Is the Top of a Cocktail Shaker a Measure?


Is the Top of a Cocktail Shaker a Measure?

The top of a cocktail shaker is not a measure. A cocktail glass is measured in ounces, whereas the top of a cocktail shaker is measured by volume. The top of a cocktail shaker also differs from a pint, which is measured in milliliters or liters. The average measurement for the top of a cocktail shaker falls between 1 and 1 1/2 ounces.

There are many different types of measures within this range, so it can be tough to know exactly how much liquid you are pouring into your cocktail shaker. This article will help you understand what these measures mean, and teach you how to properly measure your

The Top of a Cocktail Shaker

The top of a cocktail shaker is usually made out of a plastic or glass material. Some cocktail shakers have rings or mounts that are not removable or fit with different tools. This is because many cocktail shakers have dedicated measuring tools on top.

Some cocktail shakers will have a level, and others will have a lever that goes to the point that will measure the appropriate amount. The measuring top of a cocktail shaker will usually have little or no markings on it, but you can still use a bar or bottle opener to carefully measure how much liquid you are pouring into the shaker.

Keep in mind that there are different brands of shakers and many different kinds of alcohol that will go into your cocktail. Some liquors are easier to measure with a shaker top than others.

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What Does the Top of a Shaker Measure?

The top of a cocktail shaker is measured by the size of the shaker. Depending on the size of the shaker, the top can measure anywhere from an inch to 1/2 inch. Because of the size of the shaker top, a drink that looks like it will fit the top will actually fit the bottom, but not the top. The reason the top measures by volume is because it works best to pour small amounts of a liquid into the shaker.

A person typically uses a cocktail shaker to pour drinks made with spirits such as bourbon or gin. For a drink made with rum or tequila, a person would likely use a different measuring device. It would be best to use a different measuring device for a drink made with wine. In the photos below, the drinks were poured into 4 oz. cocktail glasses.

How to Properly Measure Your Ingredients

When it comes to measuring ingredients, there are two common units you should be aware of: Volume and mass. Volume is a measurement of the mass of an ingredient. When you measure an ingredient, you’re actually measuring the quantity of mass of that ingredient that you’re adding to your cocktail.

It’s a different measurement for each ingredient, which is why you can’t just pour in 2 ounces of a sweetener and then pour in a 1/2 ounce of your sweetener, which will taste different than the sweetener you poured in the first place.

It’s an easy mistake to make. The most important part about using these measurements is that they are standardized. There is no reason why an 8 ounce shot of bourbon and a 2 ounce shot of sweetener can have the exact same amount of bourbon and sweetener.


At the end of the day, your bartender will be giving you the exact amount of ingredients to pour into your cocktail shaker to make the most delicious and unique cocktail for you and your guests. Using the correct and necessary amount of ingredients will allow you to get creative with your cocktail and make a drink unique to your liking. With any luck, you’ll never get this confused with a measuring cup again.

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