How To Move A Wine Cooler

Whether you’re moving yourself or using movers, no one likes the hassle of moving large, bulky furniture through narrow doorways and up or down staircases. That’s why so many people opt to leave their most cumbersome items behind when they move instead of bothering with them.

But if you have a wine cooler at home that you can’t afford to leave behind, there are ways to move it without causing damage to either it or your home—ways that don’t require hiring professional movers.

Consider The Size And Weight Of The Boxes

The standard of most moving boxes is called Cubic Feet, which signifies how much space (or cubic feet) it will take up in a moving truck. However, you must also consider how much weight it can hold!

You want to make sure that your boxes are not too heavy or flimsy so they do not break open and spill out when being loaded onto a moving truck. Start by measuring all your wine coolers dimensions and weight.

Once you have these measurements, decide on an approximate number of boxes for each cooler. Calculate about 3-4 cubic feet per box depending on what materials your using for packing. Remember: Buy more than you think because some wine coolers might need more than one box.

Consider The Size Of The Cooler

The first thing you want to do is find out what size wine cooler you’re moving. A 22-bottle cooler is going to be more easily maneuvered than a larger one, as are small and slim models (such as mini wine coolers).

If you can use multiple dollies or hand trucks in tandem, that will help with maneuverability even more. Before moving your appliance, make sure it’s unplugged and empty of any contents. Also remove any doors or handles so they don’t break during transport.

Use Sturdy Boxes

Many wine coolers are too heavy and bulky for one person to lift. To avoid injury, it’s wise to use sturdy boxes when moving your cooler. This way, you can lift from one side and walk from one end of your destination room (where you place the box) to your destination spot (where you’ll place down your cooler).

Remember that it is generally a good idea for two people to move any heavy or cumbersome object–even if there’s no elevator involved. When possible, use additional furniture in an elevator such as chairs or ottomans.

Do not stack chairs on top of each other; instead bring along cushions so they won’t slip off while you’re going up or down an elevator.

Stack Fours

Stack four or five moving boxes on top of each other. Tip: It’s easier if you don’t tape them all together beforehand. Stack about two or three heavy items on top. The heavy items will help keep your wine cooler steady and in place, as well as prevent it from sliding around during transport.

Protect Floor Surfaces

Let’s start with move #1: Protect floor surfaces. Before you lift, lay down some paper towels or old rags underneath your wine cooler so you don’t end up scratching or scuffing your hardwood floors. If you can, use furniture movers so your hands are free for lifting (don’t rely on just one person).

If you do have to lift, keep in mind that it’s best to have at least two people present; if not, grab a pair of sturdy furniture sliders from home depot and slide it along with your legs. Do not carry it by its sides because they are not meant for weight-bearing capacity.

Mark Doorways And Hallways For Clearance

We can’t stress enough how important it is that you mark doorways and hallways before attempting to move your wine cooler. A basic marker will help you make sure you’ll have enough clearance room when moving your appliance.

If a doorway or hallway is too narrow, turn around – it’s simply not worth risking injury in order to move your cooler.

Mark Your Appliance For Flatness: After marking doorways, you need to lay out flat boards in order to ensure that your appliance will have as little movement as possible during transport. Remember that even though a refrigerator seems stable, there are compressors and other heavy machinery inside of it which could shift if they aren’t properly supported during transport.

Buy Extra Straps

If you’re moving a wine cooler, it’s likely that your current straps are not going to be able to support its weight (and you can’t trust your friends). Instead of improvising, buy some extra-thick straps. You’ll be surprised at how much difference an extra inch makes.

An added bonus: The thicker strap material will prevent damage on both sides of your wall. If you’re particularly worried about scratches and scuffs, buy those straps made out of felt! They’re thick enough for support and cushy enough for protection.

Use Your Wheels For Stability

When hiring movers, ask about their experience and make sure they have appropriate insurance. Also be wary of companies who use subcontractors, which can happen with anything from house cleaning to hauling services.

Finally, check moving company reviews online and don’t hesitate to get a few estimates. Before you begin your next move, be sure that you know how much it will cost and exactly what it is you’re paying for. Remember: not all moving companies are created equal—if in doubt, do some research before hiring!

Think About Protection On Cold Nights Or Days Of Heavy Rainfall.

If you’re planning on taking your wine cooler on your next big move, try not to move it during any times of extreme temperature. Cold and rainy nights are also especially dangerous for moving your cooler as well.

These extreme weather conditions can cause condensation inside of a closed container (such as a wine cooler) that can lead to water damage of your precious wine. If possible, do some research on local weather reports and avoid unnecessary travel during bad weather days. You’ll be glad you did when it comes time for unpacking!

Final Word

Moving can be costly and stressful enough—you certainly don’t want to cause yourself any more headaches by moving something fragile or valuable. If you have a wine cooler that needs moving, here are some helpful tips on how you can ensure it’s safe for transport.

Just remember: Don’t move it alone! Make sure you have at least one other person around so if something goes wrong, there’s someone else around who can help.

And, before moving day arrives, thoroughly prepare your cooler for travel by packing it with nothing but bottles of water (empty them out when your new place is ready!). Water helps prevent any shifting of bottles during transit and also reduces damage in case there’s an accident en route.

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