Where To Put A Freestanding Wine Cooler

Where To Put A Freestanding Wine Cooler

Do you crave a wine cooler but can’t choose where to place it? Thanks to the front ventilation, you can put your in-built freestanding wine cooler anywhere. Several things may hinder where you’ll put a freestanding wine cooler as it requires side and rear ventilation.

However, there are numerous ways to incorporate the wine cooler in your household. Over the decades, you may have seen freestanding wine coolers in many homes and commercial enterprises.

Here are some of the most popular places where you can put a freestanding wine cooler. Let’s jump right in!

Home Bar

It’s an excellent, practical choice for a freestanding wine cooler – particularly if you entertain frequently. If you store a small appliance in or around your household bar, it appears excellent and logical. When the soiree begins, your wine will be perfectly cooled.

Also, it’s easy to access and ready to serve. A bar in your household appears fantastic as it’s the center of your entertainment. It has a couple of proudly exhibited bottles and several decorated glassware.

Irrespective of whether you select a compact appliance or one that’s a bit more show-stopping, a smooth, contemporary freestanding wine cooler will appear great along with your well-stocked bar.

If you want to add a wine cooler to your home bar, you must consider how you prefer entertaining. Do you choose to play bartender the entire night, or do you prefer the “serve yourself” technique?

Based on the one who’s serving, you may prefer to relocate your appliance a couple of steps away from your cocktail blending spot as it’ll be more convenient for you.

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Dining Room

Where To Put A Freestanding Wine Cooler

Consider installing a freestanding wine cooler in your dining room if you usually take food along with wine. That way, you and your visitors can sip a bottle if need be. You don’t have to leave the room.

It’s also the ideal location for you if you’re interested in wine pairings. You can experiment with distinct concomitants if you keep the wine cooler in the same room with your meals. Installing a completely erect wine cooler may be tricky unless you have a roomy dining room.

It’s recommended that you install it directly into the wallto save room and appear coherent. A credenza-style appliance precisely matches into your room also. It fits well as it has a polished wood table.

Watch out for wine cellars that are characterized by their tranquility – you wouldn’t want to have a noisy hum at the dining table behind you! The wine cooler’s door requires a lot of space to open and close.

At the same time, it gives visitors sufficient room to get on and off their seats. It can be tricky, but if you have a suitable dining room, it’s possible!


Perhaps this is the most popular place to keep a freestanding wine cooler at home. Your wine will be available to you and your visitors. Also, it’ll be within your reach for cooking, pairing, or simply relishing it on its own.

From a design point of view, the way you want to install your wine cooler relies on your requirements.

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A Completed Basement or Den

Where To Put A Freestanding Wine Cooler

Numerous homeowners spend most of their time in the entertainment location, irrespective of whether they’re entertaining or not.

It can be the spot where you watch TV, hang out with family and friends, shoot pool, read, or relax after a busy day. It’s an excellent place to put a freestanding wine cooler if loosening for you involves a glass of wine.

A Café or Restaurant

Maybe you’ve just established an evening-style café or an eatery. A wine cooler is an excellent way to impress clients who want to sip wine (most of them are huge spenders).

Besides, storing your wine in a surrounding with regulated temperature and humidity extends the life of your wine collection. You don’t need to throw bottles away because of overheating. For each type of wine you’re serving, ensure that you have suitable temperatures in the wine cooler.


Yes, the perfect place to keep your esteemed wine collection is a cellar. Nonetheless, they don’t necessarily offer the ideal serving temperature, even if you have a cellar cooling system.

Keeping your wine cooler in the cellar is an excellent idea. You can keep your wine bottles ready to sip at all times.

An Outside Patio

It’s commonplace for entertainment, and, therefore, it’s an ideal place to put your freestanding wine cooler. Nonetheless, the outdoor temperature can fluctuate significantly. So, you have to take this into account when selecting a suitable place to put your wine cooler.

There are numerous appliances particularly manufactured and rated to be used outdoors. If you want a freestanding wine cooler that you’ll put on your porch or patio, search for one of these appliances for outdoor use.

On the other hand, if you have a confined, air-conditioned patio, put your wine cooler in a shaded area in the room.


One crucial thing to take into account when selecting a place to put your freestanding wine cooler is the ease of access. Think of where you’ll most probably be serving the wine.

If you envisage uncorking a wine bottle in front of your TV in the den, then put the wine cooler in the den as it’ll be the ideal place. You may consider putting the wine cooler in the dining room, the kitchen, or a wet/dry bar if you intend to serve your wine at appealing dinner parties.

Anywhere you choose to put it, a freestanding wine cooler is an excellent way to make entertainment easier while displaying your collection and keeping it in optimal conditions.

There are numerous options when it comes to where to place your freestanding wine cooler. Every place that we’ve discussed above may appear like a better option as compared to the others, and, therefore, we’re happy to assist you to sort it out!

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