Can You Put Carbonated Drinks in a Cocktail Shaker?

Can You Put Carbonated Drinks in a Cocktail Shaker?

There are many drinks that have been mixed with cola or other carbonated beverages such as Sprite, ginger ale, or lemonade. Can these drinks be shaken in a cocktail shaker? The answer is yes! But it’s important to shake them in a cocktail shaker with a strainer on the top, so they don’t get too fizzy.

Here, are some tips for shaking drinks with carbonated beverages in them and why it’s important to do so.

You can shake drinks with carbonated beverages

If you have a cocktail shaker with a strainer on top, it makes shaking carbonated beverages easy. First, don’t fill the shaker more than halfway. Pour the carbonated beverage inside and gently swirl it around the inside of the shaker while spinning the handle clockwise. Shake it up until it is ice-cold (don’t overwork the mixture).

Think this sounds too complicated? Don’t worry. This simple technique makes a fantastic carbonated drink on the rocks. It also allows you to use some of the ice from the shaker to help thin the drink out (since you don’t really need it). The key to a nice on-the-rocks drink is to use freshly crushed ice, and you can do this with a pitcher or a shaker just like you’d use crushed ice for a frozen cocktail.

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How to shake these drinks in a cocktail shaker with a strainer on the top

Step 1: Add ice cubes to a cocktail shaker.

Step 2: Shake all ingredients hard for about 30 seconds.

Step 3: Add one or two balls of ice into the shaker.

Step 4: Make sure there is enough room to drain the excess pressure from the cocktail shaker. You can do this by placing the strainer on top and using your finger to create a small hole at the bottom.

Step 5: Pour the cocktail shaker contents into a cocktail glass.

Step 6: Add more ice to the glass if necessary, then fill it with club soda.

Why is it important to shake these drinks in a cocktail shaker with a strainer on the top?

There are a few reasons why it’s important to use a strainer to shake drinks with carbonated beverages in them, besides the fact that it’s easier to stir them into a cocktail than other ingredients. The most important reason is that carbonated drinks usually have a lot of fizz, so they tend to increase the strength of the cocktail.

To make a cocktail with an extremely strong effect, you might want to shake with the ingredients before adding the carbonated beverage. This means that you have to give them a lot of mixing time and they have a lot of carbonation still left in them, which makes the cocktail more difficult to mix and last longer.

Although a cocktail shaker can be used to shake a drink with carbonated beverages, it can also be used to mix and serve these drinks straight from the shaker. For the latter, you may want to find a glass that’s easier to fill and pour carbonated beverages into.


It is best to avoid carbonated drinks when making cocktails and drinks at home because they cause fizzing and bubbles in a drink. The fizzing can make the cocktail go flat, but if shaken properly, they will still be good.

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