How Long Do Cigars Last In Plastic Wrapper?

How Long Do Cigars Last In Plastic Wrapper?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, such as how long you keep the cigars in the plastic wrapper and what kind of cigars they are.

Generally speaking, premium cigars have enough preservatives in them that you can keep them fresh in their cellophane wrapping for up to six months before you notice any significant degradation in quality or taste.

However, it’s best to keep cigars in their original boxes and plastic wrappers when possible so they can be kept at their optimal moisture level.

How Long Can Cigars Last in Plastic Wrappers?

Although cigars have a long shelf life, they don’t last forever. If you like to stock up on your favorite brand, it’s important to keep them at a proper humidity so they can retain their original flavor.

Although there are many humidors available that make storage easy, keeping them wrapped in plastic can actually harm your cigars over time. To learn more about how long you can leave cigars wrapped in plastic, read on!

Is it Safe to Remove the Humidifier from Your Humidor?

A great question to ask yourself if you’re wondering whether it’s safe to remove a humidifier from your humidor. The answer, unfortunately, is that it depends. On why you want to remove it, I mean.

If you bought a new box of cigars and need room for them in your humidor, sure—remove that Humidifer. If you want to clean it or otherwise address whatever issues may be going on with it, also remove it.

How long do sealed cigars stay fresh for?

The jury is still out on how long cigars can stay fresh when stored in sealed plastic wrappers. Some sources say three to six months; others say one year or more.

The best thing you can do to extend your cigar’s life is store it as cool and humid as possible—ideally between 70-80 degrees, and with relative humidity of 65-70 percent.

How long will cigars last in a Ziploc bag?

A cigar that has been stored in a Ziploc bag will probably lose some of its flavor, but it will still be smokeable. After around 2 years, you’ll notice that there are some changes to both taste and quality. However, 3-4 years later and they should still be smokable, as long as they’re not damaged or wet.

If cigars are stored right, most tobacconists recommend you can expect around 10 years before having to toss them out.

Can you put a cigar in the fridge?

It’s always a good idea to store your cigars at their ideal temperature, which is around 70 degrees. However, some people might find it necessary to refrigerate their stogies as a last resort. In such cases, it’s important that you know what risks are involved with storing cigars in cold temperatures.

First of all, any sudden changes—whether hot or cold—can be detrimental to your cigar’s taste and burn quality. So do your best to gradually adjust its temperature rather than placing it directly into a refrigerator when it was stored at a different one beforehand.

Can you microwave a cigar?

When you store cigars, it’s vital to keep them at a proper humidity level. This is necessary to ensure that you aren’t sacrificing flavor for freshness.

However, when I put a cigar in a humidor with other cigars, it seems like some get wet and others don’t. How does one keep them all evenly moist without affecting their flavor? I can wrap individual cigars in plastic to preserve their moisture and help avoid issues, but how long will they last like that?

Can a cigar be too moist?

As cigars age, they lose moisture and become drier. Some people believe that a dry cigar isn’t smokable or is damaged.

This can’t be further from the truth! With proper storage, you don’t have to worry about a cigar being too moist. The first thing to consider when wondering if your cigars are too moist is how you store them at home.

What does it mean if a cigar is hard?

While hard cigars don’t necessarily mean they have gone bad, they do indicate that it may be time to invest in a humidor. It isn’t easy to tell how long cigars can stay un-humidified before mold and mildew start forming, but one rule of thumb is: if it feels hard, age it for 6 months or more before smoking.

If you want to keep an eye on your cigars instead of guessing at their age with touch, use an infrared thermometer gun.

Final Word

If you aren’t already a fan of cigars, one thing you should know is that they can be kept almost indefinitely when kept in their original packaging.

Once removed from their original wrapping, however, they have a shorter shelf life. I recommend storing cigars that are taken out of their original wrappers within a plastic bag to maintain freshness and prevent mold from forming.

Keeping your humidor at 70% humidity and 68 degrees F will also help your cigars age properly for extended periods of time.

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