How To Make Wine Glass Coasters

How To Make Wine Glass Coasters

Wine glass coasters are great party accessories, but they can be expensive to buy in stores. DIY wine glass coasters are fun to make, and the material and tools you need can all be found at your local crafts store.

Follow these nine simple steps and you’ll have a set of custom wine glass coasters in no time! You’ll never have to buy coasters again! Wine glass coasters make great party accessories.

1) Gather all materials

The first step to creating your own wine glass coasters is to gather all of your materials. For example, you’ll need four square pieces of felt; two red, one black and one white. You’ll also need a needle and thread in matching colors, as well as some hot glue for further embellishment.

2) Cut your cork board into a circle

If you want to make a large coaster, you might have to enlist some help. But if you just need a few standard-sized wine glass coasters, all you’ll need is your circular saw or jigsaw and a piece of cork board.

Cut along the inside edge of your pattern line (in our case, we’re cutting along a line 1/2 away from our pencil line) with your blade set at 90 degrees. For most people, that will mean rotating your saw handle 90 degrees while making sure it remains parallel to your table saw’s fence.

At each cut mark on your pattern, test fit one section into its neighbor before removing it to cut more sections.

3) Create your pattern

Before you can begin your project, you need to know what size and shape you want your coasters to be. Lay out a sheet of paper and lightly draw a pencil outline around a wine glass (you may have to tape several pieces of paper together).

Use an X-Acto knife or box cutter to cut out one of these patterns. Once you’ve figured out what design works best for your project, trace your desired shape onto another piece of cardboard and cut it out with utility scissors. You should have four coasters once all is said and done!

4) Add your design

Silicone molds are pretty easy to find, and you can purchase them from most arts and crafts stores. Follow our simple step-by-step guide to learn how to make your own unique design!

We’ve included a few general tips for using these molds, but feel free to experiment with your own ideas as well. We hope you enjoy making your very own set of wine glass coasters!

5) Cut cork sheets into circles

A wine glass coaster is easy to make. Start by cutting a sheet of cork into 1-inch circles. If you don’t have a cutting mat, you can use a plastic lid or other smooth surface. The key is for it to be as smooth as possible so that it doesn’t scratch your glasses.

6) Glue cork sheets to bottom of glass

You can get cork sheets from a craft store. Use a hot glue gun to glue them to your wine glasses. This will prevent your wine glass from scratching your furniture. It works for other glasses as well so you can use it for martini glasses or juice glass.

7) Tie string around wine glass stem

Wine coasters are a great way to add a handmade touch to your kitchen, dining room or even outdoor seating area. If you’re new to working with leather, making wine glass coasters might be a great project for practicing your skills before moving on to bigger projects.

These make great gifts too – especially if you personalize them with embossing or custom paint and etching. See how easy it is below!

8) Add legs to wine glass stand

1. Start by cutting four blocks of wood measuring two inches by six inches for each stand. Using a miter saw will make quick work of this step.

2. Cut four legs from 1/2-inch dowel rods, roughly seven inches in length. Each leg should have a slight curve to allow glasses to sit comfortably on top of it.

3. Use wood glue and wood screws to attach each leg to one block of wood, leaving three inches visible above its surface as shown in Figure 2 below:

4. Drill small holes into each corner of both blocks and set them together with nails or screws as illustrated below:

5. Sand all surfaces until smooth using medium grit sandpaper.

6. Apply several coats of polyurethane, sanding between coats with fine grit sandpaper.

7. Attach felt pads to bottom corners of each coaster using hot glue gun so that they don’t scratch furniture when placed down.

8. Stack your coasters neatly inside a box or crate and wrap in decorative paper before giving as gifts!

9) Final Word!

A clean home is a safe home. If you have children, it’s imperative that your home be as safe as possible for them. Keep your wine glasses from leaving marks on your table with these fun and easy DIY glass coasters.

They’re easy to make and will only take you about 30 minutes total! While they can be made using any number of materials, we’ll show you how to make them using foam sheets, fabric paint and cork. If you want to learn how to make wine glass coasters, just follow along with us below! And then keep them in a drawer so they’re always there when needed. It’s also smart to make a set for yourself if you’re hosting friends or family over for a nice glass of red at night.

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