How Many Amps Does A Wine Cooler Draw?

How Many Amps Does A Wine Cooler Draw?

You may not know this, but wine coolers use a lot of electricity. In fact, most appliances use more power when they’re plugged in than when they’re turned off. A standard refrigerator uses around 350 watts of power to stay cool while it’s plugged in.

A wine cooler can use up to 300 watts of power, which is about the same amount that a hair dryer does! That’s about 25% more energy than a refrigerator! Here are some ways you can cut back on your electric usage and save money without sacrificing quality or safety.

How much power does your wine cooler use?

When you have a wine cooler in your house, you’re likely wasting a lot of electricity, wasting a lot of food, and wasting money. Unfortunately, the amount of power that a wine cooler uses isn’t exactly the same as the amount that a normal refrigerator uses.

So, it’s really hard to know how much power your wine cooler is using if you don’t have one. Here are a few ways to estimate how much power your wine cooler is using: Check the name of your appliance. Your refrigerator can have the same model number as the “owner’s manual” for your fridge.

Many refrigerators, specifically the more expensive models, have two model numbers: one for the fridge and one for the freezer.

Understand the difference between watts and amps

Watts Watts are how we measure the energy used by appliances. To convert watts to amps, you need to know your home’s current power rating and your appliances’ power ratings. For most appliances, you’ll need to know the current power rating.

This information is available on the manufacturer’s website. The lower the current rating, the higher the wattage rating. Typically, an appliance that’s rated to 10 amps or less is okay to use on a regular basis.

In this case, your power usage may range between 10 and 20 watts and your electric bill will be similar to your water bill. An appliance that’s rated to 20 amps or more requires more frequent plugging-in and the energy usage will be much higher.

Keep your fridge and wine cooler unplugged when not in use

If you’ve ever been caught unplugging your refrigerator during the day because you forgot you left it on, you know how annoying it can be. There are a lot of obvious reasons for not plugging in your wine cooler.

But did you know that the electricity used to make ice in a wine cooler could be enough to power an entire home for four hours? What do you do with all that ice? Honestly, a lot of people just toss it out! Luckily, you can prevent ice waste by keeping your fridge and wine cooler unplugged whenever they’re not in use.

A small cut in your electric bill is totally worth avoiding potential electrical fire. If you leave the main power switch in the on position, your fridge or cooler will stay cool even when it’s not being used.

Use a power strip to make sure that all of your devices are off

Plug your devices into the power strip, and plug your power strip into an outlet. When the devices are all on the power strip, the power strip is responsible for powering the device as it is turned on or off, and they only use the energy the device consumes.

If you plug one of your devices into the power strip, it can only draw the power it consumes, not any power it may put out. Since the power strip only draws power it consumes, you may need to make more frequent changes to your power strip.

Choose an energy-saving model If you choose a model with a simple electrical outlet (like the Energy Star model), the AC power won’t draw as much power to operate the fan motor, and the AC power will draw about 100 watts less.

Use the ‘Sleep’ setting on your dishwasher to save energy

A dishwasher uses about 40 watts of power per wash. This type of appliance can use quite a bit more energy when it’s in use, since there is an additional power demand from the spin cycle. The best way to avoid that extra stress on your appliance is to turn on the “Sleep” setting. On most dishwashers, this feature can reduce the power draw up to 20%.

A leaky dishwasher can add up to a lot of extra costs if it’s not properly maintained. This is also an easy way to save money if you have an expensive dishwasher you’re not using that much. Use energy-efficient light bulbs Newer light bulbs use less energy to create the same amount of light. They’re also known to be more durable than their traditional counterparts.

Use LED lights instead of incandescent bulbs to save energy and money

If you’ve been thinking of replacing your fluorescent bulbs with LEDs, here are two reasons to switch to LEDs: LED light bulbs last an average of 25 years (compare that to 40 years for a traditional incandescent bulb), LED light bulbs consume about 25% less power to produce the same amount of light as a fluorescent bulb, LED lights emit a light similar to daylight, which is great for day-light savings time.

The switch to LED lights will save you money in the long run. LED lights cost about 10% less than regular incandescent bulbs. Not only are you saving money, but your bulbs will last much longer and you’ll save on energy costs by using less energy. So what’s holding you back? Purchase LED bulbs from our dedicated LED light bulb store for a fraction of the price.


The power draw from a wine cooler is generally directly proportional to the size of the appliance. In other words, if you wanted a refrigerator to just hold a few bottles of wine, you wouldn’t need a large refrigerator.

You’d just need a small fridge, like a GE Electric Simple Chill Refrigerator. Small refrigerators also tend to use less electricity than their larger counterparts. You’ll find that most smaller refrigerators have between 8 and 15 cubic feet of storage space.

This means that you’ll be able to fit enough bottles of wine for several meals or can fit a few large parties, assuming you can store all your wine bottles safely! The taller the fridge is, the higher its power draw will be.


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