What Can You Use in Place of a Cocktail Shaker? Ways To Make a Drink Without A Shaker

What Can You Use in Place of a Cocktail Shaker?

There are a lot of reasons why someone might want to replace their cocktail shaker. They may not have one, they may not like it, or they may be trying to avoid the chemicals found in some shakers. Thankfully, there are many kitchen items that can be used as an alternative to a cocktail shaker.

These include a pestle and mortar, a blender, or even just drinking straight shots out of a glass. Here are some other things you could use instead of a cocktail shaker:

The benefits of using an alternative to a cocktail shaker

Some people find drinking straight out of a glass is a better alternative. While that’s a personal preference, a cocktail shaker usually has more than one edge for you to hold on to to mix. When it comes to alternatives, you might have seen “to mix or not to mix” ads that use a blender as an example.

While many people still use a blender as an alternative to a cocktail shaker, you can probably find a blender with a big bowl for them to hold in the kitchen. It may not be the best alternative for those that are trying to avoid the chemicals found in some shakers, but it may also be fine for many people. The blender is also often easier to clean than the other two.

Pestle and mortar

Cocktail shakers with grinders that are also used for grinding coffee beans or, if you are a masochist, raw garlic, are often advertised as a way to prepare a cocktail without a shaker. The problem is, many of these grinders are not meant to be used for this purpose, and will often scratch your cocktail glass, get in your way, and are generally not very efficient at creating the perfect shake.

Pestle and mortar (and a mortar and pestle grinder set) are able to create the perfect shake thanks to their design. The pestle and mortar is a very small, very flat pestle with a wooden handle, which is perfect for achieving the required temperature for shaking a cocktail. Blender A blender is an effective tool to use in place of a cocktail shaker as it is simple to use.

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Simply shake ingredients in your blender until smooth. If you want to add some ice, that works just as well. Spatula Slice up some fruit, add it to your blender, and start blending away. This is what the strawberries are doing in this Banana Smash photo above.

Bowl This one is sort of similar to a cocktail shaker, but it’s just for mixing. Fill a bowl about halfway with ice, and a glass about half full with water, and pour in a mix of liquid ingredients. Then mix it up.  It’s not the same, but you can still mix something as simple as lemon juice and water to make a cocktail.

Drink straight from the glass, or drink your beverage from a glass with ice cubes in it

If you’re at a bar and want a mixer instead of a drink from the shaker, pick a vodka and have the bartender mix it in a shot glass with some fresh ice cubes in it, or even just pour it in a glass on the bar. If you’re making a strong rum cocktail at home, just use your blender to muddle fresh herbs and fresh fruit and pour it into a glass with ice cubes or just mix two shots of dark rum (vanilla-flavored) and a splash of orange juice together in a glass with ice cubes.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to enjoy the drink you made, and remember it’s delicious, but it’s also healthier than a traditional cocktail! Get Your Coins Now that you know a bit more about why it might be worth it to invest in a good cocktail shaker, you should also know what you can get them for.

Drinking straight shots out of the bottle

There are a lot of bottles out there that come with small holes and you can use them to make your own hot or cold drinks. There are a lot of them out there, too. This does require some skill, but a little practice will lead you to a bar cabinet or an empty ice cream container where you can get the job done with ease. Using a glass.

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