How To Paint Wine Glasses With Nail Polish

Nail polish and alcohol seem to be inextricably linked, from drinking games to celebrity binges on their favorite colors, so it makes sense that nail polish can also be used to decorate your glassware. Painting wine glasses with nail polish is one of the easiest and most fun ways to customize your drinkware.

All you need are the following materials: A bottle of nail polish, an empty wine glass and water (or even a glass of wine). Here’s how to paint wine glasses with nail polish in 9 steps!

1) What You’ll Need

* A dry, smooth brush * Clear or colored nail polish * Clean wine glasses (or any glassware) * Dry, soft cloths or paper towels How to Do It: 1. Apply a thin layer of clear nail polish to your glass using a small paintbrush; set aside to dry.

Note: If you’re using colored nail polish instead, you won’t need to do anything but start painting! For best results, let your glasses sit out overnight so that they are completely dry before you paint them.

2. Once your glasses are completely dry, start painting stripes around each glass with whichever color of nail polish you choose—just be sure to let each coat completely dry before adding another one!

3. Once you’ve finished painting all of your stripes, go back and fill in any gaps between colors by applying additional coats of nail polish.

4. Finally, apply a final coat of clear nail polish over all painted areas to protect against chipping and smudging—and then enjoy!

5. When it’s time for a touch-up, simply repeat steps one through four until you have an updated look on your glasses again!

2) Step 1 – Clean the wine glasses

First, start by thoroughly cleaning your wine glasses with soap and water. Any residual dirt or grime will prevent your base coat from sticking to it. Plus, who wants dirty wine glasses? Scrub ‘em down until they sparkle!

3) Step 2 – Apply a base coat of nail polish

The base coat is what you apply before you actually begin decorating your glass. This allows for a smooth surface to paint on and makes your designs look nicer and cleaner in general. Before applying your nail polish, shake it up well so that all of its ingredients mix together thoroughly.

Then, apply one or two layers of a white or neutral-colored nail polish onto your wine glass to ensure that any discoloration doesn’t show through later on. Let dry between coats as needed and wait until there is no longer any tackiness or stickiness before proceeding to step 3 below!

4) Step 3 – Draw your design using a fine point pen

You can go with your standard top coat, or if you’re feeling adventurous, try something new! It’s always a good idea to go with a matte top coat for these painted glasses as it will help keep any streaks from happening.

If you want to add some extra glamour (it is an adult party after all), I recommend using glitter top coat. You don’t need much of it and it adds an extra sparkle to make your drinks look chic at any party!

Check out my nail polish guide for more tips on how to pick out different polishes for different looks. Once everything is dry, you can start enjoying your home made wine glasses!

5) Step 4 – Add detail with glitter polish

Choose a glitter polish in any color you like, but opt for something with a smaller particle size to help you get your design finer. Apply two or three coats of glitter polish around top part of wine glass. Because it’s so fine, it will take quite a few coats to get good coverage.

Once you’re happy with your result, leave to dry completely – but don’t leave it too long or else you won’t be able to add next step!

6) Step 5 – Seal it all in with top coat

You can use a clear top coat of nail polish for protection or you can let your glass design be. Sometimes letting it chip is part of its charm! No matter which way you choose, your wine glasses are now ready to be used at your next party. Enjoy!

7) Step 6 – Wash the design off after about 24 hours

To make sure all of your nail polish has dried, wash it off with a bit of soap and water. Once you’re sure your design is no longer tacky, turn your glasses over and store them in an upright position so they don’t get chipped or cracked.

Make sure to cover them as well; you wouldn’t want to have all that hard work go to waste because of dust or moisture. When it comes time to use your glasses again, just peel off what little bits might remain on their surface.

The decal should come off cleanly without any residue left behind. Now that you know how easy painting wine glasses with nail polish can be, there is really no excuse not to do it!

8) Step 7 – Dry your wine glasses and start drinking!

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9) Clean Up Any Mess

It’s easier to paint on a clean surface, so wash your glasses with warm water and soap or in your dishwasher. If you have any cracks or chips, fill them in with nail polish first to ensure they won’t get paint in them and cause staining.

This also works well if you plan on painting anything other than clear glassware. A different color can be used to help disguise any imperfections.

When you are finished painting, give everything a good wash again before you use it. The surface will be sticky at first but should dry within a few hours depending on how much paint was used.

Final Word

It may look tricky at first, but rest assured you can learn how to paint wine glasses with nail polish in just a few easy steps. Painting over candles isn’t that different, after all, and it’s basically just as easy. Start by cleaning them thoroughly with soap and water to remove any dust or residue that might interfere with adhesion.

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