How To Fix A Broken Wine Glass Stem

How To Fix A Broken Wine Glass Stem

The stem of your wine glass can break quite easily, especially if it’s made of thinner glass or crystal. If you happen to find yourself with a broken stem, don’t fret! Wine glasses are easy to fix with the right materials and repair skills.

All you need to fix the stem of your wine glass is some epoxy, toothpicks, and time (not necessarily in that order). Once you’ve got all the right supplies, follow these simple steps to fix your wine glass stem with ease! You’ll be back to enjoying your favorite vino in no time at all!

Step 1: Push Out the Piece of Glass From the Bottom

Using your thumb and index finger, push gently on both sides of where you want to remove glass. Apply steady pressure until you feel resistance at which point let go. The piece should pop out as if by magic! If it doesn’t work for you, try another method.

Step 2: Remove Any Leftover Fragments

If you are still holding onto any remnant pieces of stem, set them down on a hard surface and strike them with an object such as a screwdriver or rubber mallet. This will help break up any remaining pieces that might be lodged within your stem.

If you aren’t sure whether there are fragments stuck inside your stem, try blowing into it. The sound will change if there is glass dust inside. (Alternatively, use tweezers for easy retrieval.)

Step 3: Identify What Kind of Wound You Have on Your Hand

You have just been injured while doing kitchen prep work. You need to act quickly, as your hand will start bleeding soon and you’ll run out of time. If you’re looking at a slice or open wound, go to Step 4. If it’s more like a puncture wound, skip over to Step 6 below.

Step 4: Wash Your Hands Thoroughly with Soap and Water

In order to remove all germs from your hands, wash them with soap and water. This will help prevent any infections that may result from handling broken glass. Do not use alcohol on your hands as it can cause further damage.

Rather, make sure you thoroughly clean your hands with warm water and soap. Be sure that you wash under your fingernails as well. If possible, keep some hand sanitizer nearby so that you can reapply it after handling broken glass pieces.

To ensure your safety, always be sure to be aware of what’s going on around you when working with wine glasses!

Step 5: Dry Off With Clean Towels

After you’ve removed as much water as possible from your stem, use clean towels and pat it dry. The cleaner your stem is, the better off you’ll be when you begin reattaching it.

Use paper towels or an old T-shirt that’s been washed multiple times and keep them handy for drying your stem before moving on to other steps. It may take two or three towels depending on how much water got into your stem in Step 4.

If you can feel any remaining moisture, use another towel or paper towel to pat down that area until it feels dry enough for you to move on.

Step 6: Carefully Use a Tweezer to Pick Up Any Remaining Shards

If some of your stem is stuck inside your wine glass, it’s time to break out some pliers. (Ouch.) If you have nimble hands and you’re still extremely upset about breaking one of your favorite wine glasses, try using pliers for gentle removal.

If you don’t think you can do it on your own, ask for help from someone who’s good with their hands or enlist a glass repairman. In many cases, he or she might be able to fix it without replacing any parts of your stem at all.

Either way, remember that if fixing something breaks it even more than before, there’s no shame in giving up and getting a new stem!

Step 7: Separate the Shards from Each Other Using Pliers if Needed

In order to start filing down each individual shard, it will help if you can separate them. Use needle-nose pliers to gently pry each piece away from one another. This can be tricky, but with patience you’ll find that they come apart easily enough.

Some pieces may break into smaller shards as well—if that happens, move on to step 8 and file those down instead.

After several attempts at separating them, if some of your larger shards still remain stuck together, you might have no choice but to pull out your needle-nose pliers once again and use brute force. Don’t worry about any pieces flying around—the surrounding area is safe for your wine glass repair project!

Step 8. Inspect the Inside of the Wine Glass for Any Remaining Shards

If you have not already done so, do so now. Reach into your wine glass and inspect it for any remaining shards of glass that may have been missed. Use tweezers or similar sharp instruments to remove any remaining glass shard that you find lodged inside of your wine glass.

If there are none, proceed to step 9. If there are still pieces of broken stemware in your wine glass, proceed directly to step 7.

Step 9. Reassemble The Wine Glass Using Special Adhesive Tape (Optional)

The purpose of Step 1 is simply to make it easier for you when reassembling your wine glass. Step 8 should have left you with a wine glass that is ready for assembly; but depending on how broken apart your stem might be, reassembly can prove difficult.

In these cases, I recommend using a special adhesive tape that makes it easy to replace your stem and avoid breakage. This can be purchased at most hardware stores for about $4.00. Simply cut off about an inch of tape and affix it to one side of your stem.

Final Word

There are some simple steps you can take to fix your broken wine glass stem and enjoy your favourite red again. However, if you don’t feel comfortable fixing it yourself or aren’t sure you will be able to fix it successfully, then I would advise seeking professional assistance.

This is also true if there are shards of glass in your hand or blood gushing from any part of your body. In cases like these, seek help immediately from an emergency medical center or hospital. It may turn out that all you need is one quick stitch and a tetanus shot.

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