Why Are Yeti Cups Not Dishwasher Safe?

Why Are Yeti Cups Not Dishwasher Safe?

It’s no secret that many people like to drink coffee on the go. But, since most people don’t have time to clean their cups after use, it’s not uncommon for them to store their cups in a dishwasher. This is especially true for those who rely on public places and coffee shops to work and take breaks (which is a lot of us).

These glasses can be tremendously convenient because they allow you to reuse the same cup without having to clean it every time. But, if you do store your yeti cups in a dishwasher, you might want to stop doing so. Yeti cups are not dishwasher safe and this could lead your glassware to shatter or break. Here’s why!

Why is a yeti cup not dishwasher safe?

Still today, I don’t see too many people keeping a yeti cup in the dishwasher. I have this theory and it makes a lot of sense. The original design of a yeti cup was meant to be a disposable cup, therefore you could just throw it away.

The fact that yeti cups are cups isn’t it. However, nowadays, people are not too happy with just throwing away their cups once they’ve finished using it. Therefore, they started to use their yeti cups again, but they don’t throw them away.

Thus, the waste issue arises and people don’t want to get that particular cup wet by washing it in the dishwasher, which is why it hasn’t seen a lot of popularity in the dishwasher.

What can happen to a yeti cup if you do put it in the dishwasher?

According to Yeti, their customer service recommends against using their cups in the dishwasher. The company states that the cup’s handle can get caught on a bleeder edge, which can potentially pop off. Even worse, “when a yeti cup is submerged in water, the pressure around the lip can force out the handle.”

If the handle comes out of the cup, then the cup is no longer usable. Yeti’s official dishwasher recommendation would be to use the cup in a sink or dishwasher with a mesh screening, as this is the most sanitary way to wash them.

Of course, you can always microwave the cups, which might work if they’re small. But, you may have to reheat them to use again, which takes longer and means you’ll have to turn them upside down. But wait, what about the tumblers?

Why are people using yeti cups if they are not dishwasher safe?

General comfort. Ever wonder why your office or coworker brings yeti cups to work with them every day? Well, it could be because of the way Yeti cups look and feel. They come in white and black, which have a non-slip surface, and they’re almost universally accepted by workers.

Ever wonder why your office or coworker brings yeti cups to work with them every day? Well, it could be because of the way Yeti cups look and feel. They come in white and black, which have a non-slip surface, and they’re almost universally accepted by workers.

Office space. Did you know that each year Americans spend $380,000,000 on coffee and $360 million on tea? Both beverages require convenient cups to enjoy them.

How to make your yeti cups dishwasher safe

Yeti cups are dishwasher safe. They do not have any harmful detergent additives in them. However, because they’re pretty wide, the are not really easy to wash in a dishwasher. To rinse your yeti cups, you need to run them under cold water for a few seconds.

Then use a spray bottle with soap and get ready to scrub. Once the cups are rinsed, they should come out sparkling clean and ready to be stored again. Why are yeti cups dishwasher safe? We do not know why Yeti cups are not dishwasher safe.

However, if you’re looking for a long-lasting cup, it’s best to opt for a dishwasher-safe version. But, it’s important to note that a lot of yeti cups are not dishwasher safe and you should therefore be careful about what you’re putting them in.

Are yeti cups safe to drink from?

The moment you wash a yeti cup, the sides of the cup should snap off to allow water to run through the top. Instead, most cups don’t snap off easily. These can lead to huge gaps which make it impossible for water to run through the top and onto the bottom. The company clearly states on their website that this is not allowed.

Also, if you put your yeti cup in a dishwasher and run the dishwasher, the company will ask for you to wash it again to “bring it up to their standard”. This means that there’s a small chance of the cup breaking.

Are insulated cups dishwasher safe?

So, why are insulated cups not dishwasher safe? Well, it all comes down to the material used to make the cups. While plastic makes great cups and plates, it tends to melt. This is because the heat the plastic can take is considerable. This means that the cups will be unusable after a short amount of time in a dishwasher.

How to tell if your yeti cup is insulated

All you have to do is look for the Yeti logo on the cup. If you see it, you know that the cup is insulated. So, if you find a yeti branded insulated cup in your cupboard, the best solution to your problem would be to toss it. The hot and humid environments of the dishwasher is too much for insulated cups to take.

Are yetis microwave safe?

The other downside to the yeti cups is that they are not dishwasher safe. To heat up your coffee, you would typically use a microwave. However, since the cups are made of stainless steel, you wouldn’t want to use them in a microwave because of their stability.

So, before you get yourself a set of yeti cups, you need to make sure that you’re willing to keep them for long periods of time in your microwave.

Why do Yeti Cups Break?

If you’ve ever heard of yetis, it’s likely because they’re often used in show-off situations or in fashion. However, you may be interested to know that Yeti cups break. In fact, because of the stability of the yeti cups, they break when they are stressed. So, what causes this to happen?

Can you put yeti in fridge

But, why would you put the cups in the dishwasher, if they can’t go in the fridge? While many cups may fit into a standard-sized dishwasher, there are no universal specifications on cup capacity for a standard washing machine. Some models of washing machines have a certain amount of capacity, while others may not have enough.

So, if your glasses are in the laundry soap bucket or your dishwasher, they could be washed using the same detergent as other dishes. But, if you put them in a dishwasher, you run the risk of them getting damaged by the dishwasher’s hot water.

What’s more, if your pipes are covered by plastic or have openings, chances are they might get hot and cause the cup to shatter, as they do not contain any ceramic insulators.

Can you put yeti in freezer?

If you happen to purchase the Yeti Cup, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to use it for cold drinks. But, it’s important to note that the Yeti Cup is not dishwasher safe and therefore, it’s possible that it could melt in your dishwasher. Instead, you’ll have to place the yeti in a bowl with ice or else your beverage could get frozen and break.

Can you use it with a heated cup?

The easiest way to have a sip of coffee on a cold day is with a heated cup. For this, you’ll have to use a special mug designed for this purpose, or else it’s just not going to be safe. A heat-safe mug will offer your drink the temperature it needs to stay hot for a longer period of time.

Does the dishwasher ruin yeti cups?

With that said, there have been many reports of yeti cups shattering in the dishwasher. And if this is the case for you, we would recommend discarding them immediately. Of course, it’s hard to put the blame on the dishwasher entirely.

The reason for the yeti cup shattering is not totally clear. However, the most likely culprit is the capping point, which holds the cup together in the cup. In the dishwasher, the capping point loosens and the cup separates. The amount of time it takes for the capping point to break down is also unclear. But it seems like the risk is rather large.

Is Yeti magnetic lid dishwasher safe?

Even if Yeti cups are not dishwasher safe, you can use a dishwasher to wash your cup or two. However, that can put you at risk for a potential explosion or leak. According to The Spruce Econofoods, magnetic lids are notorious for exploding when touched.

These cups can be just as dangerous as regular lids, and a whole lot worse! How’s that for added pressure when you’re trying to finish the dishes? Don’t worry though. A dishwasher won’t heat up a magnetized lid the same way it would a regular lid. So, you’ll likely be safe while running your dishwasher.

Are Yeti straws dishwasher safe?

The Yeti brand does not sell straws made from real polar ice, but it does sell the same aluminum material. Yeti straws are extremely popular and you might wonder if they are dishwasher safe, too.

The Yeti brand does not sell the same type of aluminum used to make its cups. Rather, Yeti offers bamboo straws that can be used in dishwashers. But, it turns out that bamboo doesn’t necessarily mean “dishwasher safe.” This is because Yeti straws are simply made of the same type of aluminum as their cup, not polar ice.

As a result, these straws might leave marks on the glass when they come into contact with hot water in a dishwasher.

Does a yeti lose effectiveness?

According to Yeti, if your cup was heated up to 260 degrees, its thermal conductivity decreased. This means the yeti cup will lose its effectiveness. Yeti recommends that if you put your cup into a dishwasher without washing it first, your cup will lose its structural integrity. It may also be prone to disintegrate.

Is a Yeti cup more expensive than regular coffee cups?

You might be surprised to learn that a Yeti cup can cost just $24.99. This is less than half of the cost of a regular coffee cup! It’s also less than half of the cost of a large coffee cup! Plus, Yeti offers free shipping with each order. If you do plan to purchase a yeti cup, check out its price comparison.


When it comes to any type of cup, there are going to be some downsides (especially if you’re used to your favorite coffee shop), but if you pay attention and are thoughtful about how you use your coffee cup, it won’t be a deal-breaker.

Plus, you can always purchase an insulated stainless steel version. If you’re interested in purchasing a Yeti cup, you can check out some of their popular yeti cups on Amazon.

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