The History of Wine Glasses: How Did We End Up With Those Weird Shapes?

shape of wine glasses

Wine glasses are shaped in a globe-like shape because it causes the wine to release its aromas. The shape of the glass also keeps the wine from spilling over and helps protect your nose when you drink. The stem on the wine glass also provides balance, so that you can easily grip the glass without using both hands.

The right type of glass can have a big impact on how much you enjoy your wine because you want to taste all of the flavor. For example, if your wine is served in a narrow-shaped glass, then you’ll miss out on some of those aromatic molecules captured by the wide bowl. It’s important

What is the history of wine glasses?

The evolution of wine glasses is often attributed to an advertisement that was placed in 1894 for the Frey estate wine, made by the Emmolo brothers. This campaign encouraged consumers to buy the Frey wine with this inspiring statement: “The glass is the measure of all things.”

This campaign helped Frey develop a new glass that was more ergonomic and filled the air with wine’s aroma. The shape of the glass helped the wine release its aroma. In 1898, Friedrich von Frey bought a house in Rottach-Egern, Germany, and began expanding its facilities, first by purchasing an old glass factory and then later constructing glassworks. The company created new glass products which allowed the wine to be poured more easily.


Historically the wine glasses have been made of glass, like a wine bottle. The large glass is the best choice because it’s the most widely available and it’s a lot easier to produce a wide glass than it is a narrow one. Before the invention of Pyrex, those globes used to be a bit softer and thinner than they are now. This actually causes them to be heavier and may cause a rattling sound when you drink from them, so it’s best to drink from a cup or glass that is made of glass and not metal.

Some wines have stems that are longer than the glass itself so that they don’t drip as much. This is called a half glass but is usually not recommended. It creates the perception that your glass is dirty because the liquid is sitting on the bottom.

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Light Balance Grip Proper pouring Top If your glass is wider than your nose, you’re probably not getting much of the wine’s flavor. Properly Pour Wine The right temperature and temperature of the wine can also make a huge difference in how well you enjoy your glass of wine. If you place the glass on the table or on your plate, you have to wait for it to cool down before you can drink it.

This can make you impatient and won’t allow you to enjoy the full flavor of the wine. If you pour the wine too hot, the acidity will vaporize the alcohol in the wine and will come into contact with the glass and your tongue. The alcohol will burn your mouth and it will leave an aftertaste that may be unpleasant.

Glass type

Some people can’t stand it when their wine is served in a wide-shaped glass because they feel like the wine will come out like spilled milk. However, if you want your wine to have the best taste, then you want to taste all of the flavor, not just the parts that are not in the center of the glass.

Stemless Wine Glasses are a great alternative to wine glasses that are usually made of glass. If you love flavored wines, then you’ll love these glasses because they have a wide variety of flavors and you can always switch them out for something else that you enjoy. As you’re sipping your wine, you’ll taste more of the juice and the aroma. Some people even like to sip from a bowl of ice.

What should you know about different types of wine glasses?

Toasting Techniques and What to Do With Them Champagne Champagne is one of the most popular sparkling wines made and there are three classic ways to serve Champagne. The traditional Champagne flute is still considered the most elegant of all Champagne glass sizes.

For many people, the most important quality in a glass is its ability to keep their drink cold and the wide flutes can accommodate a lot of bubbly. Of course, a Champagne flute or champagne glass can’t keep your wine cold for very long because it will give the wine too much time to chill. The best glasses are able to keep your wine at an ideal serving temperature.

How does shape affect the taste of your wine?

The shape of a wine glass has a big impact on the taste of wine because you can’t hold it by the stem. Wine snobs actually say that the stem goes against the spirit of the wine. So a narrow wine glass won’t help if you’re a fan of syrah. Wine glasses that are too narrow will allow the air to get too concentrated in your glass and that will impact the taste of the wine.

A wider wine glass is better for gewürztraminer. If you want to really enjoy the aromas, then try a wine glass with a bowl that’s a little wider than the stem, or a tumbler. Those don’t have a bowl, but they’re a great way to hold a wine and get to taste the wine without spilling. Some people say that stemless wine glasses are the best option because it doesn’t restrict your movements.

How does stem affect the taste of your wine?

Here’s a quote from Wine Business Monthly: “The shape of the glass is what separates a good glass of wine from a great glass of wine.” So basically, if you want the glass to produce the right amount of flavor, then the stem is an important ingredient. Without a stem, you could be missing out on those delicious notes.

Also, if you’re unsure about which glass will taste the best for you, you can take a chance and try out multiple styles of wine glasses. Different shapes and sizes will be good options for you based on your preference. If you love having a wine glass that will take you to the next level when you’re sipping, then you should know about the glass artisans that exist.


The truth of the matter is that you can’t change the shape of wine glasses, although you can vary the size of them. The kind of wine you enjoy matters a lot, so you should think carefully about what your personal style of wine drinking is and how you feel about different glass shapes. The bottom line is that there’s not really much that you can do about the shape of the glass.

Just because wine is served in a glass with a different shape than you’re used to, that doesn’t mean that it will taste any worse than the glass that you drank it in the last time you had it. It’s always best to try different wine glasses to see what you think of them. Your personal wine glass preference is the most important factor.

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