Cruising Deals: Is It Possible To Bring A Corkscrew On A Carnival Cruise?

Cruising Deals: Is It Possible To Bring A Corkscrew On A Carnival Cruise?

Will I need my corkscrew on a cruise? It can depend on where the cruise is going. Cruises that offer international destinations, such as to Europe or South America, will likely have wine available for purchase onboard and in ports.

If you’re going on a domestic cruise, however, you may not be able to bring your corkscrew onboard with you. Read on to find out what are the cruise line rules on bringing a corkscrew on a cruise before heading off for your next adventure.

Rules to Bringing A Corkscrew On A Carnival Cruise

Not many people are aware of this, but Carnival Cruise Line allows you to bring your own wine onto the ship when you board. They don’t give you much space, but they do allow it, in limited quantities of course.

They also offer some wines to purchase onboard that are similar in price to what you might find at the grocery store. If you’re interested in bringing your own wine and you want to learn more about bringing a corkscrew on Carnival cruise ships, then continue reading below!

1) Don’t get caught with a bottle of wine in your luggage

Nothing ruins a vacation like an empty wine bottle. The solution? Bring your own corkscrew! Pack it in your carry-on bag and you’ll always have access to fresh wine without worrying about breaking any laws or being attacked by pirates.

Just make sure you’re aware of all laws regarding bringing alcohol aboard ships before trying anything sketchy (and don’t be surprised if you have trouble finding a corkscrew on board).

Be sure to label your corkscrew kitchen utensil when packing so it doesn’t get confiscated at security. For example, test it out with a few screw tops from home before setting sail – some bottles may require additional tools.

2) Find a pocket-sized corkscrew

Although it may be possible to bring your own corkscrew on a cruise, if you want peace of mind you’ll want one that is TSA-approved. You could check with your travel agent or cruise line for specifics but generally, these will be small enough not to be noticed and won’t require their own security box.

Many onboard shops sell corkscrews that meet these criteria. If you decide to bring your own, make sure it has a bottle opener as well since not all ship taps accept wine bottles without removing their caps first.

3) Know the policy before you arrive

First and foremost, double-check your cruise line’s policy on bringing alcohol onboard. Most lines prohibit passengers from bringing their own alcohol into their ships.

If you’d like to bring a bottle of wine or champagne as a gift for friends or family members on board, see if your travel agent can do it ahead of time (or ask whether your tour operator allows outside booze purchases).

But once you’re there, don’t try sneaking booze onto your ship—even if you think no one will notice. You’ll just have fun making an impromptu trip through security when you’re caught.

4) Don’t panic if they give you trouble

If you’re asked to hand over your corkscrew, don’t freak out. As long as you haven’t been drinking—and aren’t inebriated by a punch bowl of tropical booze—you probably won’t have a problem boarding your cruise with a corkscrew.

Plus, chances are someone else on board will be carrying one. If not, these days, most travel shops sell handy little devices that let you open wine bottles sans corkscrew (think key ring size). You can buy them on Amazon for less than $10. And they work like magic.

5) Use a fake ID if you have to

You can’t bring booze aboard a cruise ship, and that means if you’re like me and are bringing champagne for your friends and family for New Year’s Eve, then you should plan ahead. Alcohol must be packed in your checked luggage when it’s coming from ashore.

That being said, remember that just because you have one fake ID doesn’t mean you have unlimited access to wine: Each cruise line has its own policy about whether or not guests over 21 can bring their own alcohol on board with them.

As an example, Royal Caribbean says no alcohol is allowed aboard its ships under any circumstances unless it was purchased in port.

6) Ask an employee on board before you buy anything

Not all cruise lines allow corkscrews on board, so it’s best to check with a cruise employee before you buy a new corkscrew. If your ship does allow corkscrews, most likely they must be plastic and no longer than 3 inches in length.

Also, make sure you check with your travel agent about whether or not your cruise will stop at any ports of call where you can purchase more of these tools during your trip. After all, there’s nothing worse than being out on a boat for days only to discover that you don’t have anything to open wine with!

7) Try boarding as late as possible

If you’re assigned a window seat, try to arrive at boarding as late as possible. This will help reduce stress and allow you more time to grab food and check out a few of your fellow passengers before hitting it off with them (as long as you’re not in line behind that guy).

It also means that if your room assignment isn’t great, chances are most of your cabin mates won’t be back yet. In fact, I recommend taking care of all of those tasks when no one is around.

Where can we find the cruise line rules on bringing a corkscrew aboard?

When you find yourself on a cruise line that allows you to bring your corkscrew onboard, you need to do your homework. That means checking with the company and the guest relations desk at your chosen port, since they are the ones who might enforce the rules.

Often, it is up to the ship’s crew to decide whether you can bring your corkscrew onboard with you or not, and they’re not necessarily the most aware of what constitutes a corkscrew and what does not. As such, it’s not a bad idea to call ahead to see what they say about corkscrews and their rules for bringing them onboard.

Can my corkscrew on a cruise be purchased? If your cruise line permits it, you’re in the clear to bring your corkscrew onboard.

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What are some of the reasons why people want to bring their own corkscrew?

What’s not to love about corkscrews? Not only can they be handy for clearing plastic bottles of ice, they’re reusable and easy to clean, and they don’t get tangled up. RELATED: 14 Best Amazon Coupons For June 2018 Corkscrews make your life easier. If you can’t find one on board, you’ll have to ask the ship’s carpenter to go buy one from the ship’s store.

Or, if you really are out in the middle of nowhere without a corkscrew, you might be able to find one at a store near your port of call. Of course, if you’re heading to a remote destination, your best bet is to pack your corkscrew anyway.

Is it legal to bring a corkscrew on a cruise ship? Wine is legal onboard all cruise ships, and not only on its deck. Travelers can order bottles of wine onboard at the restaurant or the lounge.


Your best bet is to consult your cruise line’s policies before packing your corkscrew. On the Carnival Cruise Line website, you can search for the policies of the specific ships you are interested in on. For example, on Carnival Vista, you’ll find that you will need to bring your corkscrew when the ship sets sail to Hawaii and the Cayman Islands.

Can You Bring a Corkscrew on a Plane? The Simple Rules


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