How To Remove Wine Cooler From Carpet

How To Remove Wine Cooler From Carpet

A wine cooler spilled on your carpet? You can easily remove the stains using these simple steps and keep your carpet clean. Within nine seconds you’ll have the wine cooler off of your carpet and be able to clean up the remaining liquid and mess with ease! Follow these steps to learn how to easily remove a wine cooler from your carpet.

1) Safety First

Use heavy gloves and eye protection. If you can’t find safety goggles, use folded paper as a shield over your eyes. Never use sharp objects or liquids on carpet; both will do more damage than good.

And whatever you do, never throw wine out of your window, onto your car and into its seats – it will leave permanent stains! The first step in removing wine cooler from your carpet is protecting yourself and cleaning up any excess mess. Remember – prevention is key!

2) Scrape up as much of the wine cooler as possible

While it’s not completely necessary, scraping up any spilled wine and cola is your first line of defense against stains. If you have hardened drops on your carpet, use a plastic knife or spatula to pick them up as best you can.

Then get out that Hoover, because there are still small particles of fruit juice and soda floating around in your carpet. Once you’ve gotten all possible juices off of your carpet, it’s time for some elbow grease.

3) Mix One Part Dish Soap with Five Parts Water

Using dish soap in small amounts won’t hurt your carpeting, but it will clean and soften any stains caused by alcohol. The soap acts as a lubricant when removing stains. Mix one part of your favorite dish soap with five parts water in a spray bottle.

Put on rubber gloves and then use a cloth or sponge to apply diluted soapy water over wine cooler stains until they’re removed completely.

Allow your carpet time to dry completely before taking off your gloves or using your vacuum cleaner again, otherwise you may end up just spreading out oily residue that might create permanent damage on carpet fibers over time.

4) Place a Laundry Basket Underneath the Area

First, place a laundry basket or cardboard box underneath the area where you’re working. This will protect your carpet from getting damaged by spilled wine cooler as you clean up. Use Ice Cubes to Clean Up: Next, pour some ice cubes onto any stains on your carpet that won’t come out.

It might seem counterintuitive—but cold water actually makes stains more likely to disappear, while hot water sets them in! Once you’ve poured water over your wine cooler stain (and it’s soaked for about 10 minutes), vacuum up excess liquid and use paper towels and dry carpet cleaner on tough spots until they are gone.

5) Use an Iron to Dunk the Area into the Solution

Once you’ve emptied as much wine and beer as possible, you can use an iron to dunk any wine cooler residue left on your carpet into a solution of 1⁄2 cup laundry detergent mixed with 1 gallon of hot water.

Just put an old towel underneath to catch any dripping water and run your iron over it for about 20 seconds (same procedure for both front-loading and top-loading washers).

Use cold water since warm or hot water may cause more staining. Leave it in for several minutes before using a towel or cloth soaked in clean hot water to wipe up any remaining solution.

6) Wait Until The Solution Gels

An important step in removing wine cooler from carpet is to wait until you have reached maximum saturation.

To do so, soak up as much wine as possible with paper towels or something absorbent. The longer you leave it on your carpet, the more likely it is that some of it will seep down into your padding and cause permanent damage. Ideally, when you’re lifting out your stain, nothing should be dripping.

7) Use Old Credit Cards to Buff Out the Stain

Start by scraping off any excess wine cooler with an old credit card. The more surface area you can scrape up, the better your chances of removing as much of that sticky mess as possible. Then, work at ridding your carpet of wine cooler stains by using a plastic zigzag scrubber (or old toothbrush) and plain water.

Scrub in small circles and keep working until you see no more signs of wine or beer (this can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours depending on how long it’s been there). If all else fails, pick up some OxiClean and spray away!

8) Rinse Off Cleaning Solution and Dry ASAP

Before attempting to lift up that wine cooler, don’t forget you need something with a strong center of gravity—like an old broom handle or some other elongated object—to push into its bottom. Pushing up against it will cause it to move easier over your carpet than lifting.

But if you do lift, put on some thick gloves (and elbow and knee pads) beforehand as they may cause splinters while being removed.

Other things that could make removal easier: A suction cup; really long tweezers; wetting down any part of your carpet that comes in contact with your cooler; or having somebody else help you slide it out instead of trying by yourself.

Final Word

If you’ve ever been drinking wine with friends and your wine cooler accidentally spills onto your carpet, do not panic. You’re not alone—it happens to everyone at some point! So don’t worry; it is totally fixable. Start by grabbing an absorbent cloth and blotting up as much of any spilled liquid as possible.

Next, grab a paper towel or clean rag with cool water and go over that same area again. You want to create moisture but not wash away any of your attempts at soaking up original liquid spillage!

Do a final inspection and if anything remains simply repeat until satisfied with results! If you have time, allow carpet time to dry completely before replacing furniture back in original spot for optimum results. Good luck!!

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