How To Organize Stemless Wine Glasses

How To Organize Stemless Wine Glasses

One of the most common wine glass collections consists of stemless wine glasses that have no stems, but instead have small feet at the bottom to rest on when enjoying your favorite wine.

While these types of wine glasses are very convenient to use, they can often end up disorganized and all over the place if you’re not careful. Here are nine tips for organizing your stemless wine glasses so you always know where to find them when you need them!

2) Buy a dish drainer

This is an obvious one, but it’s easy to forget. To keep stemless wine glasses from rolling around and eventually ending up in a pile on your countertop, a dish drainer (or two) will be your best friend.

Not only are they ideal for storing and keeping glasses standing upright, but you can also use them to store things like…well…stems! Drip trays or coasters: If you don’t have a dish drainer handy, nothing says you can’t use something else in its place.

3) Designate a home for each glass

Because stemless wine glasses are meant to be used for a variety of different types of beverages, you should keep them handy for all occasions. Don’t just stack them up in a cupboard or on top of each other—they’ll easily become scratched and broken that way.

Instead, create a home that is designated just for your stemless wine glasses. You can buy special racks made especially for them or you can build your own by stacking tall items like plates and bowls around them.

Just make sure they have ample room to be stacked in an upright position so they won’t break if bumped against something else.

4) Sort glasses by size, color, or function

Once you have all of your stemless wine glasses out and arranged neatly on a table, think about what types of glasses you have. If they all share similar size and shape characteristics, consider grouping them together and storing them in identical cupboards.

If most are different sizes, then make sure you store that information with each glass—you can write it on a notecard for quick reference later. Also be aware of what types of stemless wine glasses you have: Are they highball or tulip-shaped? Do they double as martini glasses?

5) Avoid stacking glasses in your cabinets

It’s a good idea to designate a specific area for storing stemware in your kitchen. Consider making it part of your existing organization, such as creating another drawer or using part of a shelf you weren’t using. Then, figure out where all of your glasses go so you can easily retrieve them next time you need them.

A lot of people stick their wine glasses in cabinet drawers, but if you have some odd-shaped ones that won’t fit properly (or if you just don’t like doing that), use stackable crates or baskets instead.

6) Use closet space wisely

One of your best tools for getting organized is organizing for space. Depending on how many stemless wine glasses you have, you may be able to put them in another closet that’s not being used (or repurpose it if necessary).

But even if there’s not enough room in an adjacent closet, there are still a few options. One option is stacking them upright and packing them closely together; they won’t hold very much weight and they can easily tip over, but at least they should take up less room.

Another option is hanging them from pegs or hooks that run across a wall; if your stemless wine glasses have relatively thin stems (many are only a centimeter wide), then you might be able to hang several per peg.

7) Store wine glasses with one side facing out

Unless you’re a wine snob who needs to store glasses with stems, there’s no need to hang wine glasses upside down. The less space your stemware takes up, the more space you have for other kitchen items! Keep all of your wine glasses next to each other in one cabinet or on one shelf.

Store them so that all of their handles are on one side—this way you can see all of your glasses easily and access them quickly. You could even arrange your glasses by height or shape if you like.

However, keep in mind that if all of your glasses do end up facing out from each other, they may slide out when someone opens and closes your cupboard doors too quickly!

8) Store wine glasses on their side when possible

While some stemless wine glasses are made to stand up on their own, most of them aren’t. If you have a storage solution that can accommodate your stemless glasses lying down, opt for it. Why? Because if they fall over, they’re more likely to break.

And nothing is more frustrating than breaking something you spent money on—except having to buy another one!

To keep stemless wine glasses safe in a cabinet or another type of storage container, stand up all of your glasses with their stems facing upward and place them all together against one wall (or, if possible, at an angle). This way they won’t knock into each other as easily and can fit in tight spaces better.

9) Create a designated stemware storage area

If you have stemless wine glasses, a stemware rack is a great way to keep them organized and accessible. Choose a spot in your kitchen that makes sense for your storage and label each glass so guests know where to find their favorite glass.

This is especially important if you have multiple parties at your house frequently. A clear, simple label (with painter’s tape or stickers) will work perfectly!

Final Word

If you have a lot of stemless wine glasses, you know how hard it can be to keep them organized. Not only are they easily stacked and stored, but it’s hard to remember where you put what. The key to getting your stemless wine glasses into shape is making sure you label them.

Don’t worry if your writing skills aren’t up to par – a dot of permanent marker on each glass will do just fine. We recommend placing a dot in one corner of each glass or along any edge that won’t interfere with an imprinted logo or design, such as around the base.

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