Types of Wine Openers and How to Use Them: The Ultimate Guide

Types of Wine Openers

A wine opener is a kitchen tool that is used to remove the cork from a bottle of wine. There are many different types of wine openers, and they are all suited for different purposes. Some wine openers are made for easy one-handed use, while others are designed to be more decorative or to make opening a bottle of wine easier.

Regardless of your preference, it’s important to know how to use the type that you have chosen in case you need it. Here, are some examples of different types of wine openers and how to use them.

Types of wine openers

Zester: An old-fashioned zester works by using a small blade, usually made of metal, to pry the cork from a bottle of wine.

Pouring Rod: A pouring rod is used to hold the cork that’s being removed while you pour the wine from the bottle into a glass.

Treadle Strainer: A treadle strainer is used to strain wine from between the cork and the wine bottle.

Pourer: This device can be used to pour wine into a glass or decanter. It is usually made of metal.

Carbonated Wine Sieve: The carbonated wine sieve removes air bubbles from the wine and increases its clarity.

Splinter Remover: A splinter remover removes small splinters that have broken off from wine corks.

Cork Twister: This tool is used to remove the small portion of the cork from the top of the wine bottle.

How to use an electric wine opener

The electric wine opener is one of the best types of wine openers because it’s easy to use and requires no regular care. The electric wine opener eliminates the need to fret about cleaning or oiling. There are many different types of electric wine openers available, and they are often priced between $30 and $100.

While there are cheaper versions of electric wine openers, they are not as durable and are easier to break than many of the high-quality electric wine openers. Most electric wine openers are easy to carry around with you, as they can be small enough to fit in your pocket or purse.

How to use a manual wine opener

Some wine openers are designed to be used with a wine glass, while others are designed to be held open while you pour wine into it. Some are designed to cut into the top of the bottle to release the cork, while others are designed to detach the cork and separate the top of the wine bottle from the metal of the wine opener.

It’s important to use the right type of opener if you plan on drinking the wine quickly. If you have to wait for the bottle to “pop” open, you could ruin your dinner.

With a manual wine opener, you can pull out the cork and gently lower it into your glass while you pour wine from the bottle. When you are finished pouring, simply wind the top back on and you are ready to drink the wine.

How to use a winged wine opener

Wine openers that look like wings have a retractable sharp blade at the top that’s designed to slice off the plastic seal around a wine bottle. These wine openers are often battery-powered and need to be charged regularly with the charger that’s included.

Once the gadget is charged, it only takes a few minutes for the blade to become sharp enough to cut the seal. Some of the longer-lasting wine openers can even be pulled out with the handle to help remove the cork.

The first thing you will need to do is remove the foil that’s covering the hole in the top of a watermelon. You can cut this open with scissors.

How to use a vacuum wine opener

If you don’t know how to open a bottle of wine with just one hand, try using a vacuum wine opener. A vacuum wine opener does not require a bottle opener. It makes it easy to open a bottle of wine without needing to use two hands. To use a vacuum wine opener, you fill the bottle with water or wine, then twist the top off.

Next, you hold the top of the bottle while the handle of the opener closes the cork. There are many benefits to using a vacuum wine opener.

First, the cork won’t fly around the room. You also won’t risk cutting your fingers with the corkscrew, as a vacuum wine opener won’t have sharp or flimsy teeth. In fact, there are two other key advantages of using a vacuum wine opener. Firstly, you won’t get any unwanted air from the wine during the pouring process.

How to use a waiter’s friend wine opener

The waiter’s friend wine opener is a classic for a reason. This wine opener is a folding knife that can open most bottles of wine in a pinch. For one-handed use, this is an excellent tool that makes opening a bottle of wine a breeze. This wine opener comes with many different types of corks, depending on how much storage space you need to have.

How to use a serrated edge wine opener

Serrated edges are an excellent way to open a bottle of wine. This type of wine opener is very different from the waiter’s friend because it doesn’t have any tools on it. The serrated edge simply cuts through the cork. Serrated edge wine openers are very handy because they are small, lightweight, and perfect for use by one-handed drinkers.


Knowing the basics of wine openers will help you make an informed decision regarding what type to buy. To simplify the process, here are some tools and tips on how to open a bottle of wine with these different types of tools.

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