How To Stack Liebherr Wine Fridge

 Liebherr Wine Fridge

Liebherr are known to be the market leaders when it comes to wine coolers, they are designed with all wine lover in mind and have been produced to the highest quality standards so that they look good and function seamlessly in any domestic setting.

Although Liebherr manufactures excellent quality products, they also know that you need to make your product last as long as possible and are happy to advise on how best to do this! So here are our top tips on how you can stack your Liebherr Wine Fridge in 9 easy steps!

Step 1: Pick Up The Machine

The machine is going to be heavy, so make sure you have 2 or 3 people for when it comes time to move it. First, decide where you want it placed and clear a space big enough for its size. Once you’ve cleared a spot for it, open up its feet to get ready to move it.

A rough estimate of how long each step should take is listed with each description. If you don’t have someone around to help out, allow yourself plenty of time and never attempt moving an appliance alone (though they are designed with safety in mind).

And remember: if there’s any doubt as to whether something can be moved by one person, there’s no harm in asking for help! Now that we’re all squared away with safety first… Let’s roll!

Step 2: Place Machine On The Floor

You’ll be moving a 500-pound machine that you don’t want to slip and fall on, so be careful. You should have removed all packaging before attempting to move it at all. I recommend getting an assistant and using a hand truck or dolly to move it onto its side with one end as close to vertical as possible.

Lift one end up until it is slightly more than 90 degrees, then lift and push it back on its wheels. Now turn it 180 degrees and repeat. Once you get it into position between two walls, you can turn it upright from there.

Step 3: Preparing For The Leveling

Tilt Your Liebherr Wine Fridge Backward Before You Begin The Leveling Process. This will make it much easier to slide and level as you go along. Stacking a wine fridge is very dangerous when on an angle because one top layer can easily come out from under another and have it falling back onto you or others around you.

Be sure to take plenty of time leveling so that you don’t have any loose bottles or hazards for your children or pets later on down the road! You definitely want to keep them safe with a fully secure stacked unit!

Don’t worry about taking a little extra time, because anytime that is wasted now will save many hours of frustration later!

Step 4: Attach the Right Leg First

On a standard fridge there is a hinge on one side, meaning it would be more convenient to screw in one leg at a time. Not so with Liebherr’s fridge: On opposite sides of the fridge are two hinges and screws that need to be connected first.

There is an order to which legs you should connect first but its not marked anywhere, so here’s how to figure it out: Make sure that you have all four legs laid out properly on your floor (two sets of two legs).

Next line up both top hinged sides of each set together and mark with pencil where they line up. If you follow these marks when attaching them to each other then the bottom hinged-sides will line up correctly as well when you start attaching them separately!

Step 5: Connect A Brace Leg

One of two heavy-duty steel angle brackets that support each end of an RH851W4Q2. Fit each one into a matching pair of cut-outs in an RH851W4Q2, and ensure that it is fastened by turning two bolts through a pair of nut plates (Step 7).

Connecting them now will make installation easier when you come to Step 6. You’ll need to be at either end of a rack or column, because they extend beyond its sides. Use channel nuts (supplied) with standard screws to join parts A1 and A2 at their ends to create Brace Leg 1. Repeat on the other side for Brace Leg 2.

Step 6: Start Leveling The Unit

Start leveling your wine fridge by lifting it until you have 2 or 3 small blocks of wood under each leg. It is also important to place blocks of wood at least every 15 inches from front to back and side to side.

The more evenly distributed weight across all four corners of your wine refrigerator, the better it will sit on its feet and maintain its levelness. Remember that leveling a Liebherr wine refrigerator can take several days because they are so heavy; be patient when stacking!

Also keep in mind that different models may have different leveling capabilities, so make sure you check with an expert before making any changes or moving a unit into place! Once leveled, use several stacked cinder blocks as spacers between legs if needed.

Step 7: Keep Leveling until you Reach the Last Brace Leg Section

Now that you have removed one of your braces and leveled it, place it on top of the lower brace. Next, level it using shims until it is exactly where you want it to be. The last thing we want to do is attach our fridge with brackets not sitting perfectly flat.

To assure a flush fit, use a carpenter’s level to make sure that each side is sitting straight before continuing to stack on additional levels. Repeat Step 7 for all remaining levels; continue to remove one brace at a time, leveling and attaching them until all are stacked up together as shown below:

Once all braces are attached you should have something that looks like below with no out-of-square issues: Congratulations! You now have an assembled wine cabinet ready for drywall installation and finishing!

Step 8. Level it with Filler Rods Until It’s on Surface of Base

Having laid all three boxes down, you can now see that they aren’t quite level. To put them at exactly same height, use filler rods to bridge over any holes. These are also known as shims, as they are simply round rods of different heights and materials for different purposes like stability etc.

While leveling off a single box was easy enough to do by hand, when it comes to a stack of three boxes on top of each other, there isn’t much room for error. This is why filler rods come in handy, giving you just a few millimeters more precision than what your bare hands can offer.

Measure their diameter accordingly and insert them between stacked boxes until all of them are sitting at exact same level with no difference between one box and another.

Step 9. Check if It’s Flat

Step nine is to check if it’s flat. Liebherr uses a technique to reduce their overall shipping weight which involves stacking wine fridges on wooden pallets that have been treated with vapor-phase corrosion inhibitor.

If any stacking occurs, take some time to level out each unit individually and then stack them together again. Some units can be stacked directly on top of each other; others should be placed side by side and then stacked from above.

Finally, use four clamps to secure them together as you go along to ensure there is no movement during transit.

Final Word

If you’re really concerned about moving a fully stocked wine fridge by yourself, consider hiring professional movers to do it for you.

Either way, make sure you clearly communicate with all parties involved that an empty shelf should be placed at either end of your new appliance as well as any low spots where a cabinet may not fit directly against another (like corner cabinets).

Having someone there that knows how to assemble and disassemble appliances will reduce errors and increase productivity.

If your new appliance is so large that it won’t fit through doorways or halls then ask if it is possible to remove doors or walls to get around these obstacles. Finally, give yourself enough time before move-in day so you don’t have to rush.

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