even use a small piece of paper if you don’t want to put the humidor in any sort of direct contact with the hygrometer. Just place a small piece of paper in the middle of the humidor. 3. Turn your humidor on, and wait a few minutes.

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