The Spicy Martini: A Classic Cocktail With a Twist

The Spicy Martini: A Classic Cocktail With a Twist

Martinis are the quintessential cocktail, enjoyed by millions worldwide, both in bars and at home on weeknights and special occasions alike.

While martinis come in various shapes and sizes, none are more popular than the original—the dry martini, which consists of gin and vermouth with an optional olive or two (or three). However, even this classic can be spiced up with the addition of spicy ingredients like jalapeño-infused vodka or hot sauce.

Step 1 – Get all ingredients ready

Before you even turn on your stove, it’s important to gather all of your ingredients and condiments. Having everything ready will ensure that you avoid last-minute scrambling around and missing an ingredient.

In addition, pre-measuring will save time and energy down the road when it comes time for pouring ingredients into your cocktail shaker. One other benefit is being able to see what ingredients are left over when you reach step 9; then, there is no danger of accidentally using them all up! 🙂

Step 2 – Combine vodka and vermouth (2:1 ratio)

The sweet notes of vermouth are well-matched with vodka, but it can overpower if there’s too much. For most spicy martinis, a 2:1 ratio is ideal. Use 3 oz. of vodka and 1 oz. of vermouth for 6 oz., or 3⁄4 oz. of each for 4 oz., like you’ll need for a single drink recipe.

Step 3 – Add dry spices (2 tsp. total): A good way to ensure your spice blend is balanced is by using equal parts ground black pepper, cayenne pepper and paprika. Mix them together in a small bowl before adding them to your shaker tin.

You don’t want your spice blend so strong that it overpowers other flavors—it should be subtle enough that you still taste hints of vodka, lemon juice and vermouth—but just strong enough that you get an occasional zing from one or more of its components.

Step 3 – Add Tabasco sauce

The traditional recipe calls for 2-3 dashes of Tabasco sauce, a tasty and spicy pepper sauce. The brand was founded by Edmund McIlhenny in 1868 and is now run by his great-great-grandson. The pepper that gives Tabasco its kick comes from Avery Island, where McIlhenny grows all of his peppers.

Next time you are looking for a spicy addition to your meal, add some Tabasco sauce—it’s become one of America’s most famous spice brands!

Step 4 – Use a twist of lemon instead of lime

If you’re wondering why lemons are better than limes for a spicy martini, here’s your answer: They pack more of a punch. Lemons are much bigger than limes and are known for their larger flavor profile, so go ahead and substitute them for lime when it comes time to make your spicy martini.

Plus, lemons are just easier to find! So if you prefer having one over lime but don’t like sacrificing ease of use when you’re at a restaurant or out on the town with friends (we get it), now you know that switching from lime to lemon is an option.

Step 5 – Use cayenne pepper instead of black pepper

People often forget that black pepper is spicy, too. If you like a bit of kick in your martini, replace regular black pepper with cayenne pepper and experience a warm sensation instead of a burning one when you sip on your drink.

While cayenne and black pepper are different species, they both belong to the same family. This means that though their flavors are distinctively different, they do share some common flavor characteristics—and one of them is spiciness. Cayenne peppers contain capsaicinoids and black peppercorns contain piperine.

Step 6 – Shake well with ice before straining into glass

Put ice in a cocktail shaker. Add one part vermouth and four parts gin. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds before straining into glass. Garnish with an olive or onion, and enjoy! A lot of people believe that there is only one way to make a martini.

This classic cocktail can be served up many different ways – shaken with ice, stirred, straight up or on the rocks. For example: We’ll have three dry martinis please. Waitress responds: Three dry? Three straight up? The response would be:

Yes, three straight up. The waitress would then know that each drink should be served over ice rather than mixed with it. There are plenty of ways to serve a martini; but whatever you do, don’t put any olives in it! What makes our spicy martinis unique is not just how they’re made but also what goes into them.

Step 7 – Add olives instead of olive juice

This one’s a little controversial. Some bartenders use cocktail onions as garnish, while others say they ruin the drink’s taste. As far as we’re concerned, there are no wrong answers here—and if you decide to use them (which we strongly recommend), choose cocktail onions over pickled onions.

Many different brands of spicy martinis exist and range from very mild with just a few drops of Tabasco to heat-devilishly-spicy. If you aren’t sure which kind you like, try experimenting with different amounts of Tabasco until you get it right for your palate.

Step 8 – Garnish with cocktail onions instead of onion juice

A cocktail onion is a small pearl onion that has been pickled and preserved. If you cannot find cocktail onions, substitute with onion juice. (To get 1⁄2 cup of onion juice, mince 2 medium-sized onions and place them into a blender or food processor.)

The drink will then taste like an onion with a kick! It is not hot like pepper, but rather delivers more of a burn at first followed by some heat afterward.

With your vodka finished, add 4 oz. of plain greek yogurt for added richness. Mix well until combined and serve over ice with your garnish of pickled pearl onions or with 1⁄4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice for an extra zing! Enjoy responsibly!

Step 9 – Enjoy chilled with your friends!

Once you’ve mixed your cocktail and poured it into a glass, don’t just plop down on your couch and stare at it. Have fun with it! Chill out with some friends, or coworkers, or family members and enjoy. Cheers! (

Final Word

A spicy martini is a tasty drink that’s somewhat similar to a dry martini but with a special twist. The name itself comes from its most distinguishing feature: green olives stuffed with jalapeno peppers, which add a delicious hint of spice and aroma. The rest of the ingredients are pretty standard: vodka, dry vermouth, olives and citrus peel.

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