Are Home Soda Makers Worth It?

Are Home Soda Makers Worth It?

Making your own soda at home can be a fun and healthy project. You can make your own flavors, experiment with different combinations, and control the sugar levels in your soda. There are many different types of machines you can use to make homemade sodas, but the most common ones are the countertop and plug-in models.

Which type of machine is best for you really depends on what you’re looking for. The key thing to know about making your own soda is that it’s easy, fun, and more affordable than buying it from the store!

What are home soda makers?

To make your own soda, all you need is a CO2 canister, CO2 canister flutes, soda from the store, water, a pitcher, and a soda maker. There are countertop models and plug-in models, so which one is right for you depends on how much space you have and what kind of soda maker you want to buy.

There are two main types of countertop soda makers. They’re known as countertop soda makers because the CO2 comes in and out of the appliance through a large hole on the countertop.

Virtually, any soda maker made for home use will fit in a standard countertop cabinet, though most people use a smaller cabinet. Some models are designed specifically to hold more water, others may have a smaller footprint or space.

The Benefits of Home Soda Makers

There are lots of reasons you might want to make your own soda at home. Let’s take a look at a few of them. Making your own sodas allows you to get more control over what’s in your soda. For example, you can select the type of soda you make, how sweet it is, and how much sugar is in it.

If you’re a crafty cook, you probably enjoy coming up with new recipes. It’s fun to mix up something new, and you can make your own soda at home to try out new recipes.  Amount of Sugar and Sweetness Home soda machines come with all kinds of sweeteners to try, and many of them come with recipes so you can try to create different flavors.

The Options and Differences in Home Soda Makers

Although there are many different home soda makers, there are some key differences between the different brands: Countertop Soda Makers: The most common are countertop models. They work by spinning a cylinder inside the base, filling it with carbonated water, and then squeezing it out through a spout.

Because these models make a large volume of carbonated water, they’re better for making sodas than homemade pop from the can. However, these are slower to produce carbonated water and the carbonation levels can vary dramatically. You can use them to make other beverages, but they are not ideal for creating sodas.

The Spigital SODA 6300 is an upright, hand-powered model, and the OXO Good Grips Juice Fountain is also a countertop model.

Countertop Soda Maker

These types of machines are similar to those found in the kitchen or bathroom. These are the most basic and easiest machines to use because they require no cleaning or maintenance. They can make up to 6 gallons at a time and are relatively easy to use.

Many people make homemade soda in this style machine and prefer it over the countertop machines. Plug-in Soda Maker This type of machine is designed for larger amounts of soda making. It is completely self-contained, so the user does not need to use a blender or water reservoir.

They are powered by batteries or a solar panel. However, because the user must purchase a lot of soda to fill it up, this type of machine is not very cost-effective.

Plug-in Soda Maker

The traditional plug-in soda maker has a siphon and filter that pushes air through the filter, mixing in CO2 and carbonated water. The machine requires you to regularly add CO2 cartridges to keep it operating. If you live in a humid area, you may want to buy a separate CO2 tank to ensure that your machine will always work properly.

The good thing about the plug-in is that it can make about 4 cans of soda at a time, and it’s easy to clean. Just give it a quick scrub with a washcloth, rinse it off, and then pop in a new cartridge. The downside of the plug-in machine is that you have to do all the preparation beforehand. That means you have to measure out your ingredients, boil them on the stove, and wait for them to cool.


Home soda makers are an excellent option for making soda at home. This article was written to give you a little background on home soda makers, the different types of machines available, and some tips and tricks for how to make your soda at home.

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