How To Replace Cabinet With Wine Fridge

So you want to install a wine fridge in your kitchen but do not know how to go about it, fret not! Here’s a step-by-step guide that will show you how to go about replacing your kitchen cabinets with this amazing piece of kitchen furniture called the wine fridge, or as it is commonly referred to, wine cabinet.

Follow these steps and in no time you’ll have yourself a sleek new wine refrigerator!

Step 1: Figure out why you want to do this

If you’re planning on selling your home soon, you can bet that potential buyers will expect a modern kitchen. By replacing your cabinets, you’ll immediately increase their value.

If you’re just looking for an upgrade, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to redo them: increased storage space, extra counter-top space or improved aesthetics can all be great reasons to invest in new cabinetry. Another consideration is whether or not it makes sense financially for you.

Step 2: Remove all the doors

Epoxy-based products are used to adhere metal and glass, so they’re perfect for securing cabinetry. Choose an epoxy kit that comes with sandpaper and wet/dry sanding blocks. Use two thin coats of epoxy (following instructions), allowing one hour of drying time between coats.

If you use one coat, it will take two hours of drying time between coats. It is important not to use too much epoxy because it may ooze out from under your cabinets when they are put back on top—and you don’t want that mess! Before applying any paint or stain, make sure that all surfaces are as clean as possible.

Step 3: Insulate any openings (with foil!)

Insulating any openings is really important because you don’t want heat escaping. You could either use something like bubble wrap, or just regular aluminum foil, but be sure to stuff it into every nook and cranny so it fills up all of those air gaps.

Or, if you have an extra wine fridge laying around that’s been gathering dust for years (lucky you!), maybe try cutting a hole into that for your collection. Or even build your own custom cabinet based around how many bottles of wine you plan on storing in there.

Step 4: Buy an angle grinder

Make sure it’s a brand you trust (Festool and Fein are two brands that consistently get good reviews). If you need extra help choosing one, try searching for angle grinder buyers guide. You want one with a strong motor and a comfortable handle since both can make all the difference.

If possible, try it out before buying. Run some marble through it and see how smooth (or rough) it cuts. The smoother an angle grinder cuts, the easier your job will be.

How smooth you need it is entirely up to you—just keep in mind that certain materials will require certain cut tolerances. But if everything looks great at home, then feel free to move on!

Step 5: Buy an epoxy kit

Make sure you have everything you need, go pick up an epoxy kit at any local hardware store. Most kits will only cost you around ten dollars, so it’s not that big of an investment. You can also buy other types of adhesive products if epoxy isn’t your cup of tea.

Whether you choose glue or another option, make sure that whatever product you use is rated for weight-bearing surfaces (for example, glues aren’t designed for drywall). Don’t just pick something up because it has a cool label—check to make sure it works on what you want to use it on before purchasing.

Step 6: Use some extra tools

A hammer, screwdriver and wrench are essential. You might also need sandpaper and wood filler, but if you don’t have them you can probably get away without them. You should also use some electrical tape and put on some old clothes that you don’t mind getting stained by varnish or paint.

Step 7: Rehang doors

Use a small drill bit and hammer to create new screw holes, then fasten. Screws hold better than nails, which are more prone to pulling out of drywall. Rehang doors with their original hinges.

If you lose one or both, they’re generally sold as a pair at hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s (1/2-in.-drive power drill required). Screws will also work just fine.

Step 8: Paint the wine fridge!

This is probably one of the easiest parts of installing a new cabinet-wine fridge. Use an oil-based primer and then use any color you want! Why? Because you’re going to cover it all up with bottles of deliciousness, that’s why!

The best part about choosing your own unique color is that you can go bold. And what is more bold than bright yellow or red? Go for it! Just don’t blame us if you have friends over for dinner and they look at you like something out of Willy Wonka’s factory.

All in all, painting a wine refrigerator can be fun and is definitely worth doing if only for aesthetic reasons (that’s French for because it looks cool)!

Final Word

If you have been following our series of furniture ideas to enhance your living space, then here is one more piece of an interesting idea. This time we are talking about transforming kitchen cabinet into wine refrigerator. A smart and efficient way to have both at once.

You can store wines and other liquor inside them as well. If you wish to hang them on wall, do not forget that they would be mounted on drywall only, so keep out all sorts of liquids or moisture-prone stuff from it. Also, make sure that you are able to drill hole into wall so that all wires reach out easily from underneath it.

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