How to Display Your Beer Growlers: The Best, Easiest Ways

How to Display Your Beer Growlers

If you are a fan of craft beer, then chances are you own a growler to take your favorite brews home from the brewery. The most common type of growler is a 64-ounce glass container that can be filled with fresh draft beer at the tap.

Not only do these containers look cool, but they are also practical since they seal in the freshness and carbonation of any brew. Here are some tips on how to store and display your beer growlers to make them look awesome.

Why you should always seal your growler

To keep beer fresh, you must not open or shake the glass growler more than 3 to 5 times per day. Many beer drinkers get lazy and just leave their growlers lying around the house and let their favorite brew go stale.

If you keep your growler on a kitchen counter, make sure it is not easily knocked over. If you have a second option, such as a designated bar space, always put it on a counter with a thick countertop or display rack.

For those who like to bring their growler to a festival or social gathering, make sure it is completely filled with at least 30 percent volume before bringing it. Also, give it a good wash and thoroughly sterilize it at least once before use.

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What type of storage is best for growlers?

Before choosing what type of growler storage container to get, you should consider the size and shape of your growler. If you are a fan of small format growlers, you might want to consider using those. Large growlers that hold 64 ounces or more are usually bulky and require a lot of storage space. Not only that, but it will require a decent amount of cleaning to get the metal and glass clean and shiny.

These growlers also have a tendency to leak and lose fresh beer from the liquid inside the growler and sediment that gets accumulated in the neck. However, small format and standard growlers can be a bit unwieldy and take up more space. For example, if you have a 15-liter growler, you will have to make sure to store the leftover beer in smaller bottles, cans, or kegs.

How to clean and store a growler

Always put a piece of rubber around the mouth of the growler when you are cleaning it. This will protect the inside of the growler from any messes. However, don’t put rubber around the sides as it won’t seal up the open mouth properly and will spill out all of the remaining beer. If you are new to craft beer, you might not have a growler.

You can usually find an empty container at the brewery or a store that sells growlers, or you can buy one that is already filled with draft beer. You can also make your own growlers with a mason jar lid and a sterilized length of metal tubing. How to store beer growlers Keeping your craft beer growlers in a cool, dark place is a must, otherwise your precious craft brews can spoil.

The Best, Easiest Ways to Display Your Growlers

When drinking from a growler, you want to do a couple things right. First, ensure the beer stays as cold as possible, which is accomplished by putting it in the fridge. You can get creative with this – we like to put the growler in our freezer for a few hours or on our counter to keep the air conditioning cold, too.

One other cool thing to try is to pop the lid off and pour the contents of the growler onto a flat surface to chill. Another really easy way to display your growlers is to set them upright on a countertop. Or, take them to work with you. If you are at the office or at a brewery, there are certain designated spots where you can leave a growler for the brewer to fill later.


Growlers are an excellent choice for beer lovers, especially for the microbrews that are becoming more popular all the time. These growlers are also the ideal vessel for those who love craft beer, and who can’t pick up a bottle at the local grocery store on their way home from work.

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