How To Build The Perfect Home Bar: A Guide From Professional Bartenders

How To Build The Perfect Home Bar

When we’re not at home, the bar is where we go to unwind. It’s where we go to connect with friends and family over a drink. It’s what brings people together over a shared love of alcohol. But how do you build the perfect home bar?

Well for starters, it depends on what you want it to be used for. Do you want it for special occasions like holiday parties or New Year’s Eve? Or do you want it to be your regular hangout spot on weeknights? Either way, there are some key things that need to be in place if you want to have a good time.

Home Bar Accessories Every Drinks Lover Should Own

Drinking is a large part of the culture in many countries. From celebrating birthdays to hosting parties, drinks are a common way to enjoy time with friends and family. A home bar is not just for those who own a pub, it’s also for people who love to drink at home. A well-stocked bar can’t hurt and will be appreciated by your guests.

Here are some pieces of home bar accessories every drinks lover should own.

The basics

The most essential pieces of home bar accessories are ice buckets and buckets. Whatever you’re drinking, ice is the most important thing to put into your glass before you pour in the drink. You’ll also want a bar spoon or cocktail knife to help you mix your drinks.

These are all basics, but they’re not hard to find at any home goods store. Most bars include them in their packaging, but a few store brands are also sold under their own brands. The bar spoon Any bar spoon will do.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the long, slender one or one with a small handle and a pincer-like mouth. The bar spoon is the one most easily spotted by your guests. It’s a short piece of metal with a handle that folds in a semicircle.

Glasses, jiggers, and shakers

Hand-painted glassware will always make a home bar unique. Making a statement in your home bar and adding fun color will make a good impression on your guests. Fill your home bar with unique glasses that will be the talk of the party.

Pick up a large stem wine glass or fun tumbler for your guests to relax and mingle. Glasses with a capacity between 8 and 16 ounces are best to fit your guests’ needs. A fun glass is a key feature in any home bar.

You can also stock your home bar with non-glass drinkware like glass jug. These cute drink containers are usually available in glass or ceramic. Not only is the look of these designs eye-catching, but they are also super convenient. When filled with alcohol, glass jugs are perfect for holding the cocktail in their cute green Jell-O mold.

Spirit Dispensers

Those who want a wide range of bottles to serve at home need to own a spirit dispenser. Some people prefer to buy these as they serve spirits that cost $100 and above. Spirits bottles vary in size and they also vary in taste, so having a spirit dispenser is good for those who want the variety.

It’s also good to keep a bottle of rum by the fridge for your guests. Cheers If you have people from different backgrounds, having a great mix of drinks at the table is important. A good way to put out a good bar is by putting a wide range of spirits on the table.

Drinkers need to serve themselves so opening another bottle of whisky to drink might be difficult. This is where the drinker pouring feature of the Maginot Condor aims to help. Grab this Automatic Dispenser on Amazon


People who drink cocktails and other alcohol will know that barware can be expensive. Buy some cheap and simple items that will get the job done and still look good and last. Go for alcohol measuring jugs that you can refill and use a set of ice cube trays.

The price of barware is dependent on the weight of the bottle, so buy a cheap bottle of rum and measure the amount as the label says. When it comes to drinking wine glasses, go for crystal. You can get similar glasses to what you can get in a high-end bar for a cheaper price.

Crystal is a good choice because it has a proper weight and is very delicate. You can get a set of six glasses for only $12 to make a small enough to-go bag for your party.

Mixers and garnishes

Bartenders will tell you that mixing drinks is the toughest part of bartending. Using just the right ingredients, pouring the correct amounts, and measuring the right amount of liquid is really quite the challenge. But, it’s a skill that comes in handy no matter what drink you’re mixing.

But for less experienced bartenders out there, you may want to add garnishes to your mixers. You can find garnishes made of fruit, herbs, and spices. Also, always be careful when using glassware and other items that you don’t want to burn your hands with.

One time, I accidentally spilled lemon juice on my entire kitchen. It was really sad. To be safe, always keep a metal pair of tongs or a bar spoon to stir your mixers or an appropriate glass. This Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer will be perfect for the job.

Ice Makers and Chillers

A good ice maker can be a true game changer. The best ice will have a high salt content and your guests will be impressed that you’ve created a blend of pure ice that’s as hard as sugar cubes. This is crucial for parties as it makes it a lot easier to serve drinks that have been mixed with ice.

If you’re not sure what size ice to buy, then you can always get it from your local supermarket and check out the brands. They usually offer a handy guide of sizes. Wine Chillers can also make a big difference if you’re hosting a dinner party or hosting a large group.

They will ensure that you have an excellent amount of ice on hand to chill your guests’ drinks and make it easy to serve ice cubes. Just make sure that you use it sparingly as they will break easily.

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Planning Your Space

In my opinion, the very first thing you should do is think of where you want to put your bar. It should be somewhere that feels comfortable and homey. You can always update it in the future, but a space that doesn’t take you a second to feel at home in is ideal.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, there are many DIY places to get a simple base for a home bar. As a bartender myself, I know that you can always bring your bar to life with an old console or an old TV stand that you can paint and add bottles.

Designing your bar

First of all, you need to pick out a good glassware. There are a lot of different options when it comes to glassware. You can choose from different shapes and sizes, some with non-slip bottoms, some that are rims, some with handles, and some with creative designs.

The best options for your bar will have multiple glass sizes and styles so that you can mix the perfect drinks with the perfect amount of taste and flavor. You should also choose glasses with a minimalist design that can be easily cleaned, to make clean up a little bit easier.

Decorating While you’re on the hunt for good glassware, you can also decorate your bar. Go for a timeless look that you can also enjoy looking at and holding. This is a great way to make your space both a home and a bar at the same time.

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Home Bar for Special Occasions

– If it’s going to be used for special events, you’ll want to make sure the bar can hold the amount of alcohol you need to throw it, even if it’s your first time trying a drink or something else new. Typically, it’s recommended that you use something called a plug point, which is basically a concrete ring that fits on the bottom of your cabinet or bar that is designed to accept the weight of the bottles of alcohol you store inside.

– Try to keep your bar equipment to a minimum. Having too many supplies can make your bar space look messy and takes away from the feel of a special occasion.

– If you want to keep your bar equipment to a minimum, keep it to a table that sits on a small square or a large square surface.

Home Bar for Everyday Use

You’re going to need a top-of-the-line bar cart, a few basic ingredients, and a bottle opener to get started. Then you’ll need some of your favorite mixers like ginger ale, cola, and orange juice to make your drinks pop.

In the case of my own home, I have a cocktail bar setup that is quite precise. You’ll notice that a few of the items you see in the photos above (like the mixer and bar stools) are two-year-old purchases that have seen a lot of use.

I also have a fridge, six separate kinds of bitters, and plenty of barware like those giant bar glasses you see on Instagram. The final thing I picked up was a disco ball that gives it a little something extra to brighten the space.


So now that we’ve covered all of the basics and we have an idea of what makes a great bar, how can you make yours stand out? There are several key things that help make a great bar. An organized, stocked and well-labeled bar is a must.

Consider a good bar mirror to hang behind the bar for easy peeking. If you don’t have one of those on hand, then buy a cheap mirror and hang it on the wall. Add lighting to compliment the ambiance of your bar.

Candles are the easiest way to create a romantic atmosphere. Look for a good deal on candles with an interesting scent to enhance your atmosphere. Try to stay away from anything that smells like cigarettes. We know they’re bad for the environment, but the smell can be an awesome addition to your bar.

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