How To Get Glass Out of a Cocktail Shaker: The Necessary Steps

Cocktail shakers are a popular way to mix drinks, and with good reason. They’re handy, easy to use, and can be quite versatile. But you know what makes them so great? The fact that they don’t leave behind any residue in the glass. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen that way.

Sometimes a cocktail shaker will cause some of the liquid to cling to the side of the glass or bounce back up inside it when you shake it too hard. If this happens, you won’t want to drink from there again! So how do you get that stubborn glass out of your cocktail shaker? Here are some ways:

What are the risks of not removing the glass?

There is always a risk when you get into a bottle of liquid. The glass shaker glass is the same, so the risk of a chemical reaction from the liquid becoming too hot and burning you is very real. There is no sign a reaction is occurring until after it has happened. In most cases, if you accidentally get too hot, you’re able to cool it down with water or ice before the reaction takes place.

But not all the time! That’s why it is important to be careful when handling a liquid if you need to shake a glass. And what about that aroma? Some of the things you’ll be stirring up in there will be volatile chemicals like alcohol, ethyl alcohol, and propylene glycol. Sometimes this can cause the spirit or base to infuse a particular aroma. Others will not.

How to remove a glass from a cocktail shaker

First, you’ll need a razor blade (or a butter knife or a spoon). Any blade is good for this task. The knife works the best, as it’s better suited for the task. Scrape the blade along the glass, starting at the top, and slowly working your way down the glass.

Sometimes it may take a few attempts to get it all. If not, rinse the glass with warm water and dry it with a clean towel. Repeat this process about 3 times, as you want to remove all the trapped liquid from the sides of the glass before you attempt to clean it.

Another option is to clean the glass by washing it in a dishwasher, but that may be too much work or cost. If you don’t feel like washing the glass, try just using the back of your spoon to scrape at the glass, after draining the shaker.

Shake it out

Cocktail shakers, along with most manual beverages makers, use shaking techniques to release the powdery alcohol from the liquid. This shaking removes the contents of the shaker from the inner wall of the shaker. But if you shake it too hard or too vigorously, the shaking could leave behind an abrasive glassware coating in your glass.

Liquid removal If this happened to you, there’s a possibility you could apply rubbing alcohol or some other light-colored liquid to the glass, and then shake it out. Don’t apply a lot, and be careful not to spill any of the alcohol. Now that you know the best ways to get glass out of a cocktail shaker, why not try mixing up a batch of your own tasty new cocktails?

Wet your hands and shake

This one is simple: Wet your hands and then use them to pull the shaker out of your glass. You can also use something else to help remove the glass from the shaker. You can use a small, flexible spatula or a few paper towels, as well as another small, flexible spatula or a few paper towels to help separate the glass from the shaker.

For this last one, you don’t have to wet your hands, but you might want to get some cleaner water if you want to be absolutely sure that no liquid residue is left in the glass. Toss it This is a very obvious one. If you’re shaking the shaker to get the glass out, it means that the liquid is also in the shaker.

Either you need to throw it out, or get a new shaker to shake the cocktail, because this one’s not going back into the cabinet.


Did you find this helpful? Which method do you like best? Do you have other tips for making a great cocktail? Share your opinions in the comments.


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